How to promote your WP7 app


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You’ve built your WP7 app, uploaded it on the marketplace and now you are probably out of your
comfort zone wondering what comes next? What should you do to get your download numbers up?
Most probably you do not have a marketer at your disposal or an advertising budget.

You’d be surprised to find out how many things you can do on your own to help your app’s ranking.

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  • I think promoting through content works well...Submit your app to ...they provide free promotions and premium ones..but the idea of the app should be good..
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How to promote your WP7 app

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTYOU’VE BUILT YOUR WINDOWS PHONE APP and now MAKE YOUR APP’S PRESENTATION SEXYyou are probably out of your comfort zone facing the Make the most of your landing pagequestion how will I promote my app on a tight budget, or Monitor the statsno budget at all? Google Analytics? Now possibleTHIS PAPER WILL GIVE YOU TIPS from both the YouTube is your friend – SEO tipsdeveloper and marketing perspective, which if executedwell together will bring guaranteed tangible results BUILD YOUR CORE OF MOST LOYAL USERSover time. Let’s not fool ourselves – there are no magic Start off with a free versionmoves which will make your app go stellar. The process Add support/feedback link to your appof promoting a product is very similar to learning how Beta test your appto do a 360 on a snowboard. It takes effort, time and Get in touch with the Microsoft User Communitypersistence. But eventually, it pays off. Get in touch with local user groups INCREASE DOWNLOADS THROUGH IN-APP TRICKS Regularly update your app Add “Rate my app” message to your app IN-APP ADSAND BEFORE I START … ATTENTION STUDENTS! Microsoft Advertising SDKBe part of the new movement in mobile that’s Alternative Advertising networkshappening on campuses worldwide. EXTERNAL PROMOTIONThis guide will point you to professional-level Let Telerik promote your appdeveloper tools, resources and memberships – Windows Phone websites selling adsat no charge to students, so that you can startdeveloping for Windows Phone now and hopefully CURRENT ACTIVE COMPETITIONS FOR WINDOWSget use out of this paper later on. PHONE APPS Windows Phone App of the Day Windows Phone Wants to Feature Your App Submit 2 quality apps and get a free Windows Phone 7.5 RADCONTROLS FOR WINDOWS PHONE RESOURCES SUMMARY 2
  3. 3. MAKE YOUR APP’SPRESENTATION SEXY 1 MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR 2 MONITOR THE STATS LANDING PAGE Monitor the statistics for your landing page(s) daily. A suddenIf you do not have a dedicated website, then your landing increase in downloads usually means that your app has beenpage is your app’s page on the marketplace. Treat it as featured somewhere. It might be the marketplace or someif it is your home page. Take some time and submit nice Windows Phone apps related media. Congratulate yourselfscreenshots to the marketplace. This is the first thing your then find out where the app is featured and tweet or blogusers will see. about it.If you have a website you want it to rank as high aspossible in the search engines in order to increase thediscoverability of your app. SEO is a large topic, butWoorank – a website analysis tool can help you to makea quick diagnosis of your website and see where you canimprove. It summarizes pretty well all the most importantfactors that the search engines algorithms take intoaccount when ranking websites. 3
  4. 4. 3 GOOGLE ANALYTICS? UPLOADING THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE: SEO TIPS NOW POSSIBLE When writing the video description make sure the following requirements are met:The Marketplace Dashboard is obviously your main • The most important keywords are present in the title.tool, but Google Analytics can give you great insightsinto how people are interacting with your app. • You have an “exact keywords match” between the title, description and keywords. For example if your title is “MyHOW TO IMPLEMENT GOOGLE ANALYTICS IN Budget Windows Phone App” you should have this exactA WINDOWS PHONE APP? same wording somewhere in the description and you should enter all these 5 keywords in the tag list.Use the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework –updated for the Windows Phone Mango. This blog • Write a nice, detailed description. Write it for humans, notpost explains how to do it. bots. Writing quality content always pays off. • Put the link to your app’s landing page on the top of the description, because it’s the only thing users can see without clicking on “show more”. • If you have two videos, link them using the video response feature. It will help you increase your video’s exposure. Log in -> Click in the comments box -> Click on “Create a 4 YOUTUBE IS YOUR FRIEND video response” -> Follow the instructions. You can create a video response to another user’s video,Creating a video and uploading it on YouTube is a must. but you’ll need approval first.If you don’t have resources for a nice, polished video – • I recommend you record the video at minimum resolutionmake a simple one. Here’s an example of a simple video 1280 x 720 px and export it to avi or mp4 format.of one of our customers, which has accumulated morethan 1700 views so far.VIDEO CAPTURING AND EDITING TOOLS YOUCOULD USE:• Camtasia or Jing – they are both paid.• Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Pro You should have an “exact keywords match” between the title, description and keywords. If you have two videos link them using the video response feature. It will help you increase your videos exposure. 4
