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  1. 1. TEST REPORT Digital TV MeterDEVISER • offers all measuring options a professional antenna installer needs • among the highlights are MER measurements for each transponder,DS2400T ground loop measurements and a remote measurement function • excellent user interface and top-notch software features • display with extremely high resolution, perfectly suitable for showing the spectrum and constellation diagrams • one of the bonus features is long-term measurement of BER36 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 — — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 37
  2. 2. TEST REPORT Digital TV Signal MeterExcellent Meterfor Professionals in DVB-T,DVB-C and CATV (analog TV) We received the DS2400T in a rather plain cardboard box that featured the prominent Deviser logo. Safely packed inside was a good-looking protective bag made of nylon which can be used for stor- ing the signal meter. There is enough space for the device itself and the power pack, and ■ Of course we put the the bag even sports an out- DS2400T to a real-world test side pocket on one side which right away. Here we use it to comes very handy for acces- align a new DVB-T antenna. sories such as the measuring cable or some socket adapt- ers. Together with the meter and power pack you receive a special cable for hooking up the unit to a PC, as well as two 8cm mini CDs. One includes the driver software for the virtual serial interface that is used by the meter to estab- lish a connection with the PC, while the second CD provides a PDF file with an English- language user manual and the DS2400 Toolbox software that is required to operate the meter directly from the PC. We’ll dig a little deeper with regard to that option in a mo- ment. The signal meter is very compact in size and thus sits extremely comfortably in your hand. With the light blue col- our so typical of Deviser prod- ucts it not only feels good, but also looks rather unique. As far as weight is concerned it is 09-10/2012 DEVISER DS2400T This is by far the best handheld measuring instrument for DVB-T, DVB-C and CATV I have come across. Deviser has done an excellent job! ■ ECHO measurement with the new antenna.38 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 — — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 39
  3. 3. within the expected range and the rub- panel of the device, USB input and power LED indicates the current status of theber protection all around the DS2400T supply socket are located on the front battery pack.safeguards against damage when used panel. In addition, the front panel fea- All buttons are self-explanatory andoutside and up on the roof. tures a high-resolution TFT display and a provide a pleasant pressure point with While the HF input is placed on the back total of 17 buttons below the screen. An just the right amount of feedback you need. The first row of buttons consists1 6 of the F1, F2 and F3 function keys whose currently active function is shown on the bottom line of the display. In the second row there is the HOME button that always brings you back to the main menu in an instant, as well as the UP and DOWN buttons for navigating between menu items. Below this row comes the numeric pad that is set up just like on phones, which means that each number can also be used to type three different letters (much like texting), so that you2 7 can easily enter names as well, for ex- ample. The last row of buttons features 1. Main menu of the DS2400T with twelve different measurement modes. 2. Level measurement: Results are dis- played as numerical values and as a bar chart. Seen here is an analog transponder with simultaneous measurement of video and audio levels. The level is below a pre- defined threshold, hence the FAIL indica- tion of the automatic quality check. 3. Signal strength measurement of a DVB-C transponder. Here too, the result is displayed as a numerical value and a bar3 8 chart. In addition, the meter shows MER, PRE-BER and POST-BER parameters. The automatic quality check gives the PASS mark. 4. The constellation diagram is greatly helped by the high-resolution TFT display. 5. Long-term BER measurement: As the signal in our test center is too good, the antenna cable was plugged off for a split second. The meter reacted swiftly and reliably. Long-term measurements are great for detecting occasional faults at a client’s system and for establishing a cor- relation with other events. 6. MER vs. carriers: This type of measure- ment is still not very common and shows4 9 the MER (Modulation Error Rate) of each carrier on a DVB-T transponder. This way it is possible to determine interference on individual carriers which results in occasio- nal loss of video, even though the average MER looks fine. No other measurement is capable of identifying such problems. 7. The marker was moved to carrier no. 2155 in order to find out its specific MER. The DS2400T also offers a peak hold mode for such cases. 