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  1. 1. TEST REPORT HDTV Linux Receiver该独家报道由技术专家所作Inpax X-9100Linux PVR16 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 06-07/201 — 1
  2. 2. • impossible not to like this little box• very fast boot time thanks to a smaller Linux version• runs very stable - we were not able to crash it• includes large on-screen satellite meter• sophisticated blindscan — 06-07/201 — 1 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine 17
  3. 3. TEST REPORT HDTV Linux ReceiverTurkish DelightA high-definition Linux-basedPVR promising a number ofinteresting features, all housed ina tiny case. Can it be possible? Hailing from Istanbul, Tur- display displays the cur- channels except those that Scart or composite video,key, the X-9100 PVR from rent channel number, or the are tied to an individual whilst there are stereo au-INPAX is quite a surprise. clock in standby. receiver. This was quite a dio outputs plus S/PDIF. ForThe little black box meas- surprise. The card slot is connection to the outsideures just 26cm across, A flap on the right-hand the only conditional access world there’s an Ethernet19cm deep and 4cm high side conceals a USB port option: there is nowhere to LAN port and an RS232 port.and comes in a stylish shiny and a single smart card slot add a case with a minimalist which seems to be able to A cold start of the re-appearance. There are just read a variety of cards – it At the back, the anten- ceiver doesn’t take as longthree buttons on the front even accepted my Sky Digi- na input and loop-through as might be expected frompanel: Standby, channel up tal card and allowed me to serve the single tuner. Video a Linux-based receiver, tak-and channel down. An LED view all my subscription options are limited to HDMI, ing around 45 seconds from 0.5218 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 06-07/201 — 1
  4. 4. flicking the switch for a pic- the planet are pre-pro- display everything. The red to toggle between RGB andture to appear on screen. grammed into the receiver button can be used to filter CVBS.This is one of the surprises and these can be edited and the list further by limitingthat come from the X-9100 deleted as required. New the satellites shown in the There is one special fea-utilising a much smaller, satellites can be added as list. An A-Z function is also ture in the menus whereembedded version of Linux required by simply specify- available, which filters the Inpax must however be con-than the more complex ver- ing the orbital position. If list by the first letter of the gratulated. An option existssions we’ve seen in the past. you are setting your own channel name, but doesn’t to store the sound volume dish up, you’ll be pleased to sort it further than this – so setting for each channel in- Those who might be see the inclusion of a large Azerbaijan TV would still ap- dividually. This is the perfectdaunted at the prospect of on-screen signal meter pear ahead of Aastha TV if answer to that all-too-com-setting up a Linux receiver function to help you find a this was their order in the mon situation of changingneed not worry too much. good signal. default list – this I found just channel from an overly quietThe options and menu sys- a little confusing. Dedicated one to one of those that hastem are no more complicat- Scanning satellites is fast page up and down buttons the sound cranked up so louded than those of a standard compared to some other on the remote help to speed that your neighbours will bereceiver. USALS is support- Linux-based receivers. For navigation of this and other banging on the wall withined to enable easy setup of viewers of Canal Digitaal, TV lists around the menus. no time. Of course, if onlya DiSEqC motor, with the Vlaanderen or UPC Direct on audio levels could be regu-added bonus of some ma- ASTRA 1, a special fast scan The remote itself is a lated to avoid this situation,jor cities already being pro- function is available. For standard, generic feeling such a function wouldn’t begrammed into the receiver’s the rest of us, a standard model, not helped by the needed. But that is unlikelymemory. scan zips across the satel- occasional occurrence of the to happen anytime soon and lite spectrum in good time. pressed button repeating very likely never, so in the A wide range of LNB set- A scan across Astra 2 took your previous action rather meantime: thank you Inpaxtings are included, and four minutes to scan the 90 than the one you were ex- for thinking of the receiver is of Turk- stored frequencies. pecting. Another ratherish origin, special settings strange quirk is that the or- The channel editing func-for DIGITURK are even in- A very welcome addition is der of the coloured function tions are limited to deletion,cluded. If none of them suit a blind scan option, so that buttons is different from the moving, and renaming. Theyour system the LNB’s fre- any frequencies not already normal red-green-yellow- sometimes important abil- quencies can also be held in the transponder list blue sequence. I didn’t even ity to edit PIDs is missing, specified manu- can be found. This works a know that this order has for example. There are eight ally. DiSEqC is little differently than others been burned into my brain preset favourites lists. Their supported from we’ve seen in the past. First, from the use and testing names are quite strange, version 1.0 to the entire frequency spec- of so many receivers over with the first few letters 1.3 to ensure trum is scanned, adding any the years, but