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Tpa sf meeting_slides_20120809


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Tpa sf meeting_slides_20120809

  1. 1. Total Portfolio ActivationA Framework for Creating Social and Environmental Impact across Asset Classes AUGUST 8, 2012 Tides and Trillium commissioned this report from Tellus Institute Joshua Humphreys Fellow, Tellus Institute
  2. 2. Total Portfolio Activation FrameworkAsset Classes Areas of Investment Cash and Activity Equivalents 1. Investment Fixed Income Selection Public Equities 2. Active Ownership Private Equity 3. Networks Real Property 4. Policy
  3. 3. Partially Activated Portfolio Map
  4. 4. Portfolio Activation Matrix
  5. 5. Total Portfolio Activation Map
  6. 6. Total Portfolio Activation Matrix
  7. 7. ConnectTotal Portfolio Activation:Investing beyond Modern Portfolio TheoryRedesigning Finance:Pathways to a Resilient FutureBSR, San Francisco Joshua HumphreysAugust 9, 2012 Fellow Tellus Institute t. (617) 266-5400 x 18 e. tw. @HumphreysTweets