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  1. 1. TEST REPORT 3D Converter该独家报道由技术专家所作 • Converts normal 2D TVs into 3D AB 3DBox monitors • All 2D channels are presented in 3D • Simple and intuitive operationConverter • Can process all 3D variants • Perfect lip synchronization TELE-satellite Magazine GUARANTEE direct contact Business Voucher www.TELE-satellite.info/11/09/ab3dbox Direct Contact to Sales Manager
  2. 2. TEST REPORT 3D ConverterThe Magic BoxA Box That Magically Turns TwoDimensions into Three Dimensions Do you have to buy a watch all 2D programming display on the front panel in your TV cabinet or hide itnew 3D TV for 3D program- in 3D right now and, on top that indicates its current behind your receiver or TV.ming? Which channels are of that, with your current operational status alongalready available in 3D and normal TV? with a variety of neces- The remote control sup-what possibilities are there sary connectors on the plied by the manufacturerfor older programs not re- AB-COM, a company rear panel. There you’ll find does the job but it seemscorded in 3D? headquartered in Topol- two HDMI signal inputs, an to be lacking some ergo- cany in Slovakia, recog- HDMI signal output, a jack nomic characteristics. It Since there aren’t that nized the 3D trend some for the external 5V power has a total of 16 buttonsmany real 3D films or 2D time ago and the result is a supply as well as a connec- that among other things letto 3D converted films avail- 12.5 x 9 x 3 cm box called tor for the included infrared you switch back and forthable in the first place, it AB 3DBox Converter that receiver. between the two HDMI in-could be that you have no found its way to our TELE- puts as well as make it easyinterest in these questions. satellite testing labs. This separate infrared re- to choose the desired 3DBut what would you say if ceiver makes it possible to mode. Even a Standby but-there was a technical so- This converter box comes place the converter box in- ton found its place on thelution that would let you with a four-digit segment conspicuously somewhere remote control. What the remote con- trol lacks in looks is made up for by the pocket guide that was printed directly on the remote control so that 0.57 you can actually use the converter box without first having to refer to the infor- mation pamphlet that came with the package. The AB 3DBox can oper- ate in five different opera- tional modes depending on if a 2D or 3D TV is used. Yes, you read that correct- ly, the AB 3DBox Converter can even supply 3D signals to your older 2D TV set, although, whatever type of TV you end up using, 08-09/201 1 AB 3DBox Converter Magically transforms every TV program into a fascinating 3D experience
  3. 3. 1 4 7 way to convert a 2D TV into be viewed without glasses, a 3D TV. but of course only in 2D. Two techniques are used The third variant, the in 3D TVs that are not com- conversion of side-by-side patible in 2D TVs: 3D with 3D content into 2D, func- shutter lens glasses and 3D tioned without any prob- with polarized glasses. In lems. But it doesn’t make the case of 3D with shutter much sense since today lens glasses, the synchro- there are hardly any TV nization interface between programs available that TV and glasses is missing can only be viewed in 3D. in 2D TVs and for 3D with On the other hand, if this2 5 8 polarized glasses a special should ever occur, then it’s coating is needed on the TV nice to know that this set- screen. ting is available with the AB 3DBox. Aside from that, both methods require that the Obviously, the other two refresh rate of a 3D com- variants are far more in- patible TV be twice as high teresting. The conversion as a normal 2D TV, after all, of 2D content into ana- both eyes have to be sup- glyphic images as well as plied with two separate im- the conversion of 3D side- ages. by-side content into ana- glyphic images works sur- At the same time, the im- prisingly well although in3 6 9 age itself needs to be three terms of quality it’s not as times brighter to make up awe-inspiring as the 3D ef- for the attenuation of light fect created by polarized or that occurs through the shutter lens glasses. glasses. For one thing, there’s a So, what can be used to noticeable color shift that create a three-dimensional can be seen through the picture on a 2D TV? The al- red/cyan glasses, and sec- ternative is the anaglyphic ondly, the separation of the presentation of images two images is technically with the help of red/cyan not exactly squeaky clean glasses. resulting in the appear- ance of light shadow imag-1. 3D display in side-by-side mode for a 3D 4. 3D Signal (side-by-side) via TURKSAT 42° east 7. 3D display of an anaglyphic picture for And it’s exactly these es. Even so, the 3D effectcompatible TV 5. Conversion of a 3D side-by-side signal into 2D 2D TVs glasses that are included is remarkable considering2. 3D display in line-by-line mode for a 3D 6. 3D display of a 3D side-by-side signal as an 8. 