I proved that missing. But it’s easy to cor- that just about newly-found frequencies to it is by pressing blue when rect this by simply adding any motor or the stored transponder list. I thought I was pressing a new favorite and giving it switching setup After this, the regular scan green several times. whatever name you want. will be support- kicks in, scanning the new The yellow button in the FAV ed. frequencies alongside those The remote is kept simple, menue will create a new fa- previously stored. This adds and there are no buttons vorite list. 71 satellites some time to the scanning for selecting the correct as- from around process, 2,5 minutes were pect ratio, or screen reso- There is no room inside the taken to find and add an lution, but these options tiny case for a hard drive, extra eight transponders to can be found inside the re- recordings have to be made the list, then another 4:15 ceiver’s settings menus. onto a USB device plugged to scan them all. The blind Most important options are into the front socket. Record- scan isn’t ideal for feed- found here, including to se- ings can be started directly hunting however, as there is lect between RGB or CVBS from the remote’s record no ability to scan a portion from the Scart port. To ac- button or from a timer event of the frequency band. cess the latter option select that can be set manually or HDMI mode 5761 and push from the EPG. The 9100’s Channels are accessed volume buttons up or down EPG is quite usable, and from a channel list similar to those on most other receiv- ers. The left and right but- 06-07/201 1 tons are used to filter the list Inpax X-9100 Linux PVR between FTA-only, HD andA competent good-looking black box with full range of functions encrypted channels, plus of course there is the option to — 06-07/201 — 1 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine 19
  5. 5. 1 62 73 84 can be switched between a channel at the desired time, one and seven-day version. and there’s also a choice It’s a bit strange though in to switch off after the re- that the grid display only fills cording has finished. While a quarter of the screen, so a recording is in progress, it’s not the easiest to quickly the channel list is restrict- see what is scheduled more ed only to channels on the than an hour or two into the transponder being received future. so there’s no chance of lost The event timer is also of recordings or receiver melt- a standard type, with some down. repeating options including Monday to Friday and week- It’s worth noting at this5 ends only. The receiver can point that the manual warns be set to either record or that while the theoretical just switch to the selected hard drive size limit is four partitions totalling 2 tera- 1. Blind scan bytes (which I think even I 2. Channel list may have trouble filling up), 3. EPG it is not recommended to 4. Favourites editing use partitions greater than 5. File browser 120 gigabytes. 6. FTP client 7. Multi picture-in-picture Recording and playback 8. Recorded programme playback works very well, with no20 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 06-07/201 — 1
  6. 6. problems noted – even 9when recording HD channelsto a USB stick. My experi-ence with Linux receivershas been mixed in the past.I remember too well someimportant timer recordingsthat never even startedbecause the receiver hadcrashed hours earlier, stilldisplaying its equivalent ofthe Windows hourglass anda frozen picture of the last- 10received channel. Despitemy best efforts to confuseand confound the little box,I wasn’t able to crash it atall, even when recording. As recordings are storedon a USB device, it’s easy toaccess them on a PC. Anoth-er “well done” goes to Inpaxhere – the settings menugives a choice of recording 9. The embedded Linux’s webformat between .MPG and interface 11.TS files, a welcome extra 10. Satellite scanchoice that could be very 11. Signal meter 12. Telnet into the receiveruseful to those who wish toedit or archive their record- Also included is an inter-ings onto DVD or convert net radio player. When itthem into other formats. works, it is really quite good and kept a connection from Despite the ease of con- my location in England to annection to the outside world Australian channel overnightvia Ethernet, it isn’t possi- without any problems. I didble to access recordings by get several “server busy”FTP, so disconnecting the messages, but when I did 12USB device and walking it to get through I received somea computer is the only way good quality audio, withto access them. There is an some stations accompaniedFTP client available, but this by artist names and songworks in one direction only titles. Scrolling through theto copy media to the USB huge station lists is a realfor playback. It is also pos- pain though as each page ofsible to connect to an SMB the list is retrieved from the(Samba) share in the same internet when manner. After a long time in the The variety of file for- alphabetical list I gave upmats that can be replayed while still on the letter A,is impressive, and most but at least there’s a favour- were being overheard on a player. This also works veryof the sample files I tried ites list here too. This will satellite receiver across the well, and where the videoplayed without any trouble. be invaluable when I want world via the internet? And quality is good enough, isThe list includes AVI, MPG, to return to the esoteric will I ever get to the end of perfectly watchable on a TV.VOB, FLV, MP4, MKB, 3GP mix of stations I have al- the list, to find out if New A number of presets giveand ASF which covers most ready found, from 247 Polka York’s Z100 is available? access to the most popu-bases. It’s nice to see that Heaven (“The World’s Polka lar videos of the momentchannel lists saved in the Network”) to Amateur Re- Dragging myself away plus comedy, music, news,SatcoDX .SDX format may peater W6NUT. I wonder if from the hypnotic rhythm of sports and so on. A searchalso be imported from the even the radio hams in Cali- the polka to the next menu is also available which opensfile menu. fornia would imagine they entry brings us a Youtube up the entire weird and wild22 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 06-07/201 — 1