8. ECHO measurements are particularly important with SFN (Single Frequency Network) DVB-T networks, since a second time-delayed signal on the same frequency can easily cause reception problems. At5 10 our location, however, no echoes can be received even though we use a SFN. 9. The DS2400T is able to generate a very detailed spectrum. Seen here is the entire spectrum, with two markers available for measuring the signal level at two different positions and showing the difference bet- ween the two. 10. Speed is not the main point of this meter’s spectrum, but this is not an issue for DVB-T, DVB-C and CATV – contrary to DVB-S. Small frequency spans offer much more help, as they can visualise even indi- vidual carriers (and their problems) of the transponder.40 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  4. 4. the main switch to turn the meter on and for antenna installers. Deviser is a ma- satellite 06-07/2011), and as soon as you are OK. The DS2400T offers an automat-off, as well as the ZERO button and the jor manufacturer for TV, CATV (analog turn on the DS2400T for the first time ic signal quality check that either showsstatus LED. TV), and satellite signal meters (for more you will notice that this is not a gadget PASS or FAIL, depending on whether or We should once again stress that we’re information about Deviser please have for amateurs, but a top-notch tool for not the measured signal reaches a pre-talking about a professional signal meter a look at the company report in TELE- pros. It’s ready to use after only a few defined threshold level. seconds, there are no colourful anima- If it’s a digital signal you’re analys-11 16 tions, and loading times are impressively ing the display content changes and the short. All that pops up on the display is signal strength is shown with numeric the model name DS2400T, followed af- values and bars together with MER, PRE- ter a short moment by the main menu. BER and POST-BER parameters. Once And what a main menu it is: No less than again the built-in signal quality check twelve different measurement modes will indicate PASS or FAIL, thus showing are available, as well as dedicated menus installers right away whether or not the for configuration and file management. signal in question is all right. Using the The sheer number of distinct measure- arrow buttons it is possible to navigate ment options leaves no doubt that Devis- up and down the channel list, with the er is very serious about its new DS2400T meter reacting very swiftly to new chan- meter. nels and displaying all corresponding sig-12 17 To give you an impression of the power nal data without significant delay. This is hidden inside this neat device we’ll look what we call true value for money, and at all twelve modes below: what the DS2400T offers is much better than just PASS, it’s closer to pass with Signal level/signal strength distinction! The DS2400T makes a difference be- tween analog and digital signals. For Constellation analog signals the meter shows numer- If your digital signal is error-prone and ic values for video and audio levels, as you need to find the root cause a con- well as bars. The corresponding distance stellation diagram can work wonders. If – commonly referred to as V/A ratio or it turns out that signals are not located video/audio ratio – is also indicated. This in the correct square field you get BIT13 18 shows that Deviser has professional in- errors. By looking at the concentration of stallers in mind, many of whom set up dots within the cloud of dots in a constel- large-scale distribution systems in apart- lation diagram you can find out how sta- ment buildings or hotels and who can see ble your reception is. If each square field at a glance whether or not signal levels comes with a relatively small and concise 11. Tilt measurements are required for the cloud of dots there’s nothing in the way correct adjustment of signal amplifiers of reliable reception. If the cloud covers a in cable networks, for example. The aim large and more or less uncontained area is to achieve similar signal levels for all channels. some dots may wander off into a wrong 12. With the DS2400T it is possible to select square field and impair the overall signal up to eight channels of the channel list for quality. Together with the constellation tilt measurement. diagram the DS2400T also shows signal14 19 13. Bar search: Blue bars indicate digi- tal channels, green/yellow bars indicate strength, MER, PRE-BER and POST-BER analog channels, with green showing the values, thanks to the high-resolution video level and yellow showing the corre- TFT display with its 320x200 pixels. It’s sponding audio level. not only brilliant to read but also allows ■ Thanks to a metal 14. Ground loop measurement: Ground strap the meter can loops are caused within the power grid and packing in a great deal of information easily be fixed to interfere with analog channels. Depending and useful details without putting at risk equipment, so that on the power supply in place the meter can usability. both of your hands be set at 50Hz or 60Hz. are free for installa- 15. Result of threshold measurement: All tion jobs. pre-defined channels are measured and the BER measurement result is then presented in a chart. If prefer- red, a graphic presentation of the result is BER