130213 mwc dossier_de_prensa_mobile_world_centre_versio_final_english


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130213 mwc dossier_de_prensa_mobile_world_centre_versio_final_english

  1. 1. An open space created for the public to experiment and see how mobility can help improve lives PRESS KIT Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar February, 2013
  2. 2. INDEX 1. Mobile Figures (amazing facts and figures on the world of mobility at the local and world level) 2. Mobile World Centre. Concept 2.1. The project. Definition of the objectives 2.2. Barcelona, the first ever world mobile capital 3. Mobile World Centre. Space 3.1. A space in constant evolution 3.1.1. mWorld, the global observatory on the mobile sector 3.1.2. Auditorium and space for temporary exhibitions 3.1.3. Espacio Movistar 3.1.4. Technical and layout chart 3.2. Activities 3.2.1. Programme, content and potential of the centre 4. Mobile World Centre. Some figures 4.1. Social impact 5. Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation 6. Telefónica 7. Mobile World Centre. Press Contacts Press Kit – Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar 2
  3. 3. 1. Mobile Facts and Figures  There are 6,391,856,049 connected mobile devices in the world, This is equivalent to 87% of the world’s population  And yet, there are 3,148,041,465 people that have mobile phones  In Spain, 79% of the population has a mobile, while in Australia the figure is 93%, in Japan it’s 88%, in North Korea 6%, and in South Korea 89%  The market penetration of smartphones in Spain is 63.2%, making it the leading country amongst Europe’s largest economies  In 2014, forecasts show internet connectivity through mobile connections will exceed those of computers  In 2015, 50% of the world’s population will be connected  In Macao, there are 2.3 devices connected per person, in North Korea there is only one in every 16 inhabitants  Taiwan is the country with the highest level of people connected, followed by Australia, Singapore, Finland, Hong Kong, South Korea, Estonia, Denmark, Albania and Japan  91% of smartphone users have their phones at hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  75% of e-mails are opened from a mobile device  On average, a person takes 90 minutes to answer an email. The average for a text message is 90 seconds  In the last 3 years more than 300,000 apps have been developed  Smartphone users have an average of 41 applications on their mobiles  In 2014, forecasts show there´ll be close to 1,830 million social network users throughout the world  There are some 1,000 million Facebook users, 550 million on Twitter, 480 million on QZone, 400 million on Google+, and 150 million on Linkedin  In Pacific Asia, 59% of users access social networks by phones, whilst in Europe the percentage is 33%  On average, every day we are connected on Facebook for 24 minutes and 21 minutes to Twitter via mobiles  During New Year’s Eve 2012 there were 18,000 million WhatsApp messages sent  340 million tweets were sent daily Press Kit – Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar 3
  4. 4. 2. Mobile World Centre. Concept 2.1. The project. Definition and objectives An open space created for the public to experiment and see how mobility can help improve lives The MWCentre Espacio Movistar is the world’s first exhibition and interaction space that allows the public to get to know and experience the latest in mobile technology. Located in Plaza Catalonia, it’s the principal gateway to the world of mobile communications for citizens. The MWCentre Espacio Movistar will make Barcelona the world’s top reference and showcase for mobile technology. It is a unique permanent exhibition space with state-of-the-art technology and solutions related to the mobile world, a place that is open to the public and designed to promote the use of new information technologies and communication between citizens by allowing them to experiment and generally bringing different segments of the public closer to the potential of mobiles. Inside the centre, with entrance free of charge, citizens can experiment and get to know first-hand the different possibilities of a 'connected world', where the convergence between mobile and Internet opens new doors to a completely new lifestyle. The space is also designed to be the benchmark of the MWCapital and a source of information to its other cornerstones: MWHub, the MWCapital Festival Series, and the MWCongress. Amongst its other objectives, we can highlight trying to promote an understanding of mobile technology as part of our lives and society, taking a look at the history, evolution and latest trends regarding mobile technology through facts and figures. As such, visitors get to see the MWCentre Espacio Movistar as part of the MWCapital Barcelona global initiative. As an example of public-private collaboration, the MWCentre is a joint project developed by MWCapital and Telefónica, the first private company that joined as a partner on this project. 2.2. Barcelona, the very first mobile world capital Press Kit – Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar 4
