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Landform Glossary - Detamore


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Mr. Detamore's 3rd grade class each created one slide for this presentation. The students researched their landform and created original artwork to accompany their writing.

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Landform Glossary - Detamore

  1. 1. Landform Glossary Mr. Detamore’s Class November 2012
  2. 2. bay A bay is a body of water It is mostly surrounded by land.Aidan G.
  3. 3. continent  It is a very, very big piece of land.  There are only 7 continents. They are not all close to each other. By Sarah
  4. 4. cove  A cove is a horseshoe shaped body of water  The water is surrounded by land formed of soft rock.By Jake
  5. 5. delta A delta is an area of land that forms at the mountain of a river. A delta is usually shaped as a triangle. By Pranika
  6. 6. desert a desert is a place where plants have a hard time growing because it is very dry. The Sahara desert is about the size of the U.S.A. By Joshua
  7. 7. equator A line that goes through the world. On the equator it is very hot. By Jakob
  8. 8. geyserA geyser is underground.Geysers are found in volcanicareas. by Oliver G
  9. 9. island An island is a piece of land surrounded by water. It is a small piece of land . Some islands have lots of palm trees.
  10. 10. isthmus  An isthmus is a skinny part of land that connects bigger bodies of land By Abigail
  11. 11. lake  A lake is body of water with land all around it.  Did you know that some lakes are made from glaciers?By Aidan B.
  12. 12. longitude  longitude and latitude are two measurements to locate any point on earth  The Greenwich meridian is a special line on a map of EarthBy Nick
  13. 13. mountain A mountain is a part of the land that is much higher than the land around it. Did you know that the largest mountain chain in north America is the rocky mountains. The tallest mountain is mount Everest. by victor
  14. 14. oceanThe ocean is a large body of waterthat covers most of the Earth.The waters of the ocean are allconnected to each other in someway. By Isabella
  15. 15. peninsula  Peninsulas are areas of land that are surrounded by water except the point where they connect to a larger piece of land.  Peninsulas are usually long thin strips of landBy Tina
  16. 16. plateau  A plateau is a high flatland with trees and plants.  It’s high up but it’s smaller then a mountain.  They are curved like an edge of the paper. By Jackson
  17. 17. pond  A pond is a little body of water.  Little animals are in a pond.By SAMUIL
  18. 18. river definition ( A large body of water Rivers slow down at its mouth. The soil that carries along sometimes builds up there.By Luke
  19. 19. sea A sea is a large body of water surrounded by land. The Black Sea is between Europe and Asia.By Jacob F.
  20. 20. tributary Definition: a tributary is a part of a river system A river can have more than one tributary. By Claude
  21. 21. valley A valley is a natural dip in the ground. Valleys run through hills , mountains , and flat areas.By Rebecca K.
  22. 22. volcano • Definition: A volcano is hole or crack in earth. • Sometimes, hot rocks and gas shoot out of that crack.By Madeline