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Oracle apps free tutorial


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The intent of these tutorials is to provide in depth understanding in managing the Oracle Application Server.
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Oracle apps free tutorial

  1. 1. Oracle Apps Technical Free Tutorials
  2. 2. Structured Query Language(SQL) is the standard language designed to access relational databases. SQL is pronounced either as the word Sequel or as the letters SQL. SQL uses simple syntax that is easy to learn and use there are five types of SQL
  3. 3. Oracle added a procedural programming language known, as PL/SQL (Procedural Language/SQL). PL/SQL is a third generation language and contains the standard programming constructs. Anonymous Block: An Unnamed block which will not store any where in the database is know as Anonymous block. Block Structure: PL/SQL programs are divided up into structures known as blocks, with each block containing the PL/SQL and SQL statements.
  4. 4. The Oracle Applications is an ERP, which was developed by the Oracle Corp and was used by the several companies to utilize several resources contained with them. Business Flow of Oracle Applications:
  5. 5.  Order Management  Creation of Items  Frequently Asked Queries  Issues  Interview Question and  How to’s Please Visit: