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Intro Networks Md Deck (Final)


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Intro Networks Md Deck (Final)

  1. 1. Enabling Collaboration in HealthCare.A physician-centric platform for advancedhealthcare case creation and discovery, andenhanced professional collaboration. Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  2. 2. Table  of  contents    Introduction 3  Clinical Applications 6  The NetworksMD Public Community 8  Integrated NetworksMD Institutional and Enterprise Solutions 23  Security and Privacy 29  Key Team Member Profiles 31 Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  3. 3. Introduction Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  4. 4. Introduction  NetworksMD  was  created  to  facilitate  the  free-­‐flow  of  communica8on  between   prac88oners.    NetworksMD  has  developed  intui,ve,  secure,  and  collabora,ve   pla?orms  which  integrate  effortlessly  into  the  clinical  prac,ce,  educa,on,  and   research  workflows  of  life  science  professionals  facilita,ng  effec,ve  communica,on   in  order  to  deliver  comprehensive  and  competent  pa,ent  care.    Integrate  disparate  geographic  loca8ons  and  departments.  Conven,onal   technologies  from  associated  vendors  have  segregated  users  into  disparate   ins,tu,ons,  departments,  loca,ons,  and  geographies  -­‐  all  of  which  restrict   communica,on.  NetworksMD  is  a  collabora,on  layer  that  exists  integrated  on  top  of   exis,ng  systems  and  infrastructure  to  power  case  collabora,on  and  workflow   enhancements  with  real-­‐,me  health  care  data  delivery  and  treatment  and  outcomes   collabora,on  between  hospitals,  laboratories,  diagnos,c  imaging  centers,  clinics,   and  physicians.       Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  5. 5. Introduction  New  paradigms  of  So?ware  as  a  Service  (SAAS)  and  Cloud  Compu8ng;  allows  for   contextual  case  crea,on  while  using  a  system  that  ensures  HIPAA  requirements   related  to  pa,ent  data  are  met  or  exceeded  u,lizing  a  centralized  pa,ent  record  and   document  repository.    Enable  informa8on  con8nuity  with  access  from  any  internet  browser;                                                                       Direct  integra,on  with  disparate  data  sources  allows  contextual  pa,ent  overview   which  can  be  accessed  around  the  clock  using  any  standard  internet  browser.    A   centrally  available  overview  of  a  pa,ent’s  history  allows  for  a  more  cohesive  and   intui,ve  evalua,on  of  diagnosis  and  treatment.     Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  6. 6. Clinical  Applica,ons   6Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  7. 7. Clinical Applications  Clinical  consulta8on  and  collabora8on:  Improve  pa8ent  care.     Providing  a  sophis,cated  macro  overview  as  well  as  detailed  drill  down  micro  view  of  a   pa,ent’s  health  history  over  ,me,  NetworksMD  facilitates  consults  by  allowing  imaