Massage for hands


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Massage for hands

  2. 2. • The hands are made up of hundreds nerve endings in each square centimeter of skin. These nerve endings are the hands and fingers points of high stimulation by touch, pressure and temperature. There are many similarities between the massage hands and feet, but while you are massaging the hands of (a) y our (a) partner (a) you are also massaging their own hands.
  3. 3. • But there is a peculiarity in the massage of the hands is not found in any other type of massage - is called "friendship" - yes friends, because on one hand the other conveys the feelings of friendship. Who does not feel good about it? Taking advantage of all this, we show how to benefit from massage hands:
  4. 4. • Massage the palm and thumb Use your thumb to massage the area, "fleshy" in the palm of her companion and the base of your thumb. • Then go massaging in circular motions area extending from the thumb to the index finger. Manipulation of the fingers with your thumb and forefinger,€go making circular movements from the base of the base of the fingers until the end, pulling it slowly. • When you reach the end of the finger, do the same circular motion only now pushing it Massaging the scalp is very simple, easy and mostly very pleasant to receive.
  5. 5. • Anyone can do it at home with a partner (a). She brings the two people, especially if done in a bathtub or whirlpool. • This type of massage should be done with her partner (a) sitting, leaning back with his head resting on a chair with headrest, in the bathtub or in your whirlpool, always taking care to leave the neck well supported to avoid pain and discomfort. • If you are using a chair put towels and a basin to hold water that may run. Stand back, in line with the head of your partner (a) and with a little shampoo - enough to make foam-warm water and spread the shampoo by hair.
  6. 6. • Tip: Do not soak your head of who is receiving the massage not to create "rivers" of water running down his neck and back, the secret to get lather without soaking the head of a partner (a) is to use a spray bottle of water equal to those which are used to moistened the leaves - just as you are needing to wet the hair is just sprinkle water. • Always use warm (not hot), avoid cold water during this process.
  7. 7. the techniques step-by-step showing to the massage • Step-1 Using both hands, work distributing shampoo on the scalp. With your fingertips gently massage the scalp for a few minutes, always in a circular motion. • Step-2 With one hand hold the head of your partner (a) or if in a bathtub, lean your body against the body that connect the body behind a nice feel to two - then with the palm of your other hand on top
  8. 8. • Check our links: • Fisioterapia a domicilio Madrid • Masajes a domicilio Madrid