  7. 7. world of Youtube onto your There’s not really anything appealing to those who want liability. My fear of losingTV. It is a nice addition to of use there either, but Linux to watch TV with less has- recordings from previoushave and the video plays fans could find the informa- sle or the threat of things Linux receiver experiencesback a lot smoother than tion interesting. Whether not working as smoothly as is almost gone. Whilst test-it does on my ageing over- or not it may be possible to they could. Connecting to ing the receiver for this re-loaded PC. add to the software inside the internet is as easy as view it has not let me down the machine to enable more plugging in an Ethernet ca- at all, and that is what most The final menu entry in functionality is not clear and ble if you have DHCP avail- people want and need: a re-the set of internet applica- there are no clues from the able on your router, and the ceiver that does all it saystions is not mentioned in the receiver or its manual. bonus additions of the You- it will, and doesn’t crashmanual: “Extra Movies”. I’m tube and internet radio play- at the most important mo-sure most of us would say The X-9100 is a different ers are genuinely useful. If ments. There are a few“yes please” to some extra Linux-based receiver than the internet radio interface small quirks and criticismsmovies, but this menu is most we’ve seen in the past. could be made a little bet- as I have mentioned al-password protected; here For some, this could be a ter it would on its own be a ready, most of which maywe explain to all of you how disappointment as it feels perfect, easy way to access be addressed in future soft-to access it: more like a conventional thousands of stations in ware updates. It’s impos- receiver in use than those good quality. sible not to like this little Enter IP settings in setup running larger Linux distri- black box and be impressedmenue, press green button butions such as Enigma2. What is most pleasing by the full range of func-which closes DHCP and in- This however makes it more though is the receiver’s re- tions it contains. Overallstead asks for DNS1. Enter208.67.222.222 and save bypushing red button. ThenDNS2 pops up, enter sameIP again andsave with red button. Nowthe receiver needs to be re-started by switching poweroff and on. Go again to “Ex-tra Movies” and now type in9-8-7-6 for password. Voila,it works. It’s possible to use tel-net to get into the receiver,and this reveals a commandprompt from the BusyBoxsystem, as utilised by theAmazon Kindle and manyother devices. BusyBox givesaccess to some basic Linuxcommands, which on theirown are probably of little orno use to the everyday userbut we can at least be nosyand see what is contained onthe internal memory. Simi-larly, connecting with a webbrowser gives an interfaceto the embedded Linux op-erating system with plentyof debugging information.24 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 06-07/201 — 1
  8. 8. Expert Opinion TECHNICAL DATA + Distributor İNPA ELEKTRONİK SAN. VE TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. Audio settings can be stored for each channel Kemeraltı Str. Şefkat Business No: 1-3 Floor:4 individuall.y Karaköy, Istanbul, Turkey Accepts very large harddrives via USB. Tel. +90 212 293 63 12 | +90 212 293 63 13 Software runs extremely stable. PVR allows storing in .TS format. Fax +90 212 293 63 18 Andy Middleton Impressive list of file formats for playback. TELE-satellite Website Test Center UK Email / - Model X-9100 Linux HD PVR Alphabetical channel listing only sorts by first letter. Function HDTV Satellite Receiver with PVR Color coding of remote not to standard. SCPC compatible Yes USALS Yesthis is a competent, good- mals on Youtube, listen to DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3looking little machine that some more polka, and, oh! Scart connectors 1does its job very well. I almost forgot that I could Symbol rates QPSK – 2000 to 45000 even find some time away QPSK – 2000 to 45000 Now, you must excuse from these distractions to 8PSK – 2000 to 45000me – it is time to wrap up watch some good old-fash- MPEG modes MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MP@MLthis report so that I can ioned HD TV on my new lit- Audio outputs 2 (left & right)watch some more funny ani- tle friend too! Video outputs Composite, HDMI Resolutions 480p, 480i, 576p, 576i. 720p, 1080i at 50Hz, 720p &1080i at 60Hz, 1080p at 30Hz UHF output No 0/12 volt output No Digital audio output S/PDIF EPG Yes C/Ku-band compatible Yes Power supply 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz Common interface 2 None Card slots 1 universal ENERGY DIAGRAM Apparent Power Active Power Mode Apparent Active Factor Active 19 W 10 W 0.52 StandBy 14 W 7 W 0.5 — 06-07/201 — 1 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine 25