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Integrated Digital Marketing

An comprehensive, easy-to-read guide on getting started with integrated digital marketing for your brand

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Integrated Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM)ORHow to Get Reach in 7 Easy StepsSV Mobile Teleshoppe Private LimitedRT-401, Third floor, Rajendra Mahaveera TowerOpp. Aurobindo College, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi 110017+91 . 11 . 26692261 / 62 / 63 / 64 | | SMS “MT” to 53456
  2. 2. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105 What is Interactive Digital Marketing? India’s 2011 marketing challenge is to generate higher response and sales rates from the same (or reduced) marketing budgets. IDM meets the challenge by cost-effectively closing every conceivable gap through which a purchase decision may slip through before the sale is closed Consumer behaviour Potential slip through point The IDM Solution Do I need an air conditioner Business Intelligence + 1 2 in my house? product broadcasting Is a split A/C better or a Web / SMS query 3 window model? capture & response What are the features of a Design & Creative 4 5 Fedders vs. LG vs. Voltas? promotion + Response Management I want a demo / feel the Sales lead generation + 6 cooling power / EMI options Point of Sale activation Will I recommend a Fedders Social networks and A/C to my friends? Client outreach 7 Business Intelligence: Validating, collating and classifying segmented consumer information1 relevant to purchasing your product Product Broadcasting: Using accurately targeted outbound calling, e-mail, search engine2 optimization and bulk SMS campaigns (push) to build Awareness, Interest and Demand Web / SMS query capture: Online enquiry forms and SMS keywords (pull) to receive customer3 queries, provide product / purchase information and kick-start the sales cycle Design and Creative promotion : Designing catalogue, posters, banners and collaterals to generate4 brand awareness and provide product information Response Management: Using dedicated response desks for telephonic/email/web support on to5 satisfy the consumer’s need for immediate information 24/7/365 and capture contact details Sales Lead Generation and PoS Activation: Outbound calling and eDM (electronic Direct Mailers)6 to draw potential customers to the Point of Sale and setting up the related stalls, event venues, contests and promotions Social Network building and Client outreach: Building word-of-mouth repeat sales through social7 networks, sending gifts and greetings on clients’ birthdays/anniversaries with regular product updates, service offers and upgrade schemes to keep them tied in with the brand
  3. 3. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105 Why Interactive Digital Marketing? IDM offers a fractional cost1, measurably lower wastage and high response tracking ability when compared to the traditional combination of mass media and “below the line” activity: 1. ATL or mass media (Low cost-per-contact, high wastage) 2. BTL promotions (High cost-per-contact, low wastage) ATL BTL Newspaper/ TV Radio OOH Events PoS Merchandise Loyalty Magazine Programs Cost per contact = Rs. 0.08 Brand buyers = 10 Cost per contact = Rs. 2.35 Conversion to sales = 0.2 % Conversion to sales = 2.4 % Product buyers = 100 Category buyers = 500 Rs. 100 ad spend = 1.02 units sold Rs. 100 ad spend = 2.5 Public at large = 1000 units sold Rs. 100 ad spend = 11.45 units sold Conversion to sales = 14.7 % Cost per contact = Rs. 1.28 IDM Business Product Design & Web / SMS Response Sales Lead Social NetworksIntelligence Broadcasting creative Query Management Generation and & client promotion capture PoS Activation outreach 1 Calculated on average across a basket of 11 products including apparel, BFSI, consumer durables, Electronics, FMCG, Hospitality, IT, liquor, media, printers and telecom
  4. 4. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105What has changed in 2011?2011 brings Indian sales and marketing teams a first-time opportunity to stay with the consumer atevery step of the purchase process using IDM. This has become possible by combining the strengthof creative, print, online, mobile, ground activation, response management and businessintelligence. In the year 2008, India finally reached the critical mass for broadband internet,mobile penetration, social network media reach and ground activation capability which brings thisinflexion point within reach.Mobile connections - “TEN NEW GSM CONNECTIONS IN INDIA BY THE TIME YOU READ THISSENTENCE” :The Indian market set a new world record for organic monthly net additions in 2008with an uplift of 9.99m every month, beating its own previous best of 9.90m. This is equivalent to3.9 new connections every second. The total market reached 310.62m with a penetration rate of27.5%The advantages of mobile marketing over any other mass media : 1. Personal to the receiver, mass market to the sender 2. Permanently carried 3. The only always-on mass media 4. Only mass media with a built-in payment mechanism 5. Only media with accurate audience measurement (not dipstick based)
  5. 5. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105Broadband penetration: The overall level of Internet usage is growing strongly. There were anestimated 80 million Internet users throughout the country by end-2007 representing a penetrationof almost 8%. The Internet subscriber base in the country, as on March 31, 2007, stood at 9.3Million as compared to 6.9 Million on March 31, 2006 registering a growth of 34.8%Social Network Media reach: Social network media include tools for sharing information throughactivities that integrate technology, telecommunications and social interaction, and theconstruction of words, pictures, videos and audio. This interaction depends on the variedperspectives and “building” of shared meaning among communities, as people share their storiesand experiences about your brand and product, the consumer category and their feedback andopinionsReturns on Investment (RoI) from social media marketing can be measured by these 3 quantifiablemetrics: 1. Scale - # of impressions, clicks you are able to buy to have higher share of voice for your advertiser in the segment they want to advertise on net 2. Reach – number of potential clients in terms of unique users or potential clients you are able to expose your advertiser product 3. Technology - In terms of micro level targeting you are doing to find and map their potential clients with your advertisers products
  6. 6. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105IDM does not promise to be a magic wand or a miraculous marketing manna. Instead it is a logical,scientific approach to combine the strength of all the above platforms (which are finally available)to increase sales and response rates - not by 50% or a 100%, but significantly higher than theconventional ATL/BTL combinationThe growing faith in IDM is reflected in India’s advertising spends. New media have grown at highrates in line with their expected potential. However, traditional media have not beendisadvantaged by this, and they have continued to show strong growth, though their share of thetotal media pie has expectedly shown a slight dip. The main reasons for this are:• Willingness of emerging advertisers to pay for impact• Expansion of traditional media into new formats, which is helping them demand value• A strong business environment that supports this growth• Increase in advertisers’ spends on traditional media to maintain status quo and their willingnessto look at new media (which also tend to be cheaper options) to create differentiation• Shift in focus from conventional target consumers (Housewife, aged 25-45 years), to include theMale and the Youth, who are the primarily being targeted through new mediums like Mobile andInternet, and Radio and Niche Publications% Shares of Media 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008fNewspapers 47% 48% 48% 47% 46%Magazines 4% 4% 4% 4% 3%TV 38% 37% 37% 36% 35%Radio 2% 2% 2% 3% 4%Internet 1% 1% 1% 2% 3%Outdoor 7% 7% 7% 7% 7%Cinema - 0.3% 0.3% 0.4% 0.4%Retail Media - - 1% 1% 1%Media Total 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%Source:
  7. 7. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105 SVMTPL – The industry leading partner for IDM campaigns With 7 years of experience in cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns and self-owned and managed infrastructure and delivery mechanisms, SVMTPL (“Teleshoppe”) has emerged as a preferred marketing partner for India’s best brands to tap their consumers’ mindspace. Effective promotions, targeted and focused group based strategy deployment, and marketing plans’ roll out across all consumers - needless to say - provides a brand to reach out to a zillion people simultaneously ! With different Industry verticals tapped, we are focusing on Brand based strategic last mile roll outs on all digital platforms, response management, and loyalty programs specialized in targeting the focused audiences of your organisation. Business Intelligence:1  Validated databases of over 9.5 lakh active users of Teleshoppe’s core products including BizConnect, CampusConnect, SMS 53456, Mobile Push and eDM broadcast  All existing and new consumers categorisable by o Name o Address o Location city / state o Industry o Contact details  E-mail address  Physical mailing address  Phone numbers  Mobile numbers o Whether consumer is an existing user of specific products (e.g., industrial weighing machines, printers and scanners, auto lubricants, consumer durables)  Dedicated in-house response desks available to clean up, validate, outcall and process business-relevant consumer data  Fully customizable data flow questionnaires designed to capture the exact customer’s data as per your needs  In-house data servers, processing software and client login control panels which let you view, edit, select and manage your own customer data without any vendor intervention
  8. 8. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105 Product Broadcasting:2  eDM creative design within your brand guidelines + campaign planning  Dedicated eDM sending server’s and webspace o Dedicated domain (e.g., - does not interrupt parent website o Assured delivery (no spam, no junk) into users’ inbox o Automated delivery reports available to view at any time o Targeted email broadcasts by geography / consumer profile / buying behaviour  SMS message design and campaign planning  SMS broadcast gateway with a throughput of 36,000 messages per hour o Dedicated client control panel with secure login o Bulk upload mobile numbers, names and addresses o Automated scheduling of messages (plan now, send later) o Immediate delivery to any mobile phone o Create/edit/delete consumers mobile numbers o Add/select/delete groups from address book
  9. 9. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105 Web / SMS query capture:3  Web enabled systems – We create customised enquiry forms where your consumer can submit a query about your product o Individual webspaces created for each product range o Individual “contact us” e-mail id’s and query capture tools  SMS keyword queries: Your customer just types “YOUR BRANDNAME” and sends it to the number 53456 from any phone o Immediate response by SMS to customer’s mobile phone o Detailed logs available with mobile number, enquiry text, date, time, and customer’s location o We run and manage our own short code “53456” on all operators across India o Two way messaging available – you broadcast an SMS message to e.g., 10 lakh users and interested customers can just reply “YES” to the same message  Consulting on leading-edge digital solutions for corporate and industry o Business Applications – We have successfully enable online project management systems, accounts management modules, web file transfer interfaces and application enable websites for clients o E-commerce – Fully-integrated online shopping engine with 100% secure Verisign enable payment gateway  CREDIT CARD NOT REQUIRED: Accepts all net banking accounts in India
