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Telfund Company Presentation Telfund Top Distributor


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Telfund Company Presentation Telfund Top Distributor

  1. 1. Official TFI Compensation Plan We have created the most simple, powerful and equitable compensation plan in the world for our distributors. Best of all, commissions run in real-time; no more waiting months for your residuals! Our customers have a powerful, built-in referral benefit of 10% on every customer they refer. Our combined distributor compensation and referral rewards for our customers makes us the fastest growing communications and financial services company in the world. Effective July 1, 2009 CP-070922
  2. 2. Compensation Summary COMMISSIONS & HIGHLIGHTS • The Unilevel • 5% Leadership Pool • Volume Bonuses • 65% Payout Guarantee • Personal Customer • Customer Accumulated • MBZ Car Program • Distributor Rights: Signup Bonus (PCSB) Revenue Bonus (CARB) Comp plan can’t change • Incentives & rewards 8. The Stairway to Financial Freedom Star Infinity Our business is simple: To Qualify: • Give away $1 free samples to customers 7. •FLD: 8 Star Premier •PCMR: $399 • Follow up; customers can sign up for Free •GV 500k To Qualify: Earnings: • Grow your worldwide customer and 6. •FLD: 7 •Level 1: 10% distributor base in order to increase your Star Executive •PCMR: $299 •Level 2: 5% rank and your commissions Earnings: •Level 3: 10% To Qualify: •Level 1: 10% •Level 4: 5% 5. •FLD: 6 •Level 2: 5% •Level 5: 5% Plug into TFI’s system: it’s Star Director •PCMR: $249 •Level 3: 10% •Level 6: 5% called The Path to Success Earnings: •Level 4: 5% •Level 7: 5% To Qualify: •Level 5: 5% •Infinity: 2% (You can find it in your Back Office) •Level 1: 10% 4. •FLD: 5 •Level 6: 5% •PCSB: +10% •Level 2: 5% Star Manager •PCMR: $199 •Level 7: 5% •CARB •Level 3: 10% Earnings: •Level 4: 5% •PCSB: +10% To Qualify: •Level 5: 5% •CARB •Level 1: 10% 3. •FLD: 4 •Level 2: 5% •Level 6: 5% Star •PCMR: $149 •Level 3: 10% •PCSB: +10% Earnings: •Level 4: 5% •CARB To Qualify: •Level 5: 5% •Level 1: 10% 2. •FLD: 3 •Level 2: 5% •PCSB: +10% Team Starter •PCMR: $99 •Level 3: 10% •CARB Earnings: •Level 4: 5% To Qualify: •Level 1: 10% •PCSB: +10% 1. •FLD: 2 •Level 2: 5% •CARB Associate •PCMR: $49 •Level 3: 10% •PCSB: +10% All distributors participate in: To Qualify: Earnings: •Level 1: 10% •CARB • 5% Leadership Pool: awarded at 3k in Volume •FLD: 0 •Level 2: 5% • Volume Bonuses: $100, $1k, $10k, $20k, $50k & $100k •PCMR: $0 •CARB • Mercedes Benz Car Program: C-Class and S-Class Earnings: •Level 1: 10% All customers earn: •CARB • 10% of all revenue on everyone they refer; paid as service credits • See page 5 for definitions of FLD & PCMR and compensation plan details on the following pages for PCSB and CARB 1
  3. 3. Simple & Equitable The Key to Success in TFI is to become a STAR and help everyone on your team to become STARS as well! The Unilevel At the heart of TFI’s compensation plan is The Unilevel. It is elegant in its simplicity, powerful in it’s payout and very easy to explain. Level Payout FLD PCMR Rank 1 10% No requirements No requirements Associate 2 5% 2 $49.00 Team Starter 3 10% 3 $99.00 STAR 4 5% 4 $149.00 Star Manager 5 5% 5 $199.00 Star Director 6 5% 6 $249.00 Star Executive 7 5% 7 $299.00 Star Premier Infinity 2% 8 $399.00 Star Infinity* TFI pays out all revenue to distributors through The Unilevel, including all membership fees, usage from calls, text message charges and money transfer fees. The Unilevel commissions are calculated real-time and are paid daily! Unlike other companies where you may wait months for your residuals, there is no waiting for your commissions! What do customers get if they make referrals? Distributors earn commissions and customers earn 10% as credits! Simply stated, TFI customers earn 10% of all of the revenue of other customers they refer! It’s a powerful, built-in incentive for our customers to make referrals and grow TFI! For example, any customer who refers a Premium customer to TFI would earn: • 10% of the monthly service fee of their referral, in this example $2.50 (10% of 24.99) • This would be credited to the Membership account of the referrer • 10% of all the Talk, Text and Send revenue of their referral • This would be credited to the Load account of the referrer So, make sure you tell your customers to make as many referrals as they can! (See page 5 for details on Membership and Load accounts) • FLD = Front Line Distributors; means total active distributors on your Front Line • PCMR = Personal Customer Membership Revenue; means collected membership revenue from personal (Front Line) customers • *To qualify for Star Infinity, you must have 500,000 GV with no more than 170,000 from any leg. Paid on 3 generations. 2
  4. 4. It’s all about Volume Personal Customer Signup Bonus (PCSB) Increase your level 1 commission from 10% to 20% on customer signups! Extra incentives await distributors who reach the rank of STAR! All TFI distributors with ranks of STAR and above, earn an extra 10% on all of the signup fees of their customers. For example, if you are a STAR or above: • Signup a Premium customer and in addition to the 10% ($2.50) that you would earn from Level 1 commissions, you would earn an additional 10% in PCSB, for a total of $5. Customer Accumulated Revenue Bonuses (CARB) Energize your income with CARB’s! Each month TFI announces the values for the CARB Bonuses. CARB’s are special bonuses paid to new distributors for the accumulated customer revenue that they generate within a given time period. There may be multiple CARB’s. Look in your back office for the monthly announcement of CARB’s!! Volume Achievement Bonuses It’s all about growing your volume! TFI offers you big incentives to build volume. These bonuses are paid out after you build and maintain the following volume thresholds for 4 consecutive weeks: # Pool To earn bonus: Volume Chart Units time from enroll Bonus 3k 3,000 GV, no more than 1,000 counted from any leg 1 anytime $100 30k 30,000 GV, no more than 10,000 