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  1. 1. TEST REPORT Satellite Signal Analyzer 08-0 9/20 09 SPAUN SPAROS 609 SPAUN SPAROS 609 Extremely versatile and easy-to-use state of the art TV signal analy zer Who could ask for more? Digital TV receivers get more and more versatile and complex. the right. It is not only a set of cursor keys plus an OK button The same is true for signal analyzers. Once you think that in the center. When you touch the newest signal analyzer has everything you can ever need, the “wheel” with your finger another model hits the market and suddenly you discover that it and stroke it clockwise or counterclockwise the meter has something the older model did not have. When it comes to will behave as if you turn the adding new functions and making the instrument more regular tuning knob! useful – sky is the limit. That was exactly the case The top panel contains all with SPAROS 609 of SPAUN. the sockets and connectors: The meter is very light – signal input (BNC connector TELE-satellite World Download this report in other languages from the Internet: only 2.1 kg (including internal – we need to use one of the battery). It comes in a clever included adapters), power Arabic ‫ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺑﻴﺔ‬ Indonesian Indonesia protective bag with conven- supply input, USB port, Bulgarian Български Czech Česky ient openings for cable con- mini USB, Ethernet port and German Deutsch RCA sockets with TV video English English nections. The bag has two Spanish Español and audio in- and outputs. Farsi ‫ﻓﺎﺭﺳﻲ‬ straps, so the installer can French Français use the meter even in very Descriptions on the panel Greek Ελληνικά Croatian Hrvatski difficult operating positions. suggest that we may expect Italian Italiano Hungarian Magyar The analyzer display is large in the future 2 additional con- Mandarin 中文 Dutch Nederlands (7 inch), bright and easy to nectors: asynchronous serial Polish Polski interface (ASI) with transport Portuguese Português read. As can be expected, Romanian Românesc stream output and PCIMCIA Russian Русский its aspect ratio is 16:9. Right Swedish Svenska below the LCD, there are for CAM. The meter is deliv- Turkish Türkçe Available online starting from 31 July 2009 8 smart keys. Their func- ered with an external battery tion description is shown at charger, connector adapters the bottom of the display. It (F-to-BNC and IEC-to-BNC), changes depending on the USB cable and a USB pen- current mode of operation. drive containing PC software. Thanks to that trick, SPAUN Everything is manufactured has saved quite a number of with attention to detail. dedicated buttons. Quick start Speaking of buttons, we SPAROS 609 was so new have the ON/OFF pushbutton that its English manual was switch at the top row and 9 not ready at the moment it main function keys below it. was delivered. Should we In the top row, there are: wait for it? No way! We just Basic configuration Autoset, Parameters, Spec- had to start immediately. trum, TV-set, Measurements. To our great pleasure, user The lower row consists of: interface was so intuitive that LNB-DiSEqC, Configuration, in a couple of minutes we Save-Recall and Measure- felt quite comfortable with ment Map. Numeric keyboard the basic functions. And not is located in the left bottom only with the basic ones like: corner and a very specific viewing the spectrum, meas- control element is located to uring selected transponder Setting up the blind scan 50 TELE-satellite — Broadband & Fiber-Optic — 08-09/2009 —
  2. 2. or watching TV channel. We all its possibilities and modes. to 2150 MHz. So it is obvious ulation and FEC. Nothing is managed to do a blind scan We asked for a manual in that this meters can do much missing! DVB-S2 has slightly of a satellite, automatically English and after a few days, more than just show IF satel- different error rate related measure all its transpond- we got a draft version. Only lite signal at the output of an parameters: LDPC, BCH and ers and save the results on then, we realized how much LNB (950-2150 MHz). PER that replace more famil- a pendrive hooked up to its this meter can do! iar CBER, VBER and UNC. We USB port. All this based only SPAROS measures the fol- will not describe all DVB-C on a few pages of a product SPAROS 609 can practi- lowing parameters of the DVB- and DVB-T parameters but, brochure in English. That’s cally measure any TV signal. S signal: channel power, C/N, believe us, those signals are what we call “exploratory All analog and digital modes: LNB voltage, LNB current, measured as extensively as testing”. satellite, cable and terres- channel bit error rate (CBER), satellite ones. trial. It is compatible with the Viterbi bit error rate (VBER), Basic following satellite standards: number of uncorrected Satellite PAL, SECAM, NTSC, DVB-S, packet (UNC) and modulation functions DVB-S2 and DSS (this one is error ratio (MER). Additional alignment With an analyzer as com- used in USA). Its spectrum it displays: transponder fre- Perhaps one of the most plex as SPAROS 609, it would analyzer covers continu- quency, band/polarization, interesting characteristics of take rather long to discover ously the band from 45 MHz standard, symbol rate, mod- such instrument is its use- — 08-09/2009 — TELE-satellite — Broadband & Fiber-Optic 51
