Facial massage


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Learn how to do a facial massage. It will improve your health and the quality of your skin.
Its easy and fun to do.

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  • nice tricks for facial massage, and inform us their great benefits. thank you so much admin very nice post.
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Facial massage

  2. 2. • Follow this sequence of massages/gestures after cleansing your face. Usually morning or night- time. Make sure you touch your face/eyes/ears with clean hands. In ancient Chinese medicine all the pressure points on the face are not only related to internal organs but are also related to beauty. • They make the face radiate, take away dullness and enhance your physical presence. Before you begin your daily self–facial you need to generate heat in the face, stimulating circulation therefore preparing the pressure points for massage.
  3. 3. • With the elbows rested on a table massage the face with moisturizer starting from the chin with the heels of both palms round up to the base of the ear line 36 times. • Take the heels of both your hands from the edge of your nostrils and press along in one continuous line underneath the cheekbones up to the edge of your ears. Again, 36 times and always, in one direction. Never press downwards. You want to lift the face muscles up – not down!!
  4. 4. • This is done by rubbing the ears with the palm of both hands until heat is generated in the ears. All the exercises are easier to do sitting down. • Take the middle fingers of both hands and press the area between your eyes and your nose, at the very top of your nose. You stroke gently but firmly downwards following the nose line to the side of your nostrils. It is like drawing two lines in a downward direction. You do this 36 times. This also clears the sinuses and helps to improve your breathing.
  5. 5. • If you take the time to pass the cream on your face to do a massage, the results could be much better. • 1. Hold the scalp in the forehead region with firmness while passing the cream with the other hand from one side to another, horizontally in one direction. Take a few repetitions and then reverse hands. Do the same number of repetitions with the other hand. • 2. Hold the side of the face near the ear and slide your hand from the temples to the nose. Repeat on the other side with the same number of repetitions.
  6. 6. • 3. Lift the face staring at the ceiling and put the cream on the neck alternating both hands in the direction upwards, against gravity. • 4. Use your index and middle finger and down the inner corner of eye to the cheek. Do not forget to make the other side of the face. True for men and women. Men can enjoy the moments that pass the post shave lotions.
  7. 7. • You make two small claws with your four fingers of each hand. Put them together on the middle of your forehead and press quite firmly (without pulling the skin) in an outward direction, smoothly, until the temples. 36 times and again, only in one direction. • 5) Tap around the eye sockets with our fingertips with the natural weight of the fingers. Do not tap too hard!! Six times above the eye socket and six times below. This stimulates the bones of the eye socket. Do not tap the eyelids!! They are too delicate and can damage the eyes. • This exercise brightens the eyes and reduces any puffiness or swelling above or below the eyes. Once a day is enough. To finish off this exercise you continue tapping all over the face. But you only need to do this a few times.
  8. 8. • Check our websites • Masajes a domicilio • Fisioterapeuta a domicilio