counted from any leg 2 anytime $1,000 100k 100,000 GV, no more than 34,000 counted from any leg 3 anytime $10,000 200k 200,000 GV, no more than 67,000 counted from any leg 4 anytime $20,000 500k 500,000 GV, no more than 170,000 counted from any leg 5 anytime $50,000 1m 1,000,000 GV, no more than 340,000 counted from any leg 6 anytime $100,000 *GV= Group Volume is made up of all the monthly membership fees of every member downline from you in your organization Earn them all: $181,100 Leadership 5% Pool Earn your share of 5% of all company volume: It pays to be a Leader! All TFI distributors who achieve 3k in volume (see chart above) automatically earn one unit in the Leadership Pool. This pool is comprised of 5% of all customer revenue from the entire company and is calculated and paid daily. As you increase your volume, you can earn more units in this pool up to a maximum of 6 units. See the Volume Chart above. 3
  5. 5. Get into the drivers seat! $700 USD per month C-Class allowance at 30k in volume $1,500 USD per month S-Class allowance at 100k in volume TFI Mercedes Benz Program Drive a TFI C-Class or S-Class MBZ on us! TFI distributors who achieve at least 30k in volume are eligible for enrollment in the TFI Mercedes Benz Program. TFI pays a monthly allowance of $700 USD toward a new Mercedes C-Class for distributors at the 30k volume level. For TFI distributors who prefer an S-Class or SL-Class, they have the option of waiting until they have achieved the 100k volume level in order to qualify for a $1,500 USD allowance. See the Volume Chart on page 3 for 30k and 100k volume level requirements. 4
  6. 6. DRA, disclosure, schedules Distributor Rights Agreement TFI Distributors are protected by the DRA: the compensation plan can not change. The company reserves the right to adjust qualifications so long as they are made easier and to adjust commissions so long as they are increased and to add new commissions. Guaranteed 65% Payout We are very proud to guaranty that TFI pays out 65% of all customer revenue to its distributors, nothing more and nothing less. Commission Payout Schedule Commissions are calculated real-time and reflected in the Back Office as “Daily Accruing Commissions” and once per day are posted to your Commission account. Every Friday commissions are moved from your commissions account to your Wallet, one week in arrears. Direct Deposit & Paycard transactions are generated on weekdays at 10 AM PST. Please note that your bank controls when they reflect Direct Deposits as available to you. Income Disclosure The examples, charts, diagrams and compensation elements in this document are intended for explanation purposes only and are not a guarantee of any income. TFI does not make any representations of income guarantees that are not the result of successful sales volume nor does the company allow any distributor to make income claims or guarantees. Like any independent business, successful results are a result of hard work, diligence and leadership. Your success will be dependent upon how you exercise these qualities. Policies & Procedures Please read TFI’s entire Policies & Procedures document located in your back office. The following are some high-level policies for you to keep in mind: 1. Money transfer limits: TFI members are limited to sending or receiving the following amounts from or to their wallets to or from other members: $500 per day, $2,500 per week and $5,000 per month. These limits are in place to maintain compliance with international rules and laws governing money transfer. These limitations do not affect your ability to move any commissions you have earned from your wallet to your personal bank account through TFI Direct Deposit or Paycard. 2. Customer refund policy: Telfund stands behind its services with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason a customer is not satisfied with our services, they can contact customer service, cancel their membership and receive a full refund less any discounts and commissions earned. Any commissions paid on cancelled memberships will be reversed. For complete details please see the Telfund Policies & Procedures manual located in the Back Office. 5
  7. 7. Definitions Personal Volume or “PV” PV represents the value of a members monthly membership; it is the total value of all monthly membership revenue for a given member. For example: • A Premium member’s PV is 25 because their monthly charge is $24.99 USD • A distributor who is a Premium member has a PV of 100 because Premium is 25 and distributor monthly fees are $75 USD Group Volume or “GV” GV represents the sum of all member PV below you from all levels. GV does not include your PV. PCMR – Personal Customer Membership Revenue Represents the sum of your personal or front line customers’ PV. FLD – Front Line Distributors Represents the number of Active distributors you have on your front line. Accounts All members have four accounts: • Load Account: this is where the costs of Talk and Text services are tracked for you • 1: Load Account must be “loaded” with funds in order to function • 2: Load Account can be in any currency TFI offers • Membership Account: this is where membership charges are tracked • 1: Monthly fees for service are tracked here • 2: Membership Account can be in any currency TFI offers • Commission Account: this is where commissions are tracked • 1: Real time commissions accrue in the Back Office and post to the Commission Account once per day • 2: The Commission Account posts to the Wallet every Friday, one week in arrears • 3: Commission Accounts have no function for Customer members • 4: Commissions are always earned in USD • Wallet: this is your cash account in TFI, sort of like a bank account • 1: Send transactions are tracked here • 2: Commissions post here once per week • 3: You can send money from your Wallet to other members wallets & load accounts • 4: If you have set up Direct Deposit (in the Back Office under “My Settings”) you can transfer funds out to your regular bank account or out to a TFI pay card • 5: Your Wallet is always tracked in USD 6