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  1. 1. TEST REPORT IPTV ReceiverJiuzhou DTP8300Receiver Jiuz hou DTP830 0 IPT V receiver equippe 12-01/201 1for Internet Television d with top- notch technologyAt first sight the DTP8300 If you turn around the there is of course the usual receiver and look at the con- range of sockets for HDMIfrom Jiuzhou looks just like nection options on the back out, three RCA jacks for panel it becomes perfectly YUV, three more RCA jacksyour average set-top box for clear that this is a set-top box for stereo audio and CVBS,satellite, cable or terrestrial that does not receive signals an optical S/PDIF output, from satellite, cable or ter- S-video socket and a secondreception. It only measures restrial antenna. USB interface. There is even the added benefit of a230x160x39 mm, which makes All we find is an RJ45 Eth- mechanical power switch,it a neat little addition to ernet port when it comes which is a valuable feature in to signal input. In addition, this time and age.the living room cabinet. Thebox comes in stylish blackand sports two LEDs on thefront panel to indicate thecurrent operating mode. Themanufacturer has chosen todo without an LCD or segmentdisplay, but has instead optedfor an on/off switch in the leftcorner and a USB 2.0 interfacein the right corner.30 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 12-01/201 — 1
  2. 2. TELE-satellite World Download this report in other languages from the Internet: Arabic ‫العربية‬ Indonesian Indonesia Czech Česky German Deutsch The remote control that If a receiver uses digital English English with the receiver satellite, cable or antenna Spanish Español Farsi ‫فارس ي‬ a great first impres- signals, the receiver’s hard- French Français Hebrew ‫עברית‬, has all keys within easy ware has to take care of Mandarin 中文, offers just the feed- all aspects of signal pro- Dutch Nederlands Polish Polski required, and is clearly cessing. This does not only Portuguese Português Romanian Română involve reception, conver- Russian Русский sion, decryption (if required) Turkish Türkçe If we have to think of and finally output of signals Available online starting from 3 December 2010something worth improv- received with the DVB dataing it’s the IR receiver in the stream, but also channel Its main task is to display tent and of creating the IPTVset-top box, which requires management, processing of on the TV content which is receiver’s complete userusers to point the remote EPG data and creating OSD delivered as pre-packaged a very small area on the messages for user interac- data. All technology requiredbox – otherwise you’ll have to tion. for receiving and processing When turned on, the IPTVpress the desired key several channels, for creating the receiver connects to the mid-times before your command By contrast, an IPTV OSD and for managing con- dleware via the Ethernet portis actually received at the receiver is a different story tent is located at the provider and displays content receivedother end. altogether. Put simply, it is end of the IPTV system. from the middleware. a kind of web browser being We’ll focus on the pecu- able to put out audio and There, so-called middle- By the way, the middle-liarities and features of the video. It doesn’t have to do ware (put simply again, a ware is also responsible forDTP8300 in a moment – but a channel search, it has no kind of web server) takes establishing a connection tofirst it’s worth looking at the (or only a very basic) OSD care of setting up channels the DVB-IP gateway for TVdecisive differences between system and there is no need lists using provider-specific reception. Providers storeTV reception via antenna, to manage, process, save, design elements, of providing the IP addresses and portscable or satellite and IPTV. and organise channels. video-on-demand (VOD) con- of individual channels within 0.57 — 12-01/201 — 1 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine 31
  3. 3. the IPTV network in the mid- for his network, as well asdleware. the multicasts used for TV and radio distribution and the If a user now selects a spe- ports.cific channel on the channellist that is created and pro- This means in turn that set-vided by the middleware, the top boxes for end users needIPTV receiver obtains the to be just as flexible in orderexact IP address and port to fit into existing IPTV net-of the selected channel and works. To this end – and tostarts displaying the corre- this end only – the DTP8300sponding video stream. is equipped with a dedicated The DTP8300 starts up with its own boot screen setup menu which can be Now the second major dif- called up with a small buttonference between satellite on the remote control. Byand IPTV reception becomes default it is PIN-protectedevident. If you receive your and we suggest that endchannels directly via satellite users in general keep theirthis means that all content is fingers off all of these set-available at the receiving end tings.