  5. 5. On the 22nd of July, 2011, GSMA, the association comprising 800 of the world’s mobile phone operators and over 200 businesses in the mobile ecosystem, announced Barcelona had been chosen as the first Mobile World Capital, the world capital of mobile technologies, after a long selection process and the participation of more than 30 cities from around the world. Previously, in the summer of 2010, GSMA had announced their intention to find a location for the Capital project and they sent cities the requirements for their candidatures. On the 25th of January, 2011, and after an initial assessment phase, four cities were selected as finalists in the process: Barcelona, Milan, Munich and Paris. Barcelona finally won with an international project that combined business and civil society initiatives to turn the city into a permanent technological and cultural benchmark for the mobile technology industry. Barcelona's bid also proposed a public-private partnership model in which industry and government -at national, regional and local levels- worked together to promote a high-value added project headed by a Foundation that would manage this initiative. The aim of MWCapital Barcelona is to promote and encourage the use of mobile technologies and solutions across different areas of public and industrial activity to improve the lives of people, transform business processes and create new business initiatives. MWCapital is based on four pillars: the Mobile World Hub and the Mobile World Congress, focused mainly on industry and business, and the MWCentre and MWFestival, with a higher social impact and for citizens. GSMA Mobile World Congress: This event, held in Barcelona since 2006, has a worldwide impact and lasts for four days with the participation of more than 70,000 professionals and 1,500 companies. This is the largest meeting place for the mobile technologies industry. The Congress is also the best international promotion platform for industrial projects and solutions developed in the framework of the MWCapital. 1. Mobile World Capital Festival Series: A programme of cultural events designed to convert mobile technologies into transversal elements for culture and leisure and for optimizing user experiences and leisure and entertainment proposals in the city throughout the year via new applications: o “Barcelona Mobile Summer Week”: social and cultural events organized in Barcelona and held on Montjuïc on the 14th and 15th of September, with areas dedicated to music, movies, sports and mobile lifestyles. o “Barcelona Mobile”, designed for 365 days a year, incorporates a mobile component to the sports and cultural agenda of the city (FC Barcelona, Formula 1, the Trofeo Conde de Godó tennis tournament, music festivals Sonar and Primavera Sound, the Picasso Museum, Miró Foundation, the Sitges International Fantasy Film Festival, etc). 2. Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar – is MWCapital Barcelona’s permanent benchmark space for the general public, designed for putting on exhibitions and conferences related to innovation and mobile solutions. 3. Mobile World Hub: The industrial heart of MWCapital. This point is where the industrial projects and mobile solutions developed through MWCapital will be centralized and coordinated. Located in the Media-TIC building, its objective is to help convert mobile technologies into transforming elements for citizens’ lives and business processes. This unique building will also house the offices of the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation and GSMA’s facilities in Barcelona. Press Kit – Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar 5
  6. 6. 3. Mobile World Centre. Spaces 3.1. A space in constant evolution The Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar, located in the heart of Barcelona, is MWCapital Barcelona’s permanent benchmark facility for the public designed to accommodate the following, in different spaces: • Permanent MWCapital Barcelona exhibitions Presentations on cutting edge mobile technology • Events on mobility in which the public can participate • Spaces to experiment with new mobile services • Presentations and launches of new products and mobile solutions • Conferences on mobility and technology • Retail space 3.1.1. mWorld, Global observatory on the mobile industry (Floor 01) Located on the first floor of the Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar, mWorld houses MWCapital’s permanent exhibition, a space in constant evolution showing the public the latest trends in mobile telephony, as well as the latest developments and achievements in the sector. In short, what we have here is an incredible window for citizens to the world of mobile telephony. Inside mWorld visitors can see and experience the latest technology, applications and innovations in the area of mobility. mWorld is structured into 4 large interactive areas offering a comprehensive overview of the main factors that are driving mobile lifestyles: • mHistory • mWorld Speed (Data Cloud) • mWorld Definition (Interactive Forest) mWorld Experience mHistory, the history of the mobile sector The main mWorld area shows the mobile world with a historical tour of mobility and mobiles since 1973, the year that Martin Cooper, an engineer and manager at Motorola, made the first phone call from a mobile device. This space also contains other milestones such as when the first SMS was sent in 1992, the release of the first iPhone, or when the Android technology revolution broke through in 2008, and all the mobile applications that have been created since then. Press Kit – Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar 6
  7. 7. From 1973 to the present day, there have been a lot of technology successes that are showcased here thanks to an interactive, historical graph showing the evolution of the mobile industry since its beginnings until now, showing how technology can transform our lives. mWorld Speed, the transcendence of mobiles in the world In 2016, there will be 310,000 million downloads of mobile applications generating an income of 74,000 million dollars There are 1,000 million active users on Facebook every month 35,000 million app downloads are made from the Apple Store 3,148,206,438 people use mobile devices 92% of Taiwan's population has a mobile. In North Korea, only 6% The second area, called mWorld Speed, shows visitors stunning data about mobile phone penetration through a series of high-tech dynamic displays -both globally and by country-, and their evolution over time and also their social reach and consequent impact in different countries and continents. This space is designed for presenting a continuous flow of figures and statistics about the use of mobile technologies using data from sources such as GSMA, ITU (the International Telecommunication Union) and UOC (Open University of Catalonia) that together help bring understanding to the magnitude and speed of the transformation process in the mobile era. mWorld Definition (Interactive Forest), an overview of the mobile world Press Kit – Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar 7
