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Jonhson & Johnson - My Baby Diary

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Jonhson & Johnson - My Baby Diary

  1. 1. Case Study _ Johnson’s Baby Follow us on love is the purest form of human love. By virtue of this, it is every mothers desireto provide her best to the child. Parenting a child is quite a ride per se, and especially forworking mothers who constantly oscillate their roles from one extreme to the other in aquest to maintain work-life balance. Johnson’s Baby considered developing a mobileapplication that would serve as a one stop solution for the mothers to get the best of thebaby care knowledge clubbed with fun-filled elements.BUSINESS CASEJohnson’s Baby not only wanted to create awareness about baby care knowledge amongmothers but also provide them a reliable application through which the mothers could easilyget all the important information they require to provide the best upbringing to their babies.The aim was also to incorporate fun-filled games for the babies to play and learn.SOLUTIONTELiBrahma worked with Johnson & Johnson and developed a mobile application called “MyBaby Diary to help mothers on the go. Through this app mothers could easily get substantialinformation about baby care knowledge right from the pre-natal stage till they are toddlers.This uber cool application also allows mothers to set a reminder for the next due vaccinationand also take pictures, try out various hats and hairstyles on their babies, check how theirbabies look in animal costumes, etc. and share the photos on Facebook in a single click. Aphoto editor feature enabled this easy sharing with friends and peers on their network.The app included various engaging content both for the mother and the baby. For instance,the mother could track the vaccination details, read up facts about pregnancy, Labour &birth, babyhood, toddlerhood, etc. She could also instantly create a scrapbook of her babyand capture the defining moments of the baby via “Happy Moments” and “My BabyCalendar” features.
  2. 2. Case Study _ Johnson’s Baby Follow us on was made all the more joyful experience for the babies through the fun-filledinteractive section the application comes with. The babies could learn alphabets, numbersand colours in a fun manner with the audio-visual facility the app provides.Apart from the app being made available on Android market and iStore, the brandleveraged Buzz network to distribute the app to on-the-go women. With the capability toidentify and deliver right content to the phones that users carried, Buzz ensured righttarget.RESULTS The application has received about 3000 downloads in the span of 5 months withoutany exclusive promotion for the app In the android market, the app is rated 5 stars and has received amazing userreviews On Buzz network, the app reached over 50,000 mothers in a span of 7 weeks Bangalore recorded the highest number of downloads at more than 15,000 provingthe right target for the app Spencer’s recorded the highest number of engagements at 21,000+ reaching outmostly to the modern women