Pre startup and startup market research white


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How DIY Online Market Research can assist a pre-startup or a startup learn more about their target market.

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Pre startup and startup market research white

  1. 1. THE ADVANTAGES OF DIY MARKET RESEARCH FOR YOUR PRE-STARTUP AND STARTUP BUSINESS 1. We know how valuable your time is so we offer QUICK TO CREATE and manage online surveys software. 2. Selecting the right target market and getting to know it is important, so we offer precise SEGMENTATION OF YOUR TARGET MARKET. 3. Are you targeting the NATIONAL MARKET? Your cross-country market research projects can be easily done on our platform. 4. Every penny matters when you start a business, therefore, we provide you with AFFORDABLE market research services. 5. PRE-STARTUPS AND STARTUPS need to act fast, so we also provide you with an access to a broad base of panel members to respond to your market research questions within a short period of time. 6. TO ENRICH YOUR SURVEYS is important for engagement purposes, therefore, our software offers features like embedding of videos and images, welcome and exit message, and customizable url at the end of the survey. TellWut | 67 Mowat Avenue | Suite 543 | Toronto | ON M6K 3E3 |