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2015 Global Telco Innovation Targets from TC3 2014


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What types of companies are the world’s top telcos looking to partner with? This year’s TC3 service provider keynote presenters told the 400+ executive attendees more about their external innovation focuses for 2015 – they highlighted their innovation programs throughout the ecosystem, opened the door to discuss opportunities for their larger vendor partners, and met entrepreneurs and developers who had potential value to contribute to their networks.

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2015 Global Telco Innovation Targets from TC3 2014

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  2. 2. What is TC3? Every year at our annual TC3 Summit, the Telecom Council gathers 400+ senior telecom representatives, including over 40 global carriers, all the large vendors and OEMs, and scores of VCs, startups and developers, to review 20+ startups, learn about 15+ global telco innovation roadmaps, hear about alternate paths to market, award top innovation, and enjoy the industry’s best networking opportunity. TC3 HIGHLIGHTS: • Past speakers include C-level or SVPs from DT, AT&T, Sprint, Softbank, Rogers, Telecom Italia, Bouygues, Telefonica & 50+ other global telcos • Media coverage has included Forbes, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Network World, Fierce Wireless, GigaOm, RCR Wireless, and more • Audience is 400-500 Fixed and Wireless Telecom Executives from 20 countries – example here • 80% of participants are senior executives • 500+ 1-on-1 meetings scheduled prior to the Summit • 40-50 Telcos participate, and over 15 present their innovation tools and targets • 50+ carrier-ready startup demonstrations • 30 Interactive sessions on topics from Paths to Market, to IoT, NFV , OTT and more • 10 Innovation Awards given at the SPIFFY Awards SAVE THE DATE: TC3 2015, Sept 30 - Oct 2, Mountain View, CA USA
  3. 3. Why do so many telcos engage at TC3? With a long history of connecting service providers with telco-grade innovation, the Telecom Council and TC3 have come to be known as the place Where Telecom Meets Innovation. Over 40 global telcos engage every year at TC3. They come to scout innovation and highlight their innovation efforts – programs, tools, success stories, etc – to drive/guide potential partnerships and associate their brands to cutting edge telecom. There is no other place you can meet this many carriers in an environment designed to foster business development.
  4. 4. Call for Innovation
  5. 5. : Call for Innovation SME – Cloud Services  BOX – Lead partner in o2’s Digital Workplace which provides companies with everything they need for modern mobile working. Core Telecom/ FutureComm Services  TuGo – Calls, voicemail, texts over wifi to anyone from your Telefonica mobile number.  Tesla – Partners in connectivity across Europe for the Model S.  Tokbox and MLB – Chatting Cage offers a space for baseball fans worldwide to connect directly with their favorite players via video chat. eHealth  Saluspot – Free online health advice and consultations for consumers, professional services for doctors. Smart Cities  Valencia, Spain – Centralized municipal information – traffic, street lighting, gardens, police, pollution, waste, weather constantly monitored and connected. Big Data  Smart Steps & Morrisons - Crowd Analytics. Footfall traffic, behavioral patterns that support informed business decisions. Devices  Firefox OS and the Open Web Device – Affordable handsets for customers. Supports open software development.
  6. 6. Communicate Gamification Roaming Security Connected Car
  7. 7. What’s on the telcos’ 2016 roadmaps? Want to meet 40+ telcos? JOIN US FOR TC3 2015 September 30 - October 2, 2015 Participants will… Connect with 400+ contributing decision makers, Review 40+ new innovations, Meet 100+ innovation scouts who can provide a path to market, and Hear directly from 15+ global carriers, how their innovation programs work.
  8. 8. What? The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley is Where Telecom Meets Innovation. The Telecom Council is a business tool which connects the companies who are building communication networks with the companies and new ideas that are fueling its growth—by putting those companies, research, ideas, capital, and human expertise from across the globe together in the same room. Why Silicon Valley? Who said what? Highlights Where Telecom Meets Innovation
  9. 9. Telecom Council Members Include
  10. 10. Contact Us +1-408-834-7933 Twitter: @telecomcouncil, #TC3Summit