  5. 5. BUILD YOURCORE OF MOSTLOYAL USERS 6 ADD SUPPORT/FEEDBACK LINK TO YOUR APP Adding a feedback link in your app will keep you in touch with your users, which is priceless. It will also help you improve your app. Take good care of your first users’ questions and requests. Quality supportThe biggest challenge in the battle for users is to pays off big time.differentiate your app from the hundreds of other similarapps out there. Come up with at least one feature thatmakes your app special, show it with a screenshot andmake sure to always include this in your communication. Thank yo 5 START OFF WITH A FREE VERSION for sh u arin on the a g your feedba pplicatio ckThis is the underlying principle in any new product launch It will he a market that is already saturated. Give it out for free next ver lp us shape the sion.for some time to hook people and then launch a second,paid version with more advanced features. Or leave itfree and try to monetize from in-app advertising. I hear alot of Windows Phone developers say that they’ve earnedmore from free apps with in-app advertising than fromtheir paid apps. SEND V 5 IA MAI L
  6. 6. 7 BETA TEST YOUR APP 9 GET IN TOUCH WITH LOCAL USER GROUPSBeta testing will help you achieve at least 3 different goals: Check out the events near you and get in touch• You will release a higher quality application after with the organizers. Ask them to let you present applying the feedback from your beta testers your app and talk to other developers about the• Higher quality first version will bring higher challenges you’re all facing. You can even find beta customers satisfaction testers for you next application.• The testers of your app are also your first end-users Check out these links for related events near you: www.communitymegaphone.comYou can find detailed info about the whole process of www.ineta.orgBeta testing your app through the marketplace here.This is all very good if you have a bunch of peoplewho would be willing to test your app.WHAT IF YOU DON’T? BETAYou can then try - thissite acts as a direct portal for developers to get in TESTtouch with consumers and to get feedback for theirapplications.Or if you have a blog you can ask your readers tobecome testers of your app. You can also use the MY#wp7 and #wpdev channels on Twitter. APP 8 GET IN TOUCH WITH THE MICROSOFT USER COMMUNITYThe Microsoft User Community facebook page andTwitter account @usercommunity can be superuseful to you. You can ask questions – and you willget a personal response, get help resources andeven promote your app through that page. 6
  7. 7. INCREASE DOWNLOADSTHROUGH IN-APP TRICKS 10 REGULARLY UPDATE YOUR APP 11 ADD “RATE MY APP”Updating your app not only makes it richer and better, but MESSAGE TO YOUR APPit acts as free promotion. Each user who has downloaded The number of ratings plays a big role in the algorithmyour app will get a notification and chances are he’ll check that the marketplace uses to rank the different out again. My experience shows that if the users are reminded to do something, chances are that their response rate will be higher than if they are not reminded. That said, add a “rate this app” pop-up to your application. Depending on the type of app, decide on a certain timeframe in which the app should be used on a regular basis and then set the pop-up message. UPDATE & SEE ’S If you have a pre-Mango application, don’t forget WHAT to take advantage of the new countries that became accessible with the 7.5 Mango update. NEW Just add them from your developer account on the marketplace. W 7 TE NO UPDA
  8. 8. IN-APP ADS 12 MICROSOFT HERE ARE SOME BEST PRACTICES THAT WILL HELP YOU MAXIMIZE REVENUE: ADVERTISING SDK • Show relevant ads – advertiser are targeting certainThe Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone audiences and the most information you can provideoffers an easy way to run ads in your app. The higher about your apps’ users, the more relevant the ads you’reyour CPM, the more money you make. The Mobile showing will be. Make sure that: you have set categoriesAd Exchange takes into account various parameters for your ad units in pubCenter to best match the contentwhen deciding on the value of your app’s in your app; If your app is location-aware, provide thoseimpressions, such as ad unit categories, location of details to the Ad Control (change to highest setting = GPS)the device/user and active advertising campaigns. • The Marketplace is possibly the most valuable advertising real estate you have access to. When publishing several apps in the same categories, allow for at least 2 days between each submission, you don’t want your own apps competing with each other in the “New” feature slot. 13 ALTERNATIVE ADVERTISING NETWORKS AdDuplex Google AdMob Learn more about the importance of selecting your application type/category, Ad Unit Inneractive categories and Settings and Ad Unit placement Millennial Media AdView here, under the GetStarted section -> Drag & MobFox Drop -> Best Practices. Follow this link. 8
