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Telename Brochure

  2. 2. SALES NUMBERS RISE… WHEN YOU USE VANITY NUMBERS All the branding and advertising in the world can’t help a business or professional if prospects can’t contact them easily. In a competitive marketing environment, Fortune 500 firms know that, 90% of them have toll-free vanity numbers. But you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 firm. Thanks to Tele-Name, even the smallest business can obtain a phone ‘number’ that offers the advantage of meaningful words. ● ●● Increase Memorability ● ●● Maximize Convenience ● ●● Help Prospects Call Easily ● ●● Increase Referrals ● ●● Brand Yourself ● ●● Generate Leads ● ●● Increase Sales & Profits Due to the tremendous amount of calls we have been ” WHATEVER YOUR BUSINESS, receiving we are now known as1-800-DAY CAMP instead of TELE-NAME MAkES Young People’s Day Camps… thank you for your help and assistance in YOU MEMORABLE. making Young People’s Day Camps the largest private day camp provider in the United States. – Howard Glauber, President, Young People’s Day Camps
  3. 3. MEMORABILITY IS JUST THE BEGINNING.How Vanity Numbers Help Increase Customer ResponseYour Business Succeed More than 50 percent of long distance calls in the U.S. areBe remembered. A number passes by too quickly, actually toll-free calls and 90% of Americans say they useespecially when your prospect drives by and sees a sign toll-free numbers.or hears a radio commercial. They have just seconds to In fact, the terms ‘toll-free’ and ‘800’ appear to haveregister the information. They may not have a pen handy. become one and the same in the minds of consumers.And later, that series of numbers becomes confusing. Was They know it’s free. They know it’s easy. Follow thatthat number 546 or 564? toll-free prefix with a name and the phones ring. A studyA word related to your service or product is memorable. of radio ads in conjunction with Response MarketingIf you needed an eye doctor would you remember Group showed that a toll-free 800 vanity number rated a1-800-393-7444 or 1-800-Eyesight? If you needed to response 14 times better than a numeric 800 number.have your air conditioner repaired, would you remember1-800-265-3247 or 1-800-Cold Air? Join the Big Leagues Whatever Your Size Customers know that major companies use memorableUsing a toll-free name offers instant memorability. In one vanity toll-free numbers. It’s no surprise thatsurvey, 65 percent of respondents could recall a toll-free 1-800-Go FedEx and 1-800-Pick UPS are rememberedvanity name they saw in a visual ad campaign compared and known as major delivery services. Now, with localto only 31 percent when the number was numeric. And, area routing, even a small firm can enjoy the prestigein signage, TV and radio the difference is even more and service benefits that arise from the implied size anddramatic, with memorability up to 1400% higher! credibility that a toll-free vanity number offers. IT’S PROVEN… VANITY NAMES MUlTIplY RESpONSE. “ ● ●● Print media: up to 300% We placed our Tele-Name ● ● Signage: up to 600% 1-800-IMPORTS number in ● ● ● TV & Radio: up to 1400% ● all of our ads and on the front of our building for drive-by viewing. This type of exposure has promoted an average of 75 calls per month from mostly new customers. Thanks, Tele-Name! – Edward Nemphos, President, Brentwood Automotive
  4. 4. Using a toll-free name offers instant memorability.Sure, you knowthe phone number for Target Your Specific Market Area1-800-FLOWERS ® You can select a toll-free vanity number that will be used But I bet you don’t know the in the specific area where your potential customers live, whether it’s just one area code, overlapping sections in a number for your local florist. metropolitan area, an entire state or beyond. If you have multiple locations, the number can be routed to the office closest to the caller.Cut Competition Off at the Pass Tele-Name’s advanced routing capabilities detects aA toll-free vanity number that’s easy to remember keeps caller’s location and directs the call appropriately tocustomers out of the phone book – and away from your your business, providing your choice of local, regionalcompetitors’ advertisements. And it prevents prospects or national coverage through your toll-free name.from having to call directory assistance, which can be When a prospective customer in your neighborhoodimportant if your business name happens to be difficult to dials your vanity phone number the call rings directlyspell or similar to another business’ name. and seamlessly to the local office, right to your existingIn fact, the cost of a toll-free vanity number is often business phone line or cellular line. No need for anyabsorbed by the fact that many businesses with such special phone equipment.names are able to simply lower their Yellow Page presenceand fees since they’ve increased the memorability of theirservice or product. “ The 1-800-SHREDDING toll-free number has proven over and over to be a very useful tool in our marketing tool kit. We have been able to build our business over time utilizing the easy-to-remember vanity format with its ability to give our company instant credibility and overall marketability in our advertising. If it’s a strong foundation to your company’s marketing strategy that you are looking for, then a vanity number is your ultimate solution. – Tino Fluckiger, President/CEO, 1-800-Shredding, Inc.