  10. 10. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105  Accepts all credit cards issued by any major bank in India o Other IT o Customer services Design & Creative promotion:4  Leading edge creative ideation – “The big spark”  Brand and Design Management o Campaign ideation, strategic alignment with brand and marketing objectives, detailed layout and design o Online webspace and Electronic Data Mailer (eDM) design, layout and optimization o Print creatives, design and execution o Event, stall and exhibition layout and dovetailing of stall elements including backdrop, products, exhibit area, accessories and film  Individualised style elements on each eDM such as receiver’s name, address, organization, designation
  11. 11. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105  Online + mobile promotions around the design idea with inbuilt SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) algorithms to ensure maximized relevant reach and enhance participation around each creative activity Response Management:5  We have set up a number of successful dedicated (in-house) and shared (off-site) response-cell desk solutions which handle: o Responding to inbound queries – telephonic, e-mail and SMS o Targeted database validation and compilation from  Your existing client database (if any)  Our industry-specific databases categorised by geography, level, field and requirements o Inbound e-mail responses ( within 2 hours) with response auto-collation o Inbound teleresponse desks with daily/weekly/monthly management MIS reports Sales Lead Generation and PoS Activation:6  We have set up o Outbound calling cells with 1-10 desks to  Finalise appointments / site visits and book inbound customer traffic  Send outbound eDM (electronic Direct Mailer) campaigns on a daily/weekly/monthly basis  The objective of all our SLG infrastructure is to draw potential customers to the Point of Sale  We then set up Point of Sale activation which includes: o Stalls / event venues and targeted activity at schools, colleges, building societies, exhibition venues, dealer locations, distributor warehouses and in-office premises o Running contests and promotions at the spot to increase brand awareness and reach amongst the target audience who are drawn to the venue by the SLG team
  12. 12. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105 Social Network building and Client outreach:7 Teleshoppe has successfully built, launched and run online and offline social networking communities including:  CampusConnect: A web-to-mobile platform which connects 300+ top college and schools with 1.5 lakh+ registered students across India which allows: o The school or college to send information about exams, results, attendance, timetables and placement information to students via a web-to-SMS platform o Each college to create a homepage and micro-website which has information on courses, campuses, locations, faculty and placements o Each student to create his homepage, invite his friends, build a network, post messages and blogs and chat on SMS even when offline  BizConnect: An email-to-mobile platform targeted at SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) across India which allows: o Each employee to check his e-mail, reply, forward, delete or attach it from his mobile phone o Works on all phones (not jut GPRS enabled handsets) as it is SMS dependent o Creation of employee groups by the SME organisation o Broadcasting of messages from the organization to the entire group o Creation of each employees homepage with business networking including job queries, Knowledge Exchange (KX) and work related discussion groups
  13. 13. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105Our Communication philosophyOur credentials :Our Team: We bring an experienced team of professionals combining  Web Engineering strengths  Keen Communications understanding  Specialisation in Media vehicles- across media  Strong marketing skills  Content and design engine  Process orientationOur expertise: Our domains of expertise which directly benefit your marketing strategy:  Lead generation, Lead management  Web Development, Client loyalty, Online Communications, and Marketing  Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing  Mobile marketing and promotions  Advertising and brand management  Events, Exhibitions and promotions
  14. 14. Interactive Digital Marketing (IDM) SVMTPL New Delhi White Paper Version 1.0 Contacts: Saikat Ghosh / +91.98103 03105The benefit to you:  Cost: Cost of marketing material development reduces substantially as does Cost per sale  Productivity: Cost-efficient campaigns reduce time to market, quicker campaign rollout with reusable brand components. Sales professionals will meet 2 to 4 times more prospective customers  Speed:. Shorter ramp up times with common design and content base for online presence, marketing promotions, event support and corporate collateral  Flexibility: Multiple programs can be commenced and concluded quickly and effectively  Results: Measurable results with clear ROI, in-house teams can be better utilised on the field not data collection and campaign executionOur past and present clients:Baksons Homoeopathy Agrawal Packers&Movers Anupam SinksWestern Union FairDeal Packers&Movers M-Tech DevelopersDHL India Limited Goel Packers&Movers IndiaRace.comP T Education Hero MindMine Career LauncherAHA – Air Hostess Academy Clinic Dermatech PeopleHealth.inXerox India Ricoh India Limited Amrapali DevelopersPentair Water Asia Cryo-Cell Mangal KeshavTelebrands (as seen on TV) LifeCell India Bharti Cellular LimitedHelpAge India Jaypee Group Vodafone Essar TelecomVLCC Healthcare Bethel Church Gr8savers India LimitedWomen’s Era Delhi Public School Brand One Global ImpexCompetition Success Central Cargo Packers The Mobile Store