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Shadow of the Wolf Ch 03


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He looked at her intently, as if challenging her to change her mind. Alex looked back and slightly b...

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Shadow of the Wolf Ch 03

  1. 1. Shadow of the Wolf Ch 03 He looked at her intently, as if challenging her to change her mind. Alex looked back and slightly bowed his head, raised her right eyebrow at him. Rance never needed to explain himself, sometimes until one of his bed partners, so felt a bit puzzled that his friend that he actually ask. The truth was that she was right when he thought that he was not to candles and rose petals. In all his dalliances, once it's done spending in wolf bitch, they would just leave. There was no cuddling or cuddle baths. It was a simple body position for him before, a nice way to relieve stress. His partners were aware of the fact that they were no emotions involved, only two bodies seeking to soothe itching fleeting. Heartless as it sounds, the reality was: two werewolves knew that if there was mating season, and while there was ... no. They were highly sexed species and indulged in frequently to prevent boredom setting in. Their long lives prevents them from attaching romantic feelings for each sex. The wild side of his nature responded to the instinct and the human aspect is tamed with a little common sense and logic. There is no way that a person could fully understand what they were has been life if they themselves changed after switching on. That was the reason why Rance never got involved with a man; they were just too soft and emotional. The problem was how to explain to his friend who was a man now, well at least until the next full moon, when his sex-frenzied bite took effect. "So what?" Alex poked. "What can I say," Rance smiled, "You bring out the romantic in me." "You're so full of shit," she laughed, "Why not just own up to the fact that you're a gamer?" she bantered, half seriously and half in jest. "It's okay, I do not mind." She said shyly, "I, to my knowledge at night from all your experiences." She slyly smiled at him. She hoped to make light having great sex together to alleviate Rance mind that she will not be a problem for him. not make him think I clingy one night. I pride after all. I simply act blase about it. Rance lost his smile and glared at Alex. "What do you say one night, I told you that you're destined to be mine," he growled low in his throat, "no one disputes that we are fully covered." Rance could clearly see that Alex is already trying to distance themselves from him. He did not want to put up with this nonsense from her mate. Gently grabbed her chin and kissed her soft lips briefly. "Let me be clear, honey. You're the first woman I drew a bath, I lit the first candle on, and the first and last obtain personal pampering me. Regarding where candles and rose petals come, I believe, that my staff assumes discovery and cover my Alpha Regina . 'elongated, stopped to give her a chance to digest what he said. I do not think I said "one night" out loud .... Wait, Alpha Regina? What does it mean? Who is the "Regina"? Was his employees to expect that other woman in here? thought uneasily. When her confusion, Rance stepped tubs, picked it up and held it in one of the towels. He threw one arm around her, because he knew it was time to talk to the little man on their mating season. He returned to the bedroom with her in his arms. "Alpha Regina? Rance What do you mean?" she asked cautiously, looking into his beautiful eyes. "As I said at the beginning, I Alpha Rex in North Pack." Rance informed her warily when you put it
  2. 2. on the ground and slowly rubbed her body dry with a towel. "I am a changeling - a wolf shifter," he looked into her eyes carefully. "I am the leader of the ruling and you, my dear, my friend Destined,. Alpha Regina on my Alpha Rex When I bite you I was putting my mark on you. Claim that my friend. There will be no ot-" "Wait, wait!" Alex Rance broke with his hands above his head. "Are you telling me that you - that -?!, What the hell are you telling me," she stammered as he placed both hands on his head. She tried to pull away from the ranch and put space between them, but he held her in his arms safely. "Alpha? As the top dog?" She looked into his sparkling emerald eyes and saw him wince. "Honey, I'm a wolf dog is not. But yes, I'm on top of the wolf across North America. And since they are associated with me, you're the highest woman a whore." He replied calmly. "Shifter, Paris," she muttered to herself, ".... bitch!" Then she remembered her recurring dreams and the last one bizarre. It is possible that she was just dreaming again? "Ouch!" Alex