measurement is used to find out possible as well. the bit error rate, or in other words: how 16. Measurement of carrier/noise ratio: many faulty bits are received. There are15 20 Again, this is relevant for analog channels. a number of different DVB standards The DS2400T even shows the total band- width of the channels as a useful bonus. in place all around the world, and each 17. Return channel: The spectrum shows comes with its own distinctive auto- the frequency range from 5MHz to 45MHz matic error correction regime, which is or – if required – 65MHz. called VITERBI. This correction routine 18. Configuration menu with user-friendly grouping of various parameters. makes sure that bit errors up to a certain 19. Information about the meter: Note that threshold can be corrected without gen- the most recent calibration date can also be erating a faulty TV image. The threshold called up at any time. of bit errors lies between 10-5 und 10- 20. Users can set a period of inactivity, 7, depending on the DVB standard used. after which the meter automatically swit- ches off in order to save valuable battery This means that one incorrect bit for eve- life. ry 10,000 to 1,000,000 correct bits will42 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 — — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 43
  5. 5. 21 ment modes we already looked at. When important for DVB-T. While most meters Echo measurement I called up MER measurement, however, only measure MER as the average across Again, this is a measurement that is I was simply at awe: At long last a manu- all active carriers, only very few can give particularly helpful for DVB-T signal anal- facturer has come up with a convenient separate results for each carrier of a ysis. A number of countries (including hand-held device that is able to perform DVB-T transponder. Why is this so impor- Portugal, our test location for this report) long-term measurements which can ac- tant? In some scenarios a neighbouring have opted to implement DVB-T as SFN tually be put to use by professionals. analog transmitter might interfere with (Single Frequency Network). The advan- With the DS2400T users can define a some – but not all – carriers of a digital tage of such an approach is that all broad- period from one minute to several days transponder, since analog transmitters cast cells use the same frequency so that during which the meter will collect all rel- broadcast three relatively small frequen- reception equipment can have the same evant data and then present the results cy spaces for video, audio and colour. In channel list irrespective of where it is in a way that is nothing short of extraor- such a case the average MER value may used. Mobile reception benefits greatly, dinary. The sheer amount of data does well look OK, even though reception is since you never need to perform a chan- not compromise usability at all. What’s not possible because some carriers ex- nel search while moving around within more, there is no need to connect the perience massive interference while the a country’s borders. On the other hand, meter to a PC for long-term measure- majority of carriers boast an excellent all that glitters is not gold since single ments. Installers can use this feature signal. Conventional measurements can- frequency networks cause different lag to even detect occasional image faults, not identify such a problem, and you re- times in cases when a receiver is oper- something that is of enormous value and ally require professional equipment such ated between two cells. In such a case can only be found in professional equip- as the DS2400T to get to the heart of the two slightly time-delayed signals with the ment. matter. All you need to do is position a same frequency reach the receiver and marker above individual carriers to find cause interference that is called echo. errors before automatic correction (PRE- M-GRAM measurement out the corresponding results of the MER DVB-T comes with an integrated correc- BER), the second result indicates bit er- And that’s not all: It may sound too measurement. Moreover, MER measure- tion mechanism that filters echoes up rors after correction (POST-BER). good to be true but the DS2400T is ca- ments have a peak hold function, which to a certain distance. That distance is be fine. Because of automatic VITERBI At first I was not entirely sure why pable of measuring the MER (modulation means the current MER value is shown referred to GUARD INTERVAL and ech- error correction BER measurements are there are separate menu items for BER error ratio) of individual carriers. Such in yellow, while the peak value is drawn oes that are produced within the guard frequently performed as two separate and MER measurements, as both param- a measurement is often referred to as with red colour. Too good to be true? Yes, interval do not cause image interfer- measurements: The first result shows bit eters are also shown in the measure- ‘MER versus carriers’ and is particularly but that’s what you should get used to ence, while echoes exceeding the guard with this meter. interval will result in visible interference.22 25 28 31 21. Language selection: English, Dutch, then flow into the automatic quality check. Turkish, Chinese 29. The DS2400T comes with a built-in 22. The DS2400T comes with an integrated voltage checker which can measure the clock that can be used to add a timestamp voltage arriving at the HF input. to each measurement. 