  8. 8. The third area, called Interactive Forest, offers visitors an attractive overview of the different areas that make up the mWorld. This space has been created based on six concepts that explore the impact of mobile phones in various social, economic, cultural and technological fields offering an overview of the mobile world and its ability to transform the way we live: mWorld Statistics - Available data about mobile technology provide us with statistics that correspond to mobility issues in every sense: What is the size of the mobile phones we find in the market? How is the use mobile phones changing? To what extent do people use their mobile phones? mWorld Technology - Technology can be adapted to achieve breakthroughs that improve people's lives. In this area we see technology developments since the liberalization of the internet in 1994, and this continues with a view of the near future, the Internet of Things, which means any object can be interconnected thereby creating networks that can be monitored and followed in real time. As such, mWorld Technology provides information on new semiconductor materials, futuristic networks like LTE (Long Term Evolution) or the treatment and analysis of large volumes of data, called Big Data. mWorld Economy - Defines the opportunities of mobile technology worldwide and how to bring value to different products, projects and solutions in areas such as the health, transport, automotive and Smart City fields, among others. This space has used experiences from business schools ESADE and IESE, as well as Harvard and GSMA, analysts and consultants. mWorld Society - The introduction of mobiles in society has transformed relationships and behaviours. In this area, visitors catch a glimpse of the new map of social communication. Conclusions are drawn from websites, blogs, wikis, social networks, hashtags, podcasts, ... . mWorld Cultural - Studies the present and the future of how culture and behaviour will be affected and transformed by the use of technologies. It uses the accounts, opinions and findings of leading experts from the world of science and technology, knowledge and education, art and culture, justice, etc. Press Kit – Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar 8
  9. 9. Application Showcase - This small area is designed to bring the public into contact with the main mobile applications in the market that can be tested and explored. This area is constantly changing, depending on the latest developments in different fields. mWorld Experience The fourth and final area of the mWorld, the mWorld Experience, is one of the central aspects of the Mobile World Centre. This space aims to show the mobile industry’s capacity to constantly transform itself and evolve. Thanks to interactive displays and augmented reality, it displays videos about different stories, projects, product prototypes and cultural applications and snippets of projects related to mobility in Barcelona and around the world. mStories, for example, allows us to show a series of small-scale human stories that reflect the transformation of a society that is driven by mobile technologies and how these influence individuals and their traditional roles. Thus, we can see in the videos how the business of a fisherman in Kiel (Germany) was improved with him contacting customers directly as he is fishing so he can satisfy demand without generating surpluses, for example. It also shows documentaries on the growth of telephony in the Bollywood film industry, the use of mobiles and democracy in the Arab Spring, or painting exhibitions by the artist David Hockney in London, who used an iPad instead of canvas. The mProjects videos show different initiatives in the fields of health, business and knowledge developed from mobile technology, such as the pioneering smart grid project, implemented on Jeju Island (South Korea) to optimize energy consumption in 6,000 households, or the successful case of the German town of Friedrichshafen, where smart structures have been installed to create a Smart City and generate sustainable growth that improves the quality of life for inhabitants. Meanwhile, mProducts gives an overview of the products or services that will be launched in the near future through prototypes; App Universe brings the public a selection of the latest mobile applications, and finally, Barcelona Mobile Ecosystem provides an overview of the major initiatives undertaken by the city related to mobility. 3.1.2. Auditorium and temporary exhibition space (Floor 02) The second floor has a large 440 m2 auditorium with a multipurpose area intended for temporary exhibitions and conferences, with the participation of celebrities and personalities from the fields of culture, cuisine, music and technology. 3.1.3. Espacio Movistar (Ground floor 0) On the ground floor we find Espacio Movistar, a vanguard retail area showing the latest services available as well as state-of-the-art technological advances and innovations that Telefónica is developing in the digital world. Press Kit – Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar 9