gasped as Rance lightly squeezed her hand. "What did you do?" "To prove that you're not dreaming little one." He smiled at her, looking forward to each other. She looked up, dazed, at him. How could he know what he thinks? "Have you read my mind?" exclaimed incredulously. It was not the first time he seemed to respond directly to their thoughts. No one can be so good in her reading, even Pam, who I've known her for years to boast that distinction. Rance sighed: "Because I believe that honesty is the best foundation for any relationship, then yes, I did." Rance replied evenly. "I can read your mind, and then you can do the same for me. Will you be able to feel me, as I love you. You and I can communicate mentally, now that we have bred." He explained. He looked deep into her eyes, willing her to believe that his incredible revelation. "I waited for you for so long, my sweet. You can not deny the explosive attraction we have, or feelings of completion and accuracy, when we're together. You are a gift to me from the goddess Luna, and as such, I will respect you and pay your life delight you and make you happy.'re holding my heart. sharing my soul. Ty Alex, my life, and I will die to protect you. "He said, feeling as raw emotion surged through him. Never in his life had he thought he would feel so overwhelming need to protect, love and cherish. He knew that something important was missing in his life until he found her - Alex-the other half of my heart. He watched her face with his burning eyes and tried to sense where the city lay. Would accept or reject it? "Rance," she said hesitantly raised her hands to frame face, her mind in turmoil. "You have to understand that it's a lot to take in. I can not even wrap my head around your statement that sort." She sighed. "Well, deep inside I believe that it could be you, but it can also be a delusional man who thinks he can shift into a wolf." Rance covered her mouth with his fingers when he tried to speak. "No. Let me finish." She untangled from Rance, wrapped herself in a towel and sat on the edge of the bed with his hands folded demurely on her thighs. She needs a clear mind, and when you touch it did not help at all. "I do not know what you did to me, why I felt compelled to come here, do not even understand why I believe you when you say that you are a wolf sort." She paused, took a deep breath, gathering his thoughts together. "The intensity of the feelings I feel for you would be scary to me, but oddly
  3. 3. enough, I do not fear you." She looked at Rance asked him to see her side. "You know, I came across party and was not invited? How crazy is that? I did not want to here.'m So confused and stressed right now." Rance slowly knelt in front of Alex and took her hand. Gently lifted each to his lips and gently kissed each knee. Once he was done before he turned his hand and kissed lingeringly every Wednesday at the sight of her beautiful gray eyes. He then laced their fingers. "Please forgive me, convincing you here. Did you feel I'm close, and I acted instinctively, because I was so enraged you, I could not think." He cupped her face with his right hand and said, "You guys at the party were no accident, it was destiny We're meant to be buddies. Were born to belong to each circumstance that you have designed here. Bring us together." Rance stood up, pulled out love Alex in his arms and gently kissed her swollen lips. Gently caught her bottom lip and gently lick it while staring longingly into her eyes. "We are one of my dear Alexandra, you and I can not be separated . ' He whispered in her mind. Rance saw Alex's eyes widened in amazement. "Your joy is my joy ... your pain is my pain soul and your souls are joined together as one does not get to live happily without the other" He continued adept as his lips trailed kisses on the cheeks through her jaw and finally caught her lips like a cry of pleasure escaped her. Alex was stunned when she heard Rance speak her mind. All of these apparitions was confusing her brain, she could not think clearly at all, except for bombing emotions overturn the declaration of the Rance. Punch-drunk and dazed, she felt like it was thrown in here and there, swirling around without any direction, completely at the mercy of fate instability. Obviously, Rance considered their mating fait accompli. "Rance .....," she said. "We need to talk more about it," she said, trying once more to slow him down from his targeted seduction. "Later, Alex, I promise .... We will talk later. Whether our body speaks to what was left of the night," he said hoarsely. "I have to be in you again., Your body calls on my property. Feels your heavenly scent, Alex. This is driving me crazy," he said. "Let me convince you ...... I love to worship her body with mine," he purred