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Six weeks summer training at chandigarh in Telecom Domain, GSM, 3G, 4G technologies. We provide Proven Best (#1) Telecom Training. Our Advanced Telecom Training is for students looking for 6 Weeks / 6 Months Industrial Training for ece & cse. Explore our corporate solutions, elearning and certification.

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Six weeks-summer-training-chandigarh

  1. 1. Proven Best Telecom TrainingAdvanced Telecom Training by TELCOMASix Weeks Summer Training at Chandigarh
  2. 2. Proven Best Telecom TrainingCourse contentsCOURSE CONTENTS - These modules cover A to Z of current and future Telecom Technologies.Module 1 GSM - ARCHITECTURE, PROTOCOLS AND SERVICES* Cellular Communications Systems* Practical Aspects of GSM* Functions of GSM Network Components* Hardware and Software Configurations* GSM Protocols* GSM Call FlowModule 2 RADIO FREQUENCY (RF) PLANNING* Antenna Design and RF* New Site Planning* Frequency Planning and Neighbor Optimization* Planning Tools like AIRCOM, MAPINFO and MCOM* Site Optimization, Drive Test and its Analysis* Network Dimensioning and Traffic Prediction* Coverage/Capacity Planning and Dimensioning* Field StudyModule 3 TRANSMISSION TECHNOLOGIES* SDH and PDH Systems* Microwave Alignment Procedures* Understanding Basic End Equipments (Multiplexers/Demultiplexers)* Planning of Fiber Network, Route Survey and Route length Optimization* DWDM Network Designing, Configuration and Maintenance* Field StudyModule 4 RF AND TRANSMISSION SURVEY* New Site Survey Space for Antenna* In Shelter Space Check* EMFT Survey* RF and Transmission SurveyModule 5 HARDWARE AND FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION OF BSS* Description of Components and Functions of BTS & BSC* Installation and Commissioning of BTS & BSC* Ericsson RBS 2964,2206, Nokia Flexi/Ultra* Signaling Flow in BSS* Transmission Requirements* BSC Maintenance (Health Check up)Module 6 OMT for Optimization* Introduction to OMT* Parameter Checking* Site Master* Swap Check for New Sites
  3. 3. Proven Best Telecom TrainingModule 7 Coverage Solutions* Booster, Repeater, Splitter, Duplexer, TMA* Filter and Combiner* Feeder and Waveguides* IBS * In Building SolutionsModule 8 OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE* O&M Support System* Classification of Faults and their Rectification* Check Lists to Ensure Quality* Practical on Installation of Equipment* End-to-end TroubleshootingModule 9 NETWORK SWITCHING SYSTEM* Fundamentals of Switching* Role of MSC and its Functional Description* SS7 Signaling* MSC Call Processing* Intelligent Networks* OCS, its various Nodes, Interfaces and Interconnectivity* Core Network Planning and OptimizationModule 10 VALUE ADDED SERVICES* Packet Data Networks Design* Packet Control Unit* Core Network Additions for GPRS * SGSN, GGSN and Wap Gateway* GPRS Call Flow* Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution (EDGE)* SMSC System* Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT)Module 11 NETWORK PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION* Network Health Statistics* Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Monitoring* Counters and Formula Designing* Root Cause Analysis for Network Failures* Bad KPI?s Rectification and Improvement in Network Quality* Network performance assessments* Radio Parameter Tuning* Signaling Trace AnalysisModule 12 DRIVE TESTING* Drive Test Tools: TEMS, AGILENT and NEMO* GSM, CDMA & 3G Drive Test* Collection and post-processing of data* Correlation of customer complaints to possible root cause (RCA)* PN Scanners, Tracking and Benchmarking* New Site Drive Test Checklist
  4. 4. Proven Best Telecom TrainingModule 13 CDMA FUNDAMENTALS* CDMA ONE* CDMA2000 1X,* CDMA2000 1xEV-DO* CDMA2000 1xEV-DVModule 14 3G MOBILE NETWORKS* Pragmatic Evolution of 2G to 3G systems (GSM to UMTS-WCDMA)* 3G Network Architecture* Ericsson 3G Node-B 3202, 3206, RNC (3810) , Nokia RNC (RAS6)* Network Deployment and Coverage Aspects of 3G Networks* 3G rollout in terms of Coverage, Capacity and Quality of Service* Key 3G ProtocolsModule 15 3.5G NETWORKS - NEXT GENERATION NETWORKS* HSDPA/HSUPA Parameters and RRM* Radio Network Planning and Dimensioning for HSPA* HSPA Operation, Monitoring and KPI* HSPA Drive Testing * HSPA+ FeaturesModule 16 4G NETWORKS - THE FUTURE OF WIRELESS* IEEE standardization process* WiMAX and WiFi* Ultra Mobile Broadband (UMB)* Long Term Evolution (LTE)* Overview of OFDM, MIMO and All IP NetworksModule 17 TELECOM MANAGEMENT* Telecom Business and Project Management* Marketing Research & Report Preparation* Frequency Allocation & Numbering Policy* Telecom Policy Licensing & Regulating Standards* Case Studies in Telecom ManagementModule 18 LINUX, ORACLE AND NETWORKING (CCNA)* Introduction to DBMS (ORACLE)* Networking Concepts, IP Addressing, LAN, WAN* Basic Switch & Router Configuration* Linux CommandsModule 19 ESSENTIAL CAREER SKILLS* Aptitude, GD & Personality Development* Interview PreparationModule20: PROJECT, ASSESSMENT AND CERTIFICATIONModule21: PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE
  5. 5. Proven Best Telecom TrainingFor 6 Months Industrial Training / Six Weeks SummerTraining at ChandigarhCONTACTCHANDIGARH:123 Phase 3B-2, Above Dominos Mohali, Punjab, India.Tel: 0172 4010731, 9814145471Email: info@telcoma.inLUDHIANA:Adjacent Hot Millions, AartiChowk, Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana.Tel: 8146013147