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  1. 1. TEST REPORT Satellite Signal Analyzer该独家报道由技术专家所作8dtek DSMDesired• includes features normally only found in much higher priced products• shows constellation and spectrum• handles all DiSEqC variants including motors• thanks to a remote control it can be used as satellite receiver• easy-to-read LED display ideal for installers TELE-satellite Magazine GUARANTEE direct contact Business Voucher www.TELE-satellite.info/11/09/8dtek Direct Contact to Sales Manager30 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 08-09/201 — www.TELE-satellite.com 1 www.TELE-satellite.com — 08-09/201 — 1 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine 31
  2. 2. TEST REPORT Satellite Signal AnalyzerFor the Professionals 08-09/201 1 8d tek A HDTV signa DSM Desired l meter and rec one with plenty eiv of professiona er all in l featuresA HDTV signal analyzerwith 16:3 screen In TELE-satellite 06- the antenna system while the set. Well, perhaps there that list of channels is cre-07/2011 we presented the to the other one (the loop are situations in which you ated, out of which you thenDSM Gifted meter, a very through) you can connect would like to put the meter can choose from. Of course,powerful satellite finder in a receiver. We intentionally on the ground or at a dis- its usability is limited andan attractive design. But say “the antenna system” tance and operate it with a can not be compared to athe manufacturer 8D Tech- and not just LNB because remote control. However, 8D regular satellite receiver butnology didn’t stop there: the DSM Desired can control Technology offer you anoth- it is a nice addition.they expanded their range not only DiSEqC switches, er solution for difficult op-of meters with another very DiSEqC motors (1.2 and US- erating positions – you can You can fully control theadvanced meter and called ALS) but also any combina- use an included protective DSM Desired either withit DSM Desired. It sports tion of switches and motors. meter bag and wrap its strap the remote control or di-a 16:9 LSD screen and has around your wrist. This inno- rectly - using the front panelmany additional numeric Hidden under the flaps on vative solution seemed more membrane keyboard. Menubuttons. There is a second- both meter sides are: DC practical to us. button is used for enteringary 2-digit LED display lo- power socket (mains power menu items and for leav-cated in the top right corner, unit and car charger are in- On the other hand, the ing them. SPCM stands forwich shows the quality of a cluded), combined A/V plus remote control unit may be Spectrum and is a shortcutsignal. This is quite useful RS-232 output, USB port for useful if you would like to taking you directly to signalin direct sunshine when it is software upgrades and data use your DSM Desired as spectral view. The big roundhard to read the main liquid storage and an Ethernet port your satellite receiver. Yes, it SAT button is another short-crystal display. that can be used to test your can show live channel video. cut – to Local Sat menu. Internet connection. Rather To start viewing, all you have F1-F4 function buttons have There are two F type con- unexpectedly, there is also to do is to scan a selected varying functions dependingnectors: to one you connect a remote control included in satellite or a transponder so where you are in the menu32 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 08-09/201 — www.TELE-satellite.com 1
  3. 3. 1 2 3 7 8 94 5 6 10 11 12 13 system. Four LED’s located the meter if this is a simple near the bottom indicate fixed antenna for one satel- charging status, signal lock, lite or a multifeed system and LNB voltage as well as with DiSEqC switches, DiS- high/low band switching sig- EqC motors or a combination nal (22 kHz). of them. This is done in the DiSEqC menu item. Every The Local Sat windows satellite is set independent- shows you graphically what ly. So, some of them may be satellites are located in configured as received with a which position over horizon motorized dish and the oth- at your location. Just over- ers as fixed feeds connected 14 write the default settings to given inputs of DiSEqC (which in our case were for switches. the manufacturer’s home- town Shenzhen in China) When you are ready to with your own location and start turning your dish, we the pre-programmed list suggest using the first menu of satellites, wich contains item: Sat Find. Here you can the “birds” from all over the select the satellite, your LNB world, will show you the sat- LOF’s, the transponder you ellites visible at your loca- want to tune to and the meter tion. displays the signal strength and signal quality expressed If you already know quite in percentage, Viterbi BER, 1. Main Menu well what satellite you want and the satellite name it rec- 2. Sat Find window to receive, you might be in- ognized analyzing received 3. DiSEqC settings 4. Local Sat window terested in the Angle menu signal. If you prefer, you can 5. Angle calculation screen item. In this screen, you switch to the constellation 6. Spectrum viewer enter your coordinates, se- graph view – either directly 7. Setting spectrum viewer parameters 8. Measuring transponder parameters in lect the satellite and DSM from the Sat Find window or spectrum view Desired calculates all neces- from Main menu. 9. Constellation graph window sary angles: azimuth, eleva- 10. Detailed signal measurement results tion and LNB tilt. 8D Technology can really 11. LNB test 12. Systems settings be proud of the number of 13 Internet Ping window Now, you have to inform frequencies they offer in the 14. Watching channel video 34 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 08-09/201 — www.TELE-satellite.com 1 www.TELE-satellite.com — 08-09/201 — 1 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine 35