(hence the term broadcast-ing), while IPTV reception The menu is divided intomeans that only the content six items, with Basic Settings(channel) that was specifi- and Extended Settings beingcally requested is available of most interest. In Basicat any one time. Settings you need to tell your box how it should connect Of course all available con- to your IPTV provider’s net-tent is sitting at the provider, work. Main menu as generated by the Jiuzhou middlewarewaiting to be requested, butstill data only starts to flow The receiver can eitheronce the user calls up spe- request an IP address fromcific content. Each customer the DHCP server or you canis served individually, so to assign a static IP address tospeak, which is also why – your box. If you subscribe toapart from standard radio an IPTV provider that usesand TV channels – video-on- DSL for distributing theirdemand, time shift or PVR content you may also set upcan be offered by the pro- a connection to the IPTV net-vider without the customer work via PPPoE.having to purchase newhardware. Once additional network parameters such as gate- Metaphorically speaking, way and DNS server are setbroadcast reception via sat- or received from the DHCPellite, cable or terrestrial server the IPTV receivertransmission is like a giant also needs to know the exact In our test setup the channel list contains five entrieswave of content extending address of the all receivers at the sametime, while an IPTV network For our test purposes wetargets each subscriber sep- chose to use the default mid-arately, providing only spe- dleware provided by Jiuzhou,cifically requested content in which we had installed in oura customised way. test centre on a standard Windows PC using Microsoft Not only is each IPTV cus- IIS.tomer served individually,each IPTV network is also While configuring thecharacterised by an individ- network connection of theual set-up, depending on the set-top box it came as anprovider’s requirements. unexpected but very nice surprise that not only a con- In theory, an IPTV pro- nection via Ethernet wasvider can freely select the IP possible, but also via WLAN.addresses he wants to use If you prefer to go wireless MBC Action on NILESAT 7° West via IPTV32 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 12-01/201 — 1
  4. 4. available to the provider it is possible to offer tailor-made customer service if need be. Complementing the con- figuration options of the Set- tings menu there is system overview, a self-test feature and an option to restore fac- all you need is an RT73 com- tory settings. patible WLAN USB adapter to plug into one of the USB Using a web browser or ports – once it is detected USB memory stick it is also by the system it can easily possible to upgrade the be configured directly in the receiver’s operating system – a dedicated menu item is box. available to facilitate that procedure. Now that all settings are completed the IPTV receiver Once all settings are saves all data and re-boots selected the box needs to in order to establish a direct be rebooted so that it con- connection to the middle- nects to the middleware over ware. the network and displays the main menu generated by the While average users should provider’s middleware. be all set now we of course Watching an IPTV channel – the info bar on the bottom of the screen also could not do without having Using its own middleware displays EPG information if provided by the middleware. a look at the Extended Set- Jiuzhou impressively demon- tings in order to adjust them strates some of the features for our test setup. an IPTV provider is able to implement with its in-house Currently the only menu middleware and in combina- languages available are Eng- tion with the DTP8300. lish and Chinese, but this refers only to the Main Menu As you can see in the and a couple of OSD inserts screenshots the main menu is of the receiver. During day- divided into four major areas: to-day use the IPTV provid- The top bar corresponds to er’s middleware generates all the colour-coded function OSD items anyway and can keys on the remote and thus be designed according to the is perfectly suited for direct provider’s specifications. access to live TV, video-on- demand or timeshift viewing. In Video Settings users can select the format of the The left area holds features signal output to the TV, with that are used a little less fre- Settings menu of the DTP8300 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p quently, such as games or and 1080i being available in additional VOD content. 