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Upperside WebRTC Conference - Mobicents, HTML5 and SIP over WebSockets


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Upperside WebRTC Conference - Mobicents, HTML5 and SIP over WebSockets

  1. 1. Mobicents, HTML5 WebRTCSIP Over WebSockets Jean Deruelle - TeleStax, Inc12th October 2012, UpperSide WebRTC Conference
  2. 2. Questions ??? Dont Wait til the end, interrupt is mandatory !!!
  3. 3. HTML5 WebRTC Signaling and Media● WebRTC is independent of WebSockets● Can use anything for signalling including Ajax, server push or plain HTTP● Media is peer to peer and can handle both audio and video
  4. 4. SIP Over WebSocketsTypical Flow WebSocket Browser Browser Server HTTP GET HTTP 200 OK SIP REGISTER SIP OK Other server SIP INVITE
  5. 5. SIP Over WebSockets Flow Detailed : Still a draft Browser WebSocket ● Regular HTTP request with Server Upgrade header ● Switch to normal mode ○ No HTTP any more, just plain subprotocol ○ ..except its masked so plaintext cant be misinterpreted and avoid security issues ● SIP Messages carried in WebSocket Data ● New SIP Transports : WS or WSS (for Secure using TLS) ○ Addresses advertised by browsers are invalid => literally "df7jal23ls0d.invalid" ○ Via, Contact, everything
  6. 6. Peer to Peer ? Browser Another browser Browser to HTTP GET Browser cant be done HTTP 200 OK through HTTP, SIP REGISTER really need a Server ! SIP OK SIP INVITE
  7. 7. Use Mobicents asThe Server of Choice● Deliver support for reusable applications that dont care about transport● Applications see the real addresses instead of the invalid ones● Applications can still determine the transport type● Transparent B2BUA, UAC, UAS and Proxy
  8. 8. Implemented inside JAIN SIP Stack● Automatically adds WebSocket support to any JAIN SIP based server (SIP Stack used by Mobicents and Google) ○ SIP Servlets ○ JAIN SLEE SIP RA ○ standalone JAIN SIP● Doesnt add new dependencies But a huge thank you to
  9. 9. NAT Concerns● Since the socket is reused there will be no NAT issues when clients are behind the firewall.● If the server is behind firewall its still a bit difficult, but manageable.● The RTP is the most important NAT problem, but it is browser responsibility to fix this ○ They are doing a great job at this ■ STUN/ICE is a built-in and mandatory ■ Chrome to Chrome interop is practically guaranteed
  10. 10. Thank you !