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The data, digital and dialogue playbook


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The data, digital and dialogue playbook

  1. 1. Demand Creation: The Data, Digital & Dialogue Integration Playbook<br />Televerde is a business to business lead generation agency that helps high-tech sales <br />and marketing execs identify new customers, accelerate and convert sales opportunities, <br />and discover fresh, actionable market insight. We improve sales pipeline performance, <br />generate net new sales revenue growth, and help align sales & marketing. <br />Donna J. Kent, SVP of Global Sales, Marketing & Services, Televerde <br />With 25 years of broad-based business performance experience including expertise in <br />sales, marketing, finance and operations on national and global platforms, Donna drives <br />Televerde’s global approach for its customer base. Leveraging her first-hand experience <br />in the new customer experience genre, she identifies the most effective ways to extend <br />the organization’s unique business model to help clients achieve their customer <br />acquisition and marketing objectives.<br />
  2. 2. Objectives<br />Starting at the Top of the Funnel:<br />1. Understand the data, marketing automation<br /> and telepresence interdependence<br />2. Super-optimizing one super-optimizes all<br />3. Relevance is everything<br />4. Alignment is achievable<br />5. Q&A/Dialogue<br />
  3. 3. Data is Literally a Deal-Maker or Breaker at the Top of the Funnel<br />Contact data is not given its required attention<br />Why? Challenging to fix, requires sustained effort, <br /> perceived futility, unwilling to admit to problems <br />Campaign-by-campaign cleansing – really?<br />Data is a strategy – not a tactic<br />Strategy: Ongoing Data Treatment<br />Strategic Imperative: White space to identify and close gaps<br />Get to completeness, accuracy, recency<br />Enrichment takes data to a higher level<br />(functions, install base, decision-makers, purchasing<br /> committee members, relationships, enables ABM) <br />
  4. 4. When It’s Bad, It’s Really BadWhen It’s Good, It’s Really Good<br />“The volume of contact data in an average B2B organization doubles every 12-18 months. Even if data is relatively clean today it’s usually only a matter of time before things break down. Between 10% (in strong practice orgs) and 25% (in average practice orgs) of contact records at any given time include critical data errors ranging from incorrect demographic data to a lack of current disposition.” -SiriusDecisions<br />Direct Relationship: Top of the funnel success impacts<br />bottom of the funnel results<br />Outdated, inaccurate, un-enriched contact<br />data = sub-optimized results<br />Recent, accurate, complete, contact data = optimized <br />results<br />Contact data has an inherent and critical intra-funnel <br />impact on nurture interactions (digital + dialogue)<br />Blend of accurate contact data + buyer and seller<br />footprint enables meaningful scoring!<br />The longer incorrect records remain in the<br />database, the more expensive it becomes to deal<br />with them. (Mind the “1-10-100 Rule”)<br />Impact of Bad Data on Demand Creation:<br />
  5. 5. Understanding the Data, MAT & Telepresence Relationship<br />Organizations with a fully optimized demand creation strategy that features integration of best practices in data, <br />digital and dialogue outreach supported by strong processes will achieve 6x more sales revenue growth than those<br />with a sub-optimized set of isolated of just average practices. -SiriusDecisions<br />Data drives segmentation opportunities<br />Good segmentation drives targeted marketing<br />Targeted marketing drives relevancy<br />Relevancy drives buyer-seller alignment<br />Alignment enables relationship-building and<br /> meaningful scoring<br />Meaningful scoring enables prescribed digital & dialogue interactions<br />Prescribed interaction drives pipeline conversion and acceleration! <br />
  6. 6. MAT Enables New Sales Leads and Scoring, But It Has Limitations<br />MAT is tremendously helpful for inbound and<br /> for monitoring customer and prospect digital behavior<br />Also helpful for determining the score and enabling<br /> lead alerts<br />And it’s helpful for prescribing/guiding customer and<br /> prospect interaction<br />But Beware of the Gap: Digital is one-dimensional<br />Relationships are multi-dimensional so human touch <br /> is critical to relevance, alignment, scoring, next steps<br />Human touch is an essential interaction often overlooked <br />or sub-optimized in demand creation strategies.<br />