seductively in her ear, "he said, yes my love, and I will fulfill all your desires." Alex barely had time to nod your head in agreement when Rance licked and sucked his colleague Mark neck. Alex was lost again in boiling joy flowing through her body. She felt electrified as the nerve endings on her clit and pussy throbbed in tandem with Rance is sucking throat. It did not take long and painful excitement surrounded her. Rance body was sending pictures through their mental connection helped to push your body into overdrive. Sexual heat was pouring out of her, her hands restlessly roamed his body. Was mapped each sculpted muscles in the back, then slid his left hand on his well-shaped pectoral muscles and slowly dragged it to his packed abdomen, and finally to his well-endowed bars. He groaned as he slowly ran her fingers from the root to the crown mushrooms after rain. Rance was on fire as his friend relearned his body. Her innocence and was hesitant to touch his powerful aphrodisiac libido. He cupped her jaw and deftly caught her mouth under his. Rasping her tongue with his, he encouraged her to breastfeed him. He bumped and bounced with her sucking and capture her tongue into his mouth. His demanding kisses lips shone on the face and neck. He pressed greedy licking a national implementation plans on the upper slopes of her breasts, calmly reveal the towel. Alex was swept into a bundle of passion. Once started nipping hungrily at her breasts, she let go of his shaft and clung to him. Rance gathered her in his arms and put them both on the middle of the
  4. 4. bed. "You are so beautiful in their excitement Alex." He croaked, "Your face shines with radiant charm your eyes seductive lure me sup on her gorgeous body." He paused. "Your scent drives me wild with the need to own you." He lay on his side, quietly teeth pulled on her nipples as Alex softly breathing and the feeling of his seductive words. "Rance, please do not tease me," she pleaded, grasping the back of his head and pushes her mouth on its tabs. "As you wish, Alex." muttered mentally. It is surrounded by her right nipple with his beautiful mouth. Damp heat, and insists that suction was hedonistically intense that quietly keened pleasure. "Yes, oh Rance. Please suck me more!" Rance is a hands squeezed and kneaded together a spectacular ball alternately sucked and laved each nipple. "So sweet and tasty," he murmured. "I can not wait to get them filled with milk to feast on. These juicy breasts will look gorgeous engorged and dripping with nutrition for our young," he said. He watched her luscious body. His hot callused hands circled her waist and grabbed the ball on her butt. He pushed and dragged her cheeks. "Hmmm, I like the fullness of your ass and sensuality of your hips.'re So beautiful Alex." Rance murmured against her breasts as he licked and nipped. One of his hands traveled to her pile and gently rubbed her labia. He spread her moisture on her vagina and lined its opening. He played with her warm fingers and slowly slid her middle finger in the middle. She gasped at the delicious entry. He took it and slowly spread her labia lips when palpitated gently with your finger in it. His thumb rubbed found a Nubbin. She moaned loudly nails scored his back. She was shaking uncontrollably as her body humming inflammation in ecstasy. He killed her with joy! She could not stand it anymore. "Rance, Rance, oh please. Finish me," she whimpered in desperate sensuality. He rubbed his penis on her side, took her right hand and wrapped it around his hardness. "Touch me, my dear Alex. Brand me with its warmth." He showed her how to hold it and slowly to her stroke his hands. He was so hard and hot, as well as a heated steel wrapped in velvet. Her hand barely wrap around sex! "All right, Alex. My sweet friend," he groaned. His bright eyes caught her, he pushed her legs apart and settled between them. "Rub your pussy with my penis, Alex. Make me wet with juice," he said gruffly demanded. Alex happily complied. She'd brushed her saturated slit and bent his cockhead on her clit. She moaned in ecstatic joy. He released her hand and continued to rub her, and cutting back on her sensitive vulva. His tool to split lips apart and reveal the hood on her clit. He constantly rubbed with mushroom head on her sensitive clitoris. "Now Rance, give it to me now!" she cried, as the waves of pleasure built in her. She was on the verge of release and wanted Rance in it when it happened. She grabbed his buttocks and tried to push him into it. He laughed hoarsely. "Ride it, my dear. Just go." He strongly sucked claim tag and frantically rubbed his penis on her. "Follow me!" Waves of intense physicality she rolled over and exploded in a heartwarming message. She cried out in a loud voice, body convulsing, his eyes rolling to the back of her head, helpless in the grip of their sexual peak. Rance held back from burying in its passage. After he calmed down, he called her attention. "Alexandra, look at me," he said softly urged. Alex slowly focused its saturated look to it. On passing, but tenderly kissed her lips parted. "I, Rance de Montfort, Alpha Rex on the packaging claim North