4:3 und 16:9 aspect ratios, as well as PAL, NTSC or SECAM. In the window to the right of that section the live video Finally, the Extended Set- of the currently selected tings menu can be used to channel is inserted, while change the PIN code that in the bottom section of the restricts access to the Set- screen there is room for ban- tings menu and to activate a ners advertising new VOD log protocol that is sent to an content or other provider- FTP server. This way provid- based information for sub- ers can permanently check scribers. whether any error messages have been created by the In our test scenario we IPTV receiver or any prob- hooked up Jiuzhou’s own lems have occurred. middleware with the DVB-IP gateway we had installed in Access to the network is via cable or WLAN Thanks to these data being our test lab and then entered34 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 12-01/201 — 1
  5. 5. the corresponding multicast MPEG-4/H264 as well asaddresses as required. This Windows Media 9 video. Theleft us with one of our feed built-in browser handleschannels – the MBC tran- HTML 4.0, Javascript 1.5 andsponder from NILESAT 7° Java Virtual Machine.West – being available on theIPTV box in next to no time Data delivered from theat all. middleware is displayed with a 32bit True Colour User We were rather impressed Interface. The audio decoderwith the zapping speed of is capable of processingthis neat little box, which WMA-9, MPEG Layer 1, 2 andtook just under one second 3 (MP3), AAC LC, AAC LC+ IP settingsto switch between individual SBR Level 2 as well as AAC+streams of the TV channels Level 2. Sampling rates ofrequested. 22500, 44100 and 48000Hz are supported and the Whenever a new channels receiver has a built-in 128is called up the DTP8300 dis- MB flash memory, 192 MBplays EPG information of the SDRAM and an 8K EEPROM.selected event, if this featureis provided by the middle- In a word, we wereware. impressed with the Jiuzhou DTP8300 during our test. How certain additionalkeys on the remote control In the IPTV market it’s usu-are used and which features ally not up to the end user tothey access largely depends pick a set-top box, which ison the provider’s middleware why the DTP8300 will mainlyagain. If timeshift viewing be chosen by IPTV available, then it can be They would end up with a Always required: the middleware addresscontrolled just like with any box that is able to implementother receiver and there’s no all middleware features andneed to get used to a new therefore is a perfect tooluser concept. for offering programming to subscribers. IPTV compatible added fea-tures such as news, weather Even end users looking toupdates or current offers for stay independent from pro-subscribers can be assigned vider-supplied hardware willto different function keys on like the Jiuzhou DTP8300 asthe remote. There is even it offers all necessary func-an option to change from tions, is easy to use, andnumber to character input so doesn’t take much space inthat you can use the numeric the living room cabinet.keypad for texting – just likeyou would with your mobilephone. Extended settings As far as technical com-patibility is concerned, theJiuzhou DTP8300 supports36 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 12-01/201 — 1
  6. 6. Video output in various formats Updating the operating software of the DTP8300 via server of USB stick Expert Opinion + Small IPTV receiver that is perfectly suited for use in the living room. Excellent video qual- ity, quick execution of commands sent from the remote control and good build quality are the key characteristics of this set-top box. Thomas Haring TELE-satellite - Test Center Austria The IR receiver of the box could be a little more forgiving ENERGY DIAGRAMEPG, clock and update settings Apparent Power Mode Apparent Active Factor Reception 17.5 W 10 W 0.57 Active Power TECHNICAL DATA Manufacturer Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group Co., Ltd. #16 Yuejin Road, Mianyang 621000, Sichuan, ChinaDTP8300 system information Fax +86-816-2468903/2469241 EMail Model DTP8300 Function IPTV Set-Top-Box Stream Protocol UDP Menu Standards HTML4, Javascript 1.5, Java Virtual Machine HDMI connector yes Scart connector no Audio/Video output 3 x RCA YUV output 3 x RCA S-Video output yes Digital audio output yes (optical) Ethernet yes WLAN yes (via USB stick) USB connector yes Input Voltage 9V Dimensions 230x160x39mm — 12-01/201 — 1 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine 37