  10. 10. Upon entering the Espacio Movistar area, we find an audiovisual panel presenting the centre with real-time information about the activities being carried out on the other two floors. Some background wall audiovisuals are found at the sides of the retail area giving introductory information on mWorld and Telefónica and Movistar’s products, while a 13-metre giant screen shows mWorld contents with information about events, news, concerts and news. The retail area has interactive tables, where you can get to know the whole range of products offered by Imagenio and Movistar, with products and handsets on show for the public to handle. In the interactive area, there are twelve other screens arranged in a totem shape that project Telefónica’s mWorld with information focused on innovation, SmartCity solutions and services for citizens and everything related to M2M and the internet of things. Espacio Movistar also has a lounge area and an area for technical customer service and mobile repairs, where customers can get information about their handsets from Movistar’s team of experts. 3.1.4. Layout and technical chart Location Fontanella 2 (on the corner of Portal de l’Àngel) Timetables From Monday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 21.30 p.m. Entrance Free of charge First floor – mWorld Second floor - Auditorium Ground floor – Espacio Movistar Press Kit – Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar 10
  11. 11. 4. Mobile World Centre. Some figures 4.1. Social impact - Some 60 direct jobs and 100 indirect ones have been generated due to the construction and commissioning process of the MWCentre Espacio Movistar. - The forecast is for 10,000 visitors a week, or more than half a million visitors a year. 5. Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation Incorporated on March 13th , 2012, the Foundation is responsible for leading and managing the world mobile capital project with the aim of turning the city of Barcelona into an industry benchmark. It is governed by a board consisting of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, the Autonomous Regional Government of Catalonia, Barcelona City Council, and Fira de Barcelona, and GSMA. The Foundation has an Executive Committee and a Management Committee, whose functions are to implement world mobile capital initiatives and bring new project partners onboard. 5.1. Board of Trustees The highest governing body is composed of 16 members at the moment (three for each of the promoting institutions and one from Telefónica, the first private company incorporated into the MWCapital project). Member Barcelona Council: Xavier Trias, Mayor of Barcelona and President of the Board of Trustees Member Barcelona Council: Sònia Recasens, Second Deputy Mayor and Secretary of the Board Member Barcelona Council: Antoni Vives, Third Deputy Mayor Member Generalitat de Catalunya: Felip Puig, Regional Minister for Business and Employment, and Vice President of the Board Member Generalitat de Catalunya: Ferran Mascarell, Regional Minister for Culture Press Kit – Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar 11
  12. 12. Member Generalitat de Catalunya: Carles Flamerich, Director General of Telecommunications and Information Society Member Ministry: Víctor Calvo-Sotelo, Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society, and Vice President of the Board Member Ministry: Borja Adsuara, Director General of Red.es Member Ministry: Alberto Rodríguez Raposo, Director General of Telecommunications and Information Technology Member GSMA: Anne Bouverot, Managing Director of GSMA Member GSMA: John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA Ltd. Member GSMA: Jeremy Sewell, CFO of GSMA Member Fira Barcelona: Josep Lluís Bonet, President of Fira Member Fira Barcelona: Agustín Cordón, Managing Director of Fira Member Fira Barcelona: Pedro Fontana, Board of Directors of Fira Member Telefónica: Julio Linares, VP of Telefónica 5.2. Executive Committee The Executive Committee is responsible for implementing the strategy programmes of the Board and defining initiatives and projects necessary to achieve MWCapital’s objectives. It consists of one representative from each of the sponsoring institutions, with two executives leading as vice executive presidents. Member GSMA: John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA Ltd. and Vice Executive President Member Fira Barcelona: Agustí Cordón, Managing Director of Fira and Vice Executive President. (Executive President in office) Member Ministry: Juan Corro, Director of the Office of the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society Member Barcelona Council: Constantí Serrallonga, General Municipal Manager Member Generalitat: Josep Moragas, Managing Director of ACC1O 5.3. Management Team Organization for implementing projects associated with the four pillars of MWCapital and incorporating new partners and industrial businesses and public initiatives. General Manager: Ginés Alarcón Strategy Director: Juan Manuel Barrionuevo Competence Centres Director : Òscar Pallarols Press Kit – Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar 12
  13. 13. MWCentre and Capabilities Centres Director: Aleix Valls Marketing and Communication Director: Jesús Moreno 6. Telefónica Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world by market capitalization and number of customers. From its established position in this sector, with telephony and fixed broadband and mobile as its key growth areas, the company is focusing its strategy on strengthening its leadership in the digital world. Present in 25 countries and with a customer base of almost 314 million access routes, Telefónica has a strong presence in Europe and Latin America, major industrial partnerships and a leading global position for the company to grow. Telefónica is a listed company, which has more than 1.5 million direct shareholders. It is quoted on the Spanish stock exchanges and on the London, New York, Lima and Buenos Aires stock markets. 7. Mobile World Centre. Press Contacts For more information about the Mobile World Centre, contact: Núria Carné +34 699 563 954 ncarne@arenalia.com Sofia Borrás +34 680 981 787 sborras@arenalia.com For more information on the Mobile World Capital, contact: Adam Sedó +34 627 481 774 asedo@mobileworldcapital.com Folc Lecha +34 666 59 89 30 flecha@mobileworldcapital.com Corporate Communications for Telefónica S.A Catalonia +34 93 1234 012/13 premsacatalunya@telefonica.es Press Kit – Mobile World Centre Espacio Movistar 13