30. What’s more, the current voltage of the 23. Deviser has equipped the DS2400T with internal battery pack can also be checked. enough memory capacity to also deal with 31. And for the curious among you, it is large-scale installations without the need even possible to find out the inside tempe- for a PC. rature of the meter. 24. Measuring units can be adjusted to 32. A number of different channel lists are meet personal requirements. pre-stored in the meter. 25. The DS2400T even allows user calibra- 33. Each channel list can include both23 26 29 32 tion, to make sure different meters used analog and digital channels. If you only within a company all give out the same want to measure analog or digital channels measurement results, for example. there is no need to set up additional chan- 26. Separate threshold values can be nel lists. This is the menu item for channel defined for DVB-T, CATV and DVB-C, which list configuration/editing.24 27 30 3344 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 — — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 45
  6. 6. The DS2400T shines once again, deliver- involved causes the spectrum build-up to Among other things, this measurementing excellent ECHO measurements which be on the slow side, but it is quite evident can be used to set up antenna amplifiers,are shown as a graphic as well as listed that the DS2400T spectrum analyzer is for example, so that all channels are dis-in a chart which also includes the signal not for real-time antenna alignment, tributed with the same signal level. Westrength and distance to cell given in km. but much rather for detecting even the were truly impressed by the fact that youBased on this information installers are slightest interference. We also appreci- can perform a tilt measurement for up toable to optimise the alignment of the an- ated the option of freely positioning two eight channels with the DS2400T.tenna. markers anywhere in the spectrum in or- der to measure the C/N ratio. Bar search Spectrum analyzer This is another very popular measure- Obviously the DS2400T comes with Tilt measurement ment option that is useful for cable net-a spectrum analyzer function as well. For this measurement up to eight works. Instead of measuring the entireThanks to the high-resolution TFT dis- channels from the channel list are se- spectrum only the channels on the chan-play the spectrum is shown with great lected. They are then analysed and the nel list are evaluated and the individu-detail, something that is not usually the results are presented as a bar graph. al results are shown as a bar graph incase with handheld meters. Frequency 1. The Toolbox software for the DS2400T meter has a modern look and feel, and offers aspans can be set in pre-defined steps user-friendly structure. Even though the product is shipped with a comprehensive userof 2.5MHz, 6.25MHz, 12.5MHz, 25MHz manual written in brilliant English you will most probably find out everything you need to know without it. A number of measurements can be performed directly on the PC inand 62.5MHz or Full Band. These options real time if you connect the DS2400T with the supplied adapter cable. In this example thealone speak volumes about Deviser’s selected frequency is measured group, namely professional in- 2. The spectrum can be displayed directly on the PC as well. This makes the DS2400T astallers. It’s the small steps that come to perfect fit for remote monitoring of a system thanks to Windows Remote Desktop Protocol. 3. Bar search with digital and analog channels. The audio level of analog channels isthe fore, as they are required to look at shown in yellow.individual carriers of digital transpond- 4. Tilt measurement: Easy to use and fast – right from the PC. There even is an interpola-ers. The vast amount of analysis that is ted line giving an indication of tilt!1 23 446 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  7. 7. real time. Here again the PASS or FAIL nels, for which the video level is shown HUM/ground-loop a meaningful result you first have to se- ple, which can help save valuable battery ent broadcasting types. It goes withoutindication provides an automatic quality in green and the audio level in yellow. If lect whether your power supply runs with capacity. Plus it is possible to adjust ad- saying that the DS2400T sports an au- This measurement was an absolutecheck at a single glance. The bar search you need to find out detailed results for 50Hz or 60Hz. ditional important parameters such as tomatic channel search which can be de- first for me, one that I have never comeimplementation leaves nothing to be de- OSD language, among other things. The fined with parameters such as analog/ individual channels you can once again across in a signal meter before. It can besired and adds additional appeal to the Threshold measurement meter we received