3D display in side-by-side mode for 3Dcompatible TV compatible TVs with the AB 3DBox Con- you don’t need anything anaglyphic picture for 2D TVs3. The original picture via HDMI 9. The original picture via HDMI verter so that the user can more than a converter box get right to using his 2D TV and the red/cyan glasses toit must have at least one polarized glasses or shut- a picture for the left and three predefined modes er, we naturally wanted to keep up. Even the individu- to watch 3D. create 3D images using 2DHDMI input. In each opera- ter lens glasses). The only right eyes. In line-by-line (soft, normal, strong) that compare this to the capa- al customized settings ca- equipment.tional mode, the box takes thing you need to start en- mode the two split images adjust the strength of the bilities of the AB 3DBox. pabilities of the AB 3DBox The box provides threethe HDMI video signal and joying the 3D experience is are not as easy to recog- 3D effect. delighted our testers. different modes for 2D TVs: The visitors to our testmanipulates it such that a the processed 3D content. nize; the reduced sharp- The AB 3DBox clearly center that we asked to3D effect is the result. ness of the image shows You can further custom- won this race; this result So, how does it look when ● The conversion of 2D take part in our tests were The converter box de- that the converter box is ize the 3D effect (viewing was confirmed by a num- the AB 3DBox is connected content into anaglyphic mostly all of the opinion Thanks to the HDMI input livers 3D content in two doing its work. angle and depth) by using ber of visitors to our test to a normal 2D TV? If you video where the red/cyan that anaglyphic 3D TV waswith HDCP support, all con- modes: Side-by-Side for 3D the corresponding +/- but- center that we invited to just bought a new LCD or glasses would be used. a remarkable experiencetent delivered via these in- TVs that used shutter lens In our tests using a 42” tons on the remote control. take part in our tests. Ac- plasma 2D TV, you’re cer- and that it provided an in-terfaces, whether it comes glasses and line-by-line for LG 3D TV, we were very de- These individual custom- cording to our testers, the tainly not going to go out ● The conversion of 3D teresting short-term alter-from a satellite receiver, those 3D TVs that use po- lighted with the results. An ized settings can be stored picture from the converter and buy a new 3D compat- content in side-by-side native to 3D via polarizedcable box, DVD player or larized glasses. HD signal received from a to four programmable but- box was more three-di- ible TV a few months later. mode into anaglyphic video or shutter lens glasses.Blue Ray player, can be satellite receiver that was tons so that they can be mensional with the overall where again the red/cyan They all agreed though thatpresented three-dimen- As you can see by the pic- passed through the con- quickly recalled at a later 3D distribution across the The AB 3DBox was also glasses would be used. if you’re going to spendsionally. tures included with this test verter box remained razor time with the push of just entire picture highly rated designed with this situa- longer periods of time in report, the converter box sharp and was perfectly one button. by these testers. tion in mind; in fact, this ● The capability to con- front of the TV the latter If you already have a 3D in side-by-side mode splits expanded into 3D. is probably where the con- vert 3D content in side- two modes would be better.TV, it was supplied with the the video image into two Since our TV already has The internal converter of verter box will be used the by-side mode into 2D somatching glasses (either halves and thus produces The AB 3DBox comes with an integrated 3D convert- our 3D TV simply could not most. This is the simplest that these programs can During the course of our
  4. 4. tests, we supplied the AB3DBox Converter with sig- settings capabilities, the user can set up the con- Expert Opinionnals with a resolution of up verter box exactly the way Technically perfect conversion of 2D into 3Dto 1080p; the box had no they need it. And thanks to The box comes with all the variations that aretrouble converting them. the box itself, 3D has be- technically possible come a standard that after + Individually programmable Even the HDCP copy pro- only a short period of time Compatible with 2D as well as 3D TVstection did not get in the you won’t want to be with- Thomas Haring TELE-satelliteway of things; all content out. Test Center Austriawas presented interfer-ence-free. When used with normal – The extent of the 3D experience is strongly related to the quality of the original TV program. 2D TVs, the AB 3DBox is We were also quite im- an extremely cost-effec-pressed with the convert- tive way to experience the ENERGY DIAGRAMer’s lip synchronization. world of 3D and all of itsThe conversion of the video wonder.signal inevitably results in Apparent Powera time delay that would be And finally, a quick note: Mode Apparent Active Factorvery noticeable without lip the better the quality of the Active 7.6 W 4.4 W 0.57 StandBy 0W 0W 0synchronization. The box original program, the bet-eliminates this time delay ter the quality of the 3D Active Powerso perfectly that it is totally effect. If original HD pro-imperceptible. gramming is piped through the converter box, you’ll The converter’s Bypass get the best possible 3Dmode also turned out to be results.quite useful. It takes thebox out of operation and But the lesser the qualityallows the original HDMI of the original program, thesignal to pass through. In less the converter box can The first 15 Minutes: Active Operationthis way the AB 3DBox acts do to take advantage of its The second 15 Minutes: StandByas a switching point for two 3D capabilities.HDMI signal sources. TECHNICAL DATA The bottom line: the en- Manufacturer AB-COM s.r.o., M. Razusa 4795/34, The 3D conversion of the joyment of 3D content will 955 01 Topolcany, Slovak RepublicAB 3DBox when used in depend a lot on the quality Email sales pblaho@abcomeu.comconjunction with a 3D com- of the originally transmit- Internet www.abcomeu.compatible TV worked the best. ted signal. Model AB 3DBox ConverterThe experience was quiteoverwhelming. Thanks to Function Converts 2D content to 3D content for use on 2D and 3D TVsthe numerous individual 3D Side by Side yes 3D Line by Line yes Convert 3D Side by Side to 2D yes Convert 3D Side by Side to anaglyphic 3D yes HDMI Input 2 HDCP yes Power 5V, 1.5A Dimensions 125 x 90 x 30 mm