  7. 7. Digital Activity Report –Helpful But One-Dimensional<br />
  8. 8. Dialogue Activity Report –Additional Dimensions Matter<br />Real-time, person-to-person dialogue reveals critical nuances.<br />The gold is in the nuance. <br />
  9. 9. Enhance Lead Scoring Through Telepresence Integration<br />As helpful as MAT is there’s more to touch<br /> than digital<br />Real-time, voice-to-voice interactions take a<br /> lead scoring practice from “average” to “best”<br />It enables interactions and intelligence-sharing that<br /> email can’t replicate<br />It establishes sales relationships and powers the<br /> nurture process<br />It allows for much needed…<br />Validation, Correction and Acceleration<br />“When sales & marketing are aligned and when buyer & seller journeys are aligned, sales reps close 38% more deals that non-aligned organizations. And they lose 36% fewer deals to the competition.”<br /> - SiriusDecisions, New Rules of Sales Enablement, Math Marketing Alignment Benchmark Study<br />
  10. 10. Validate Qualification<br />25% of MQLs never convert to opportunities because they don’t meet qualification criteria.<br />Another 25% are truly qualified and sales-ready.<br />The remaining 50% are qualified but may not be sales-ready at the time.<br />- Can you identify the difference?<br />- Will digital behavior monitoring on its own reveal the truth?<br />Behavior can be misleading<br />What you think the customer may be interested in may<br />not be the reality<br />Discern between the assumed intent of the behavior<br /> and the actual intent<br />Separate the “not so likely” from the “likely” and “very likely”<br /> (suspects vs. prospects vs. sales ready)<br />Validation ensures the quality and “realness” of the opportunity<br />It prescribes a revised score and next logical steps –<br /> Who, what, when, how and WHY!<br />
  11. 11. Correct the Interactions<br />75% of prospects who have committed to solving their problem or selecting an alternative solution will buy some product/service – the question is from whom? Our experience and industry insight reveals that approximately 30%-40% of leads are not being nurtured to in the most relevant way and the touch points need to be modified. If not, they are at risk to be turned off by the experience, disappear, or worse, buy from a competitor.<br />What happens when the validation conversation reveals the opportunity is not what you thought it was but it’s still “something?”<br />Discuss it, analyze it, decide what to do with it, re-score it<br />Correct the placement of the record in the flow, revise the digital messages, revise the human interaction, determine next steps<br />Correction gets the opportunity on the right track to…<br /> -Create relevancy<br /> - Improve pipeline momentum<br /> - Enhance probability to close <br />
  12. 12. Accelerate Pipeline Momentum<br />What outcomes could you achieve with <br />10% faster delivery of revenue? 20%? 30%?<br />Telepresence combined with digital touches enables a<br /> more powerful scoring methodology<br />When scoring is accurate then marketing is more accurate<br />When the messaging is right and when the cadence of touches is right the journeys are aligned<br />When alignment occurs opportunities naturally move FASTER<br />When pace is quickened there’s time for focus on MORE opportunities<br />And time is available for focus on BETTER opportunities<br />What do we all want?More! Better! Faster!<br />
  13. 13. The Takeaways…<br />Relationships & Interdependencies: Top of the funnel <br /> success impacts bottom of the funnel results<br />Data drives segmentation opportunities and good <br /> segmentation drives targeted marketing<br />Relevant scoring drives probability for prescribed digital <br /> and dialogue demand creation and nurture interactions<br />Beware of the Gap: Basing the interactions and scores only on digital behavior is one-dimensional<br />Human touch points are critical interactions often overlooked in demand creation, nurturing and scoring strategies – focus on them for competitive advantage<br />Human touch establishes sales relationships and powers the nurture process<br />Validate, Correct and Accelerate<br />
  14. 14. Demand Creation: The Data, Digital & Dialogue Integration Playbook <br />Donna J. Kent<br />+1 480-517-6137<br /><br /><br /><br />Data Impact on Sales Revenue Calculator:<br /><br />Dialogue / Q&A<br />