for our test offered digital or all channels. Digital channelsDS2400T. We arranged the channel list use a marker to point to the bar you’re used to measure the impact of an elec- English, Dutch, Turkish and Chinese. If are displayed complete with DVB norm, You’ve read it before, but once againin a way that listed digital channels (blue looking for. tric ground loop – which is caused by the the DS2400T comes with a power- you need to find out the status of the in- bandwidth, modulation and symbol rate.colour) first, followed by analog chan- power grid – on analog TV channels. For ful measurement option that does not ternal memory you can also look it up In our test the meter turned out to be have many peers. Installers often have here. a quick performer, and it also found all to obtain a quick overview of all chan- Configuration of measurements channels carried in our cable network. nels distributed in a cable network. For By default, signal level and strength The search result is presented in an analog channels, Deviser has imple- are measured in dbµV, but you can also easy-to-use chart. In addition, there is mented a neat routine that automatically change that to dBmV or dBm, which does an integrated file manager which can be measures all available channels and then make sense when evaluating digital sig- used to call up stored measurements or provides detailed information on chan- nals, since dBµV is only used for better to delete files that are no longer required nels with video or audio levels below a comparison with analog signals in digital in order to free up memory. set threshold. The process resembles modulations. The DS2400T from Devis- Factory reset the bar search, and here too the results er comes fully calibrated, yet installers Not that we like to find ourselves in are shown with a bar graph. When the have the option of manually calibrating such a situation, but if worse comes to measurement is completed the final re- the meter for individual measurements. worst you can always reset all param- sults are shown on the display, complete This way it is possible to calibrate several eters to their default values. This option with minimum and maximum signal lev- meters of the same installer in a way that is available in most signal meters tested els and signal ratio. makes sure all devices show exactly the by us, and is indeed a must-have feature. same signal level of a reference signal. File manager Alternatively, it is of course also possible The DS2400T comes with a USB adapt- Carrier/noise ratio to calibrate the DS2400T against a refer- er cable and a CD ROM, on which you Frequently called C/N measurement, ence meter, if one is available. We believe can find a PDF file with a very detailed this function determines the ratio be- this is an impressive feature that will be user manual. Even though it is only avail- tween carrier and noise, or in other appreciated by many professionals. able in English it is perfectly written and words: the signal level in relation to Using the LIMIT SETUP menu item it therefore an enormous help for discover- background noise. Sufficient separation is possible to define minimum and maxi- ing all nooks and crannies of this meter. of the two is paramount for flawless vid- mum values for measurements, as well The main reason for me to install the eo. Obviously this measurement applies as a threshold level for the automatic software was so that I was able to ad- to analog signals only, but Deviser once quality check. All these parameters can just the channel list to the offering of again demonstrates attention to detail be set individually for DVB-T, analog TV my cable provider. And this was actually since you can only select analog chan- and DVB-C. What’s more, the DS2400T the first time I encountered problems in nels of the channel list for this measure- comes with an integrated auto diagnose connection with the DS2400T. My test ment in the first place. mode which is run every time the meter computer was running a 32bit version is turned on. of Windows7 for compatibility reasons, Return channel The VOL & TEMP menu item hides an- the second CD Rom entitled DRIVERS The last measurement option should other interesting feature: Use it to meas- that is shipped with the device however be selected to evaluate the return chan- ure the voltage of the signal arriving at only includes a software version for 64bit nel in cable networks. The 5MHz to the HF input. This way it is possible to versions of the Windows7 operating soft- 45MHz or 5MHz to 65MHz spectrums are check the power supply for all active ware, which meant that the DS2400T active for this type of measurement. components in a cable installation, or to was not detected automatically. After find out if undesired voltage exists due looking at all my options I finally decided Configuration options to faulty connection boxes or bad insula- to install the existing drivers in the 64bit No installation job is the same as the tion. The same screen mode can be used directory and give the whole installation one before, so luckily this meter offers to call up the current voltage of the inter- another go. Miraculously, this