  9. 9. EXTERNAL 15 WINDOWS PHONE WEBSITES SELLING ADSPROMOTION If you do have an advertising budget here are a couple of websites where you could promote your app: Some of those websites allow for direct app submission for free. Don’t forget to also check out 14 LET TELERIK PROMOTE and their weekly podcasts as well. They can help you promote your app if they like it. YOUR APP You can manage your advertising on some of these sitesIf your app is built with Telerik RadControls for through Search for wp7 and windowsWindows Phone, send us the marketplace link at phone in the inventory and we’ll upload It’s very hard to tell what is a good CTR (click through rateit on our Showcase Gallery. – one of the ratios we use to measure the effectiveness ofWe feature our customers’ apps in various other online advertising). In some cases, 5% CTR is very good wherecampaigns: events materials, videos and even in other cases 0.50% CTR is considered excellent. Sometimesprint ads. I see better ROI from a banner with lower CTR. The only piece of advice here is: test as many different banners as you can and stick with what’s working best for you. Don’t let your personal opinion decide what users will like. Let them decide. A good CTR might be 0.1% or 5%. There is no formula. Test as many creative approaches as you can to find out what’s working best for you. 9
  10. 10. CURRENT ACTIVECOMPETITIONS FORWINDOWS PHONE APPSThis last point is very important. I found three competitionsthat are still open for submissions.WINDOWS PHONE APP OF THE DAYGet Daniel Egan himself to promote your app. Simply sendhim a link to your app on the marketplace and a link toyour Youtube video. As you can see YuoТube is inevitable when it comes to promoting your app Follow this linkfor more details.For those who don’t know him, Daniel Egan is DeveloperEvangelist at Microsoft and very, very active in everythingWindows Phone related. Check out his blog or follow himon Twitter.WINDOWS PHONE WANTS TO FEATURE YOUR APPThe prize is advertising for free.SUBMIT 2 QUALITY APPS AND GET A FREEWINDOWS PHONE 7.5 10
  11. 11. TELERIK RADCONTROLS FOR WINDOWS PHONEDESIGNED TO CREATETHE APPS USERS LOVE THE CUSTOMERSTHE PRODUCT The suite is trusted by a number of customers with top selling apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace. More thanThe suite offers 28 controls and among them a 100 customer’s apps are featured on our Showcase Gallery.number of controls and capabilities that are not Join them!available in the UI Toolbox and not even in the OS.RadControls are engineered to help you create anintuitive and fluid application experience and to YOU?add a touch of delight, which your users will love. If you haven’t tried RadControls for Windows Phone yet:THE TEAM & THE SUPPORT Download Learn moreWith RadControls you get support from the very a free trialpeople who have built the controls. It might comeas a surprise that you are entitled to support even Play with Ask your And decideduring your trial. the controls questions for yourself GоTHE LEARNING RESOURCESCheck out the RadControls Examples on themarketplace.Subscribe to the Windows Phone 7 team blogRSS for the latest tips & tricks in Windows Phonedevelopment.Check out the two sample apps with free sourcecode and how-to-build-those-apps blog posts –the ToDoLists app and the Exchange Client app. 11
  12. 12. RESOURCES SUMMARYGUIDE TO PROFESSIONAL-LEVEL MICROSOFT EXPRESSION ENCODER 4 ALTERNATIVE ADVERTISINGDEVELOPER TOOLS, RESOURCES PRO video capturing and editing tool NETWORKSAND MEMBERSHIPS – at no charge AdDuplexto students encoderpro_overview.aspx Google AdMobfindyourcolony/default.aspx HOW TO BETA TEST YOUR APP ON THE MARKETPLACEWOORANK – a website analysis tool Inneractive www.inner-active.comto help you work on optimizing your hh334585%28v=VS.92%29.aspxapp’s website for search engines A WEBSITE FOR BETA TESTING your app MobFox www.windowsphonebeta.comMICROSOFT SILVERLIGHT www.mobfox.comANALYTICS FRAMEWORK – updated THE MICROSOFT USER COMMUNITYfor the Windows Phone Mango TELERIK RADCONTROLS FOR FACEBOOK WINDOWS PHONE MicrosoftUserCommunity?sk=wallBLOG POST ON HOW TO USE phone.aspxGOOGLE ANALYTICS for your LOCATE WINDOWS PHONE EVENTSWindows Phone app TELERIK RADCONTROLS FOR NEAR WINDOWS PHONE SHOWCASE GALLERYstatistics-for-your-windows-phone-application-google-analytics phone/getting-started/showcase.aspxCAMTASIA AND JING video capturing LEARN HOW TO BETTER USE THEand editing tools MICROSOFT ADVERTISING 12
  13. 13. WINDOWS PHONE WEBSITES THAT RADCONTROLS FOR WINDOWSSELL ADVERTISING PHONE examples on the SUBSCRIBE TO THE PHONE 7 TEAM BLOG Posts.rssMANAGE YOUR ADVERTISINGTHROUGH TELERIK TODOLISTS SAMPLE with free source code ACTIVE COMPETITIONS phone/getting-started/todolists.aspxFOR WINDOWS PHONE APPS TELERIK EXCHANGE CLIENT SAMPLEWindows Phone App of the Day APP with free source phone/getting-started/exchange- client.aspxWindows Phone Wants to Feature YourApp – the prize is advertising for 2 quality apps and get a free THOUGHT THIS WAS HELPFUL?Windows Phone 7.5 Share this paper with your fellow developers if found it valuable.promotions/mango-app-challenge/ For any feedback, drop me a line atDefault.aspx or get in touch with me on Twitter @pakostina. Ina Tontcheva Brand Manager at Telerik RadControls for Windows Phone