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Agrupamento sé presentation

  1. 1. Comenius Project<br />Let the Forests Breathe<br />6th - 1oth November 2010<br />
  2. 2. Logo<br />Symbology<br /><ul><li>Perspective ofaneyethatsuggestsdifferentlookstowardsthesurroundingworld.
  3. 3. Modernandavant-garde “design”.
  4. 4. Theascending curve ofthedrawingindicatestheway to success, to progressand to development.
  5. 5. Theroundshapeisseen as a symbolofunion.</li></ul>Agrupamento de Escolas da Sé<br />Lamego<br />Colours<br />- ColourofthebuildingsthatmadeupthemainSchool.<br /><ul><li> Neutral colourthatistieddown to modernityandsobriety.</li></ul>YELLOW<br />GREY<br />
  6. 6. General Characterization of the Agrupamento<br />Escola Básica e Secundária da Sé (mainschool)<br />1 School Centre (Primaryschoolandnurseryschool), 1 PrimarySchool<br />8 NurserySchools<br />
  7. 7. General CharacterizationofAgrupamento<br />4<br />3<br />Agrupamento de Escolas da Sé<br />Lamego<br />2<br />2<br />1<br />1<br />6<br />5<br />3<br />7<br />4<br />10<br />8<br />11<br />5<br />9<br />6<br />7<br />12<br />
  8. 8. Lamego – the town<br />Lamego<br />Lamego is a town of the District of Viseu, located in the Northern Region, Douro Subregion, on the south side of the River Douro.<br />The municipality has a population of about 27,000 inhabitants. The town of Lamego has a population of about 9,000 in the historic centre and approximately 17,000 in its urban area.<br />
  9. 9. Lamego – thetown<br />Lamego is an historical, immemorial and religious town. It´s an attractive town with Renaissance and Baroque mansions overlooked by two hills. On one of the hills are the ruins of a 12th century castle, on the other is the monumental baroque Sanctuary of NossaSenhora dos Remédios. <br />Port wine, the most famous Portuguese wine worldwide, is one of its main products. It is only produced on the vineyards of the Douro River, and is shipped from the city of Porto. <br />Other famous products are Bôla, ham and sparkling wine.<br />Agrupamento de Escolas da Sé<br />Lamego<br />
  10. 10. Educational Stages<br />Pre-school Education<br />Primary Education: grades 1 to 4<br />Preparatory Education: grades 5 and 6<br />Secondary Education: grades 7 to 9; further grades (for 15 to 18 years old students)<br />
  11. 11. Whatourschoolhas to offer<br />Agrupamento de Escolas da Sé<br />Lamego<br />AllstudentsstudyEnglish as compulsorylanguageandSpanishorFrench as a secondlanguage<br />
  12. 12. DIVERSITY OF CO-CURRICULAR CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES<br />Our School offers students a diverse choice:<br />Drama Club<br />Astronomy Club<br />Cinema Club<br />Chess and Draughts Club<br />Reading and Writing Club<br />Maths Club<br />Civil Protection Club<br />Sports<br />Recycling Club<br />