  4. 4. Sat Find menu item. Here measurement results. From you are still in the constella- to the previously tested DSMis the impressive list of lo- here, press F2 and you can tion window, you can change Gifted (see TELE-satellitecal oscillator frequencies go deeper into a window we transponder or store the re- 06-07/2011). You can set(LOFs) you can select in DSM could name “detailed signal sults to a USB stick (F1 and frequency span and you canDesired: 5150, 5750, 5950, quality”. Here you can see all F4 buttons respectively). lock to a marked transpond-9750, 10000, 10050, 10450, relevant signal parameters er and measure its basic pa-10600, 10700, 10750, in large font along with bar Spectrum analyzer has rameters. However, it is still11250, 11300, 5150-5750, graphs. Alternatively, when more possibilities compared quite slow so do not count5750-5150, Universal (9750-10600) and SCR (9750-10600). The constellation menunot only shows you theconstellation but addition-ally displays S/N and C/N36 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 08-09/201 — www.TELE-satellite.com 1
  5. 5. on using it for fast signal de-tecting when initially settingup your dish. System menu lets youcustomize meter settings aswell as initiate firmware up-grades. We did firmware andtransponder upgrades twiceand all of them were veryfast and easy. You can alsoset here the Internet con-nection you would like to testusing the meter’s Ethernetport. If the connection is re-alized via a DHCP router, youshould configure it accord-ingly in the system menu. When we started takingactual measurements we re-alized that the DSM Desiredhas similar limitations as itssimpler brother. The qualityreadings were changing notwith 1% step but with 6-7%.So in the ascending orderthe signal quality may takeonly one the following val- Another feature typical for more advanced meters is Expert Opinionues: 46%, 53%, 60%, 66%, an A/V output, but available Measures DVB-S, DVB-S2 and analog signals.73%, 80%, 86%, 93% and in the DSM Desired. All the Support for DiSEqC 1.0/1.1 and SCR.99%. 46% is already be- screenshots accompany- Suitable for turning motorized dishes (DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS).low reception threshold, so ing this report were takenpractically we are left with from this output. If you use + Quality readings duplicated on an easy to read LED display. Jacek Pawlowski8 discreet values. The other the meter on the desk, you TELE-satellite Big enough and well readable 16:9 LCD. Test Centersignal quality measures: S/N should connect it to a suit- Looped through signal output to connect a Polandand C/N have equally fixed able screen with a CVBS receiver.discreet values. For example video input. The graphics isfor Quality=93%, S/N is al- very nice indeed. No MER measurementways 14 dB and C/N 14.35. – Signal quality, S/N and C/N readings in only 8 stepsFor Q=80, S/N=12 and C/ Along with its accessories No MPEG-4 decoderN=12.35dB, for Q=73%, S/ DESM Desired is very prac-N=11 and C/N=11.35dB. tical. Its battery has a highSince the measurement re- capacity and the meter can TECHNICAL DATAsults are only in fixed steps, be used to turn DiSEqC mo- Manufacturer 8D Technology Ltd., Hong Kongyou should treat them as in- torized dishes without a fear Webpage www.8dtek.comdications rather than precise that it will die in a minute or Email 8dtek@8dtek.comresults. two. It can drive even more Fax +852 3965 3222 complex DiSEqC switch/mo- Model DSM Desired As a result, DSM Desired tor antenna systems. Sohas a measurement perfor- except for antenna align- Description Satellite meter for antenna alignmentmance similar to its brother ment, you may also use it for C/Ku Band YesDSM Gifted. But its full color checking signal distribution. Unicable Yesdisplay, possibility to watch DiSEqC 1.0 – 1.2 and USALSMPEG-2 channel video and Although its precision and Quantities measured Signal level [%], signal quality [%], BERaudio and interesting menu accuracy does not match Inputs L-Band (950-2150 MHz),functions look like something that of high class profes- DVB-S/S2 and analog signaltaken from a much more ex- sional meters, DSM Desired Video Decoder MPEG-2pensive and powerful meter, should perform quite sat- Outputs L-Band (looped through), A/V (composite + mono)like the showing of constel- isfactory in aligning fixed Data ports USB, RS-232lation and spectrum views, a dishes for strong European PSU 100-240 V 50/60Hzfeature only found in much satellites like ASTRA 1 ormore expensive products. Dimensions 140 x 100 x 40 mm (ca. 5.5 x 4 x 1.5”) HOTBIRD.38 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 08-09/201 — www.TELE-satellite.com 1