  5. 5. VANITY NUMBERS THAT SELL START“ Our number 1-800-4 SIDING gives us quick identity and ease of contact by our potential clients. We use this number in virtually all our marketing efforts… in helping to establish our AT TElE-NAME See just a few of our 500+ names identity in the marketplace. below. Or ask us for a name – Reed Campbell, Director, Advertising & marketing appropriate to your business! Amazing Siding Corporation 1-800-AUTO RENT 1-800-AUTO STORE 1-800-AUTO WRECk 1-800-BARTEND Gain Control with Call Reporting 1-800-BRIDAlS Tele-Name’s Call Reporting feature provides you with an 1-800-BUIlD NEW important marketing and management tool. Just log in 1-800-COlD AIR to your vanity number’s own website and see your calls 1-800-CONSTRUCT in real time to monitor call traffic, record calls, and listen 1-800-COURTROOm up to 30 days later. Use it to review employee responses, 1-800-CRANE RENT customer problems or questions and adapt to improve 1-800-DAY CAmP your capabilities and customer service. You can even 1-800-EYESIGHT have an email notification sent to your computer or 1-800-4 CREDIT smartphone every single time a caller dials your vanity 1-800-4 RIGHTS 800 number! 1-800-FERTIlITY 1-800-GOlD CARD Strengthen Branding 1-800-GOOD BACk Once you have the 800 number, use it everywhere! It 1-800-GO STONE should become your main number which Tele-Name 1-800-GREAT EYES will send to the phone line you choose. Vanity numbers 1-800-HYBRIDS are great for radio, the sign in front of your office, and 1-800-ImPORTS banners. Add them to business cards, letterhead, direct 1-800-INSURANCE mail, and billboards. And if you place your vanity number 1-800-lAUNDRY on your trucks or wrapped vehicles, park them where 1-800-lAWN SERVICE 1-800-mAYFlOWER they’re seen! 1-800-mENOPAUSE 1-800 mOISTURE 1-800-PET VETS 50% 1-800-PREmIUm SAVE Up TO 1-800-RV DEAlER 1-800-RV lEASE ON YOUR SIGNAGE 1-800-RV RENTAl 1-800-SAVE lIVES Tele-Name has arranged to make it easy for you to take full 1-800-SHREDDING advantage of your vanity number in marketing. Special signage 1-800-SkINCARE discounts are now available at a corporate rate which, in most 1-800-SWEEPING cases, is 40% to 50% below regular rates. Now you can promote 1-800-TINTING your vanity number affordably with Coroplast yard signs, colorful 1-800-WEIGHT lOSS vinyl banners, magnetic signs for vehicles and much more. Ask 1-800-WEll BEING your Tele-Name representative for details! 1-800-WINDSHIElD 1-800-YEllOW CAB
  6. 6. dON’T lET THE COMpETITION TAkE YOUR VANITY TOll-FREE NAME, CALL TODAY FOR ExCLUSIVE OWNERSHIP OF THE NUMBER YOU WANT. One of the Nation’s Premier Vanity Number Providers As a pioneer in the communications industry based on toll-free phone names, we help businesses and professionals benefit from marketing their services through memorable phone names. Many of our current clients attribute their high profile and sales to our services. We welcome your questions and look forward to using our success to build your success. FOR MORE INFORMATION CAll 1-800-TEL NAME OR VISIT www.TELENAME.COM