  3. 3. fulness when aligning satel- your dish until you see some lite antenna. We recommend peaks in the spectrum. Try to using it in the following way. maximize them. Then, press Switch to spectrum analyzer Autoset button (magic wand) mode and rotate and tilt and the meter will search the 11 transponders found so far in a blind scan ■ Viewing TV channel satellite name/position in the the existing satellites - in NIT of the transponder that is case there are changes in under the cursor. Sometimes transponder parameters. it works, sometimes - not. That’s because not every After activating the “Check transponder NIT contains sat” mode, the last used sat- proper information. Other ellite is shown with its four meters offer another method. transponders. If you do not They recognize a satel- have the lock, just press left/ lite based on the possibility right button to change the Such a list of transponders can be a result of a blind scan or transfe- red form a PC to lock to a chosen trans- satellite. After seconds, you ponder. Such meter keeps will find the satellite that your in its memory tuning param- antenna is currently aimed eters of one transponder per at. It is piece of cake now every satellite. Such trans- because thanks to SPAROS ponder parameters need to you know if your antenna is be unique so that only when looking too much to the West the antenna is aimed at the or the East. right satellite the meter can lock to the signal. You can use the same screen to finetune your Do we have something like antenna. Just turn it or tilt it that also in SPAROS 609? a bit and observe one qual- Automatic measurement of all transponders on the list - one by one Even more! SPAROS checks ity bar. Personally, I prefer not one but four transpond- to switch to the meter mode ers per satellite. You can see and observe MER reading. It the status of all four trans- is at the same time sensitive ponders at the same time and stable. It is really easy (their signal level and quality to find optimum azimuth, bars and percentages). Ten elevation and LNB skew when most popular European satel- maximizing MER reading. lites are pre-programmed by SPAUN. We can add another Aligning ten if we like. To do this we Monoblock just have to install and use the included PC software. In LNB the same way, we can edit Monoblock LNB’s are not Measurements results can be stored in an onboard memory 52 TELE-satellite — Broadband & Fiber-Optic — 08-09/2009 —
  4. 4. ■ Bag cover can be open or close and the cable is attached all the time ■ Small flap enbles hooking up a cable so easy to align. Usually, you You can display level/quality Measurement and again. You can save the first align the antenna to get bars for four transponders of maps measurements results either the best reception from the satellite A and next to them to internal memory of the Another unique feature of central LNB, than change the another four transponders meter or to external pen- SPAROS 609 is its capabil- DiSEqC setting and check of satellite B. Start turn- drive. ity to blind scan any satellite the off-center LNB. Usu- ing your antenna now. Don’t ally its signal is too low. You care about DiSEqC setting and create a list of its trans- If you leave the meter for turn the antenna to make it change. SPAROS does eve- ponders. After such scan, hours, you will collect a whole higher. Then, you return to rything automatically. It we can automatically meas- database of measurements: the first LNB to see if you refreshes the readings for ure transponder signal one all transponders versus time. have not spoiled its perform- every transponder that fast after another and create a You can then open the file ance too much. If you do that that you are almost certain map of all transponders with with Excel and, for example, on the roof, you are probably that it measures all 8 trans- their measurement results. create various graphs that not the happiest person in ponders from 2 different But that’s not all. The meter will show you how the recep- the world. Can it be simpler? satellites simultaneously! It measures the transponders tion system worked over Yes! That’s another surprise can not be simpler and more in the list in a loop - from time. Such map can contain SPAUN have prepared for us. comfortable. the first one to the last one up to 100 transponders. ■ Top panel view 54 TELE-satellite — Broadband & Fiber-Optic — 08-09/2009 —
