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  1. 1. TELE-audiovision International t The World’s Larges zine ital TV Trade Maga Dig since 1981 Alexander Wiese Publisher y HQ in Munich, German Dear Readers, For a long time Linux was the favorite operating system like this are always the best answer but this is also true for digital TV receivers. But for the past 2-3 years we for all operating systems. here at TELE-audiovision have been hearing about Android systems for digital receivers, except that up On what criteria should the manufacturers and ultimately until now we’ve only had the opportunity to present just the end users base their decisions on? The answer to this a few of these Android-based receivers. question would seem to be impossible: it all depends on what the manufacturer wants to offer the end user and And in the meantime we’ve been asking ourselves if what it is they actually want. Predicting this is becoming these Android-based digital receivers will ever take hold more and more difficult although one thing is for sure: in this marketplace. And then just recently a new type of the end user wants the operation/menu navigation of operating system based on the Xbox began to surface. the device to be as intuitive and ergonomically sensible In this issue of TELE-audiovision we are introducing just as possible. such a receiver that impressed us so much that we even gave it our TELE-audiovision Innovation Award. For the programmers there’s a lot of room for improvement here and also in making the menu navigation more user It was already clear in which direction Android development was going: the complete integration of all friendly. It doesn’t really matter what operating system is actually in the receiver. available media into one single receiver. Now it seems to us that the Xbox system is especially well suited for this task but this statement has a limitation: it just looks that way at the moment. It can change again very quickly. The lifespan of software, not to mention the hardware, is very short in an age where new technologies are always Alexander Wiese being introduced. Flexible software solutions in a case Editor-in-Chief TELE-audiovision International Address TELE-audiovision International, PO Box 1234, 85766 Munich-Ufg, GERMANY/EUROPE Editor-in-Chief Alexander Wiese, Letter to The Editor Published by TELE-audiovision Magazine GmbH, Aschheimer Weg 19, 85774 Munich-Ufg, GERMANY/EUROPE Design Németi Barna Attila Advertising or email to Hard Copy Subscription Hard Copy Subscription by Courier Service Send Order to Printer Printmedia Com Kft, Fehérvári út 120-124, 1116 Budapest, HUNGARY/EUROPE Copyright © 2013 by TELE-audiovision ISSN 2195-5433 TELE-satellite was established in 1981 and today is the oldest, largest and most-read digital tv trade magazine in the world. TELE-satellite is seen by more than 350,000 digital tv professionals around the world and is available both in printed form and online. Redaktion TELE-audiovision, Postfach 1234, D-85766 München-Ufg Chefredakteur Alexander Wiese (verantwortlich) Anschrift wie Verlag Verlag TELE-audiovision Magazine GmbH, Aschheimer Weg 19, D-85774 Unterföhring Inhaber: Alexander Wiese, Verleger, Unterföhring Anzeigen Alexander Wiese (verantwortlich), Anschrift wie Verlag Abonnementverwaltung IPS Presseservice, Postfach 1211, D-53334 Meckenheim