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Mobicents Summit 2012 - Orange Labs - Orange Labs' Mobicents IN Usage Feedback


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Mobicents Summit 2012 - Orange Labs - Orange Labs' Mobicents IN Usage Feedback

  1. 1. Orange Labs - Mobicents for IN servicesv0.2 Date: 2012/10/02 Sebastian Grabowski & Henryk Rosa
  2. 2. Topics Orange LABs – 2011 work with Mobicents JAIN SLEE Mobicents IN – 2012 Work plan IN/HTTP Broker solution on Mobicents Conclusions - Why Mobicents JAIN SLEE (+ IN/HTTP Network GW)
  3. 3. Orange Labs work with Mobicents in 2011 - Telco Web GWsolution 1/2 Goal was to provide HTTP/REST web services based on Telco network resources for Web applications  Pure R&D platform dedicated for internal developments (demo services)  And for students community – development of Web applications in Telco 2.0 concept  Planned to use also in development community in Africa (Orange countries) – Emerginov initiative: Developed web services:  SMS send/receive (SMSC integration)  MMS send/receive (MMSC integration)  Subscriber Location (based on network GMLC)  Terminal Status  USSD send notification/ receive (MAP integration HLR) Used Mobicents components:  SS7 v 1.0.0.CR1  JSLEE 2.3.0.FINAL  SMPP RA  HTTP RAs  MAP RA (USSD part)
  4. 4. Orange Labs work with Mobicents in 2011 - Telco Web GW solution 2/2 Co-operating telecommunication network elements:  SMSC Acision (SMPP 3.4/5.0)  GMLC – Gateway Mobile Location Center (communication via MLP/HTTP)  MMSC – Multimedia Messaging Center from Orange PL network – communication via (MM7/HTTP)  HLR - commercial Orange PL network – via protocol SS7/MAP
  5. 5. Mobicents IN – 2012 work plan Context: Mobicents by Orange (for Sip servlets) + Mobicents evolutions to support IN features  An opportunity to have a SIP / IN open source middleware. Expose a higher level API for developers that do not have Jainslee / IN skills. Installation newest versions of jSS7, JAIN SLEE, SS7 RA (MAP, CAP) Validate Mobicents MAP and CAPv2 interfaces over SIGTRAN – Connect to NSN signaling GW – hiS 700 (M3UA), - optional adaptation of jSS7 – Validate the MAP and CAP RA; focus on the features used by the IN/HTTP Network GW. – Both SS7 RA are based on jSS7 stack Develop an IN / HTTP Network GW – The Objective is to have an industrial, Open Source, “Basic IN/HTTP Network GW” for Basic HLR access (MAP) and Basic Call Control (CAP v2) – The following features should be supported: • MAP / Basic HLR access : Any Time Interrogation usage (typically to get subscriberstate, CellID, actual MSC,VLR address and determine if the subscriber is roaming); Send Routing Information to get the MSRN; Get Location / vlrNumber; Etc… • CAP v2 / Basic Call Control : Call event (InitialDP DP2, DP12, DP3), optional supervision (RRB, EDP), Call handling (Continue, Connect, ReleaseCall…)…• Stability, performance tests5
  6. 6. IN/HTTP Broker solution on Mobicents – detailed architecture  Two main components  JSLEE container  jSS7 Mobicents stack  Components marked with gray are developed by Mobicents community – so we assume:  validation, optionally small adaptation  Bug reporting, etc.  Components marked with green will be developed by OLP:  SBBs - translation logic  CAP RA already started by the community (OLP contribution assumed)  MAP RA, validation, optionally adaptation adding required operations  jSS7 is based on SIGTRAN connection (optionally E1 connection is possible via dedicated HW – not assumed for first release of IN/HTTP broker)  Management of SS7 configuration is done via dedicated shell client application  Management/configuration of IN/HTTP broker logic is based on external DB (PostgreSQL or MySQL)6
  7. 7. Conclusions: - Why Mobicents IN JAIN SLEE (+ IN/HTTP Network GW)  For now it is R&D work only  Possible to use in the future for some small solution /platform, fast deployments  JSLEE IN is an extension of „Mobicents by Orange” project – solution for SIP servlet:  Used when application requires small IN(MAP/CAP) feature  IN part may be co-deployed on the same Mobicents server  Open source  Low cost  Orange home development, - fast extension adaptation7