  5. 5. Instead of scanning the explained very clearly in the satellite, you may prefer to user manual. prepare the transponder list yourself or download it from User interface the Internet. Everything is It was really a fun to learn Measuring DVB-S transponder - basic results ■ Anayzer in a protective bag this instrument. The idea to Performance use smart keys was great. That was about the usabil- All screens are very readable ity but what about the accu- – we have to thank SPAUN racy of the instrument? We that they did not try to put compared SPAROS 609 with too much information on one another analyzer of the same screen. class. We first scanned Euro- bird 1 & Astra 2A/2B/2D at For example, the signal 28.2° East (11,224 – 12691 measurements are divided MHz) and then HOTBIRD at DVB-S transponder - extended measurement results into 2 screens. Thanks to 13° East (10,797 – 11,624 that you do not need to take MHz). a magnif ying glass with you when operating the In most cases, SPAROS meter in the field. You can measured better noise per- even put it on the ground formance. It looks that it and still see the results. had lower internal noise at The results are refreshed the input than its competitor. ver y fast. We never had an What is even more interest- impression that we were ing, there were 5 transpond- waiting for the machine. ers at which the competitor Sounds incredible for PC was unable to measure MER. users? That’s true. The reading was <3 dB. Measuring a DVB-S2 transponder - the first screen SPAROS had no problem at We also liked the idea to all! Its front end must be transfer the files via a pen- really exceptional! drive. No cables, no soft- ware installations and the We checked the analyzer results are on your PC in no with cable signal (analog time. You can use pendrive and 256QAM) and terrestrial to upgrade the firmware as (PAL and DVB-T). Everything well. The only thing we could worked flawlessly. The only wish is a kind of sun shade. thing missing was no TV The bag is already very ergo- channel picture if MPEG4 was nomic but if it had an adjust- used for compression. able sun shade, it would be just perfect. The SPAROS 609 is state of Measuring a DVB-S2 transponder - the second screen 56 TELE-satellite — Broadband & Fiber-Optic — 08-09/2009 —
  6. 6. Expert Opinion the art: it is showing what can SPAROS 609 is clearly a + Extremely versatile TV signal analyzer with all be produced nowadays when reference signal analyzer, modes and standards that a professional installer using the most sophisticated giving superbly accurate may need. Unique features: monitoring both LNB’s components, matched with readings. of a monoblock at the same time, identifying sat- intelligent software. ellite by its four transponders or received NIT. Jacek Pawlowski TELE-satellite Very easy automatic recording of large number of Test Center transponders over time. File transfer to PC either Poland via pendrive, USB cable or Ethernet cable. - No sun shade. No MPEG4 decoding. TECHNIC DATA Manufacturer SPAUN Electronic, Singen, Germany Fax +49 (0) 7731 – 8673-17 E-mail Model SPAROS 609 Function TV Signal Analyzer Spectrum display (low band, vertical polarization) Frequency range 45-865 MHz (terr.), 950-2150 MHz (sat.) Level measurement range 20 ... 120 dBµV (terr.), 30 ... 110 dBµV (sat.) Unit of level measurement dBµV, dBmV, dBm, V Accuracy of level measurement + 2 dB + 0,05 dB/C° (terr.), + 3 dB + 0,05 dB/C° (sat.) TV Standards BG, D, K, I, L, M, N, FM, carrier, C-OFDM, QAM PAL, SECAM, NTSC, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DSS DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2, 22 kHz, MiniDiSEqC, ToneBurst (Unicable available by request) Digital measurements C-OFDM, QAM, DVB-S, DVB-S2 Video decoding MPEG 2 Power supply 110 - 240 VAC, 15 V / 4,5 A Output Battery Li-Ion 10,8 V / 6,5 Ah (Autonomy: 3 hours typical) Battery charger 1 hour for up to 80 % Operating temperature 0 C° ... 40 C° Dimensions Width= 215 mm, Hight= 300 mm, Depth=100 mm This transponder had a NIT with a correct information Weight 2,1 Kg (incl. battery and carrying bag) Analyzer is compatible with DiSEqC protocols Special mode for aligning monoblocks Satellite identified based on 4 pre-defined transponders List of services (channels) available from the current transponders 58 TELE-satellite — Broadband & Fiber-Optic — 08-09/2009 —