  5. 5. American Wolf, Alexandra Grant, as determined my friend from this day. My heart, my soul, and all that in me belongs to you. You are my treasure and my comfort.'m your strength and support. "Tears slowly trickled down from Alex's eyes to its publication. Slowly, step by step, his erection into her quivering channel, gradually conquering cloak, holding the pulsating welcome on his penis. After bottoming out, head and kissed her cervix, leaned into her and pulled her mark. The pleasure that zinged between lovers was absolute as Rance opened his mind to Alex and shared feelings engulfing him. He lifted his head and captured her lips. He feasted on her when she imitated the act of oral sex, plunging his tongue in and out of her sucking mouth. Alex moaned and groaned from endless amazing feeling and it absorbs Rance. Finally, Rance raised his head and eyes are connected, the intertwined fingers and put them on the side of the head. "Do you accept me as your partner, Alex?" He nudged. "I," she gulped, not knowing what to say Rance. When her indecision, slowly swung in and out of the shallow cave. "Say yes," he whispered in her ear. Gradually, he built up speed as he went in her heat. Alex hips bucked in sync with the rhythm. As the feeling built and built, Rance suddenly stopped. Alex legs went around his waist as he writhed and gyrated to move it. He pinned the sides of the bed and growled low in his chest. "Next!" she sobbed. "I'm your friend Alex? Taking me for my fate?" inexorably demanded. He ignored her pleas to move a sobbing plea to her climax. He whispered to her mentally continued to whimper in frustration, kissing all over his face. "Say yes Alex. Lets say are mine. Friend of mine . ' He paused. "And I'm yours forever ..." confessed. The dam seemed to be an explosion inside Alex's heart is with the statement Rance. She said, "Yes, Rance, yes, I am a friend of yours and you are mine." Joy shone in his mesmerizing eyes and a huge smile split his lips. He kissed her on the mouth greedily as greedily cut on his lips. His hips still violently in and out of her raspy walls of the passage. Her coat maturation wept profusely, saturation sensitized folds and tissue sheath his sharp pistoning rod. They greedily cleaves to himself as the tempo increased until it stuffed in her grip moisture. Slap flesh against flesh cut through the quiet room, punctuated by animal grunts and groans of amorous couple locked. Cooking storm ecstatic feeling is still built as they tried to get on top of your desires. Both exclaimed enthusiastically, because at the same time broke the blissful joy. Her convulsions pussy milked his stick his semen into her womb overflowing. Their panting calmed down and muttered Rance tenderness flowed like water purification after their frenzied coupling. Rance held her tightly as he moved, and lay on his back, and releasing his cock from her pussy. He rubbed and stroked her back and buttocks, gentling his ravaged body. "Sleep," he said softly and kissed her forehead and pulled her hair. He heard her breathing deepen and slow as they finally succumbed to sleep. ****** Not wanting to wake up the rest of his friend, Rance quietly closed the door to his suite. It was after noon and there was a package of business that needed to be addressed. Just as he would like to stay in bed and making her scream with joy again and again, he could no longer ignore their obligations. In addition, it looks perfectly situated in his bed. He will only get business taken care of, and then back to Alex. In addition, the Council and the Alpha was not patient enough. As usual, the twins Luc and Troy stood guard at the door. Upon seeing him, but bowed his head to the Alpha. "Congratulations, Alpha Rex on mating," said Luc formally.
  6. 6. "May your union be fruitful and will be blessed by the goddess Luna," said Troy. Rance warmly acknowledged his greeting beta version and thanked them. He was aware that the release of his cover would quickly spread to the party. After all, that was the whole aim of the party anyway. Reluctant as he may be to admit, the Council owed a pile of thanks. It was much silence at the castle. Rance found a bit puzzling, because its individual wolves usually gathered below in a recreation area in the basement or in the gym, when not on duty. They were boisterous and noisy crowd, so the silence was very unusual.