worked on a range of customisation options in the nal power pack. We were surprised that my 32bit operating software. system configuration menu: – in addition to all options mentioned I tried the setup on a second PC with Information about the DS2400T above – it is even possible to find out the 64bit version of Windows7 and – as Here you cannot only access soft- the meter’s internal temperature. In our expected – the driver was installed with- ware and hardware version numbers, opinion this is not only quite unusual, but out any hassle whatsoever. However, but also the calibration date. This piece also very useful. I was faced with another problem: The of information is particularly important Channel lists driver that comes with the DS2400T in- for contract jobs performed by certified Deviser ships its DS2400T signal me- stalls a COM interface, which means the installation companies, which have to be ter with a number of pre-stored channel meter is connected to the PC through a able to prove calibration of their devices lists which can be edited directly on the virtual RS-232 interface. In theory, this on request. This goes to show yet again meter or – more conveniently – on the is a worthwhile strategy, but these days that Deviser has designed a meter that PC using the supplied Toolbox software. PCs and laptops support Bluetooth and targets the professional market in a con- In each individual channel list it is pos- other communication devices so that vincing way. sible to activate analog channels only, COM ports 1 to 10 are frequently used Generic configuration settings digital channels only, or both types. This for those devices and are not avail- Use this menu item to define a time means there is no need for installers to able for the meter. While you can select limit for automatic switch-off, for exam- set up different channel lists for differ- the COM port of the DS2400T with the48 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 — — 09-10/2012 — TELE-satellite International — 全球发行量最大的数字电视杂志 49
  8. 8. Toolbox software, you can only choose col) to remotely diagnose an installation as to what was wrong, but at one stagebetween ports 1 to 10. I had to call up via the Internet. This way it is possible I came up with the idea of running thethe Windows driver manager in order to to permanently monitor a broadcast cell software as administrator with all per-change the COM ports so that in the end or head end, for example, from an op- missions associated with that. Et voilà,COM1 was available and my PC was fi- erations centre. In general, one would all screenshots were transmitted to thenally able to detect the DS2400T. use dedicated rack hardware for such a PC without even the slightest problem. I could hardly wait for the software to purpose, but it’s great to know the small The reason for this detour is as follows:start and when it finally appeared on my DS2400T handheld meter from Deviser The Toolbox software attempts to savemonitor I was almost lost for words by can be used just as well, if need be. all pictures to the installation directory,looking at the endless range of options Furthermore, the DS2400T Toolbox and this is where Windows7 has someit offered. It happens so often in life that software allows downloading measure- objections, since this is a directory thatwe think ‘too little, too late’, but with the ments from the device to the computer requires administrator permissions. NoToolbox software Deviser has come up and then graphically enhancing and sav- matter how hard I tried, I could not suc-with the exact opposite and ‘too much, ing them onto the PC for creating sophis- ceed in trying to convince the softwaretoo soon’ almost sprang to mind. Then ticated documentation for your meas- to access another user directory, so theagain, ‘too much’ never gives us reason urements. The built-in channel list editor only thing I could do was change the per-to complain! It’s not only possible to edit is very easy to use and we were able to missions of the installation directory sochannel lists and load measurements set up customised channels lists without that – in addition to the administrator –that were performed with the DS2400T, consulting the user manual. all users would have write privileges asyou can even make measurements di- It goes without saying that all configu- well. Not the most efficient solution, butrectly with the software and an attached ration parameters of the meter can be at least one that worked nicely for us.DS2400T. Take a deep breath and find adjusted with the help of the DS2400Tout which measurements we’re talking Toolbox software and for those looking Side-by-side comparisonabout: for another extra special treat you can • Frequency measurement even load the current display content of with our reference meter No signal meter leaves our test center • Spectrum analysis the meter onto the PC. Here we finally without being subjected to a side-by- • Bar search discovered a small flaw which proved side comparison with our in-house refer- • Tilt that our hunting instinct was still intact: ence meter. The values indicated by the • Level/strength Whenever we tried to download the cur- DS2400T did not differ significantly from • QAM rent display content we were met with an our reference values. The chart below • Ground loop error message indicating that the picture shows the results for the DVB-C tran- One reason I was positively surprised could not be saved. We tried it on two sponder at 690MHz, which is a popularby this option was that it would be pos- different PCs but the result stayed the transponder of the TV CABO/ZON cablesible to use RDP (Remote Desktop Proto- same. To be honest, I didn’t have a clue Level System MER Pre-BER Post-BER (dBmV) DS2400T 59.5 35.6 <1E-9 <1E-9 Reference 57.5 34.0 <1E-9 <1E-9 ■ Table 1.50 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —
  9. 9. network in Portugal, as it is a Single Frequency Network a faulty antenna cable that that propel the DS2400T rightavailable free-to-air. DVB-T system) and in less had caused noise with some to the top of our pick list: The than one minute the antenna channels. battery pack supports mobile was perfectly aligned. use for hours on end, and the Everyday use Ironically, this brilliant re- Conclusion supplied charging unit replen- No test report is complete sult even caused some prob- I am absolutely convinced ishes the battery in as little aswithout finding out what a lems for my real-world test by this meter and can recom- two to three hours. We useddevice is worth in the real – how can you possibly show mend it without reservation. this handheld on and off forworld. Coincidentally, analog screenshots of MER and BER It’s a small, lightweight device about three weeks and notterrestrial broadcasting was that still offers all options a once did we experience anyswitched off in April in Por- measurements when there professional installer will ever malfunction. It just worked astugal and our test center was are virtually no errors in the need for DVB-T, DVB-C and advertised. To be honest, itstill without a DVB-T antenna. signal? All you get is a line CATV. The range of features exceeded our expectations bySo using the DS2400T for hovering around the zero and measurement functions far. We’d be hard pressed toaligning our rooftop antenna value. In the end I had to use is truly unique and will help come up with some criticism,was the logical choice. To my good old stub antenna you detect potential flaws and the only thing we werebe frank, I can cut this long again, not for achieving bril- quickly and reliably. But you missing was watching the TVstory very short because with liant reception but for receiv- channel on the meter’s dis- don’t need to be on the hunta top-notch signal meter like ing a less than perfect signal play. But let’s be honest, this for problems in order to fullythat all I had to do was en- for test purposes. In addition, is a feature that professional appreciate the capabilities ofter the required channel (754 I used the DS2400T for meas- installers simply don’t require the DS2400T. Routine instal-MHz, irrespective of the lo- uring all antenna sockets in and Deviser has stayed true lation jobs become child’s playcation in Portugal thanks to my house and even detected to its motto for the DS2400T: too and thanks to the supplied Toolbox software it is even A top-notch and feature-rich meter for professional use, TECHNICAL possible to draw up compre- delivering accurate measure- DATA hensive documentation or to monitor a reception system ment results rather than use- Manufacturer Tianjin Deviser Electronics Instrument Co., Ltd. in real time. This can also be less gadgets and eye-candy. Fax +86-22-27645002 done remotely via the Internet This is exactly what the E-mail with the help of Remote Desk- DS2400T is all about. We can Website top Protocol. While the meter wholeheartedly recommend Model DS2400T this meter for all DVB-T, DVB- itself is awe-inspiring, it’s also Function Professional Meter for DVB-T, DVB-C and the small additional things C and CATV jobs. CATV (analog TV) Frequency Range 5 ~ 1000 MHz Function Power, MER, CBER, VBER, ECHOES and Experte Opinion MER Versus Carriers Amazing measuring possibilities with high DVB-T Signal Parameters accuracy Includes special DVB-T measurements like Carriers 2 k / 8 k (Set by user) ECHO or MER vs Carrier Guard Interval Code Rate 1/4 1/8 1/16 1/32(Set by user) 1/2 2/3 3/4 5/6 7/8 + Easy to use Long battery autonomy Modulation QPSK 16QAM 64QAM Rugged casing Vitor Martins Augusto TELE-satellite Spectral Inversion Automatic Long-time measurements Test Center Possibility to remote control meter through PC Portugal Channel Power Range Accuracy 30 ~ 100 dBµV ±2.0 dB – saving screenshots only in Administrator mode MER Range ~30 dB More about this company Accuracy ±2.0 dB BER CBER, VBER ECHOES Analysis Range 0 ~ 112 us (2 k) 0 ~ 448 us (8 k) Marker 50 Echoes List Power Supply Battery 11.1 V 1.6 AH Lithium Battery(Chargeable) Charger AC 100 V to 240 V 50-60 Hz Working Time 5 Hours (Fully Charged) Charge Time ~ 3 Hours Others Serial Port RS 232 C Operating Temperature 0 ? ~ 50 ? Dimension 218 mm × 95 mm × 49 mm Weight 700 g Display 320 × 240 TFT52 TELE-satellite International — The World‘s Largest Digital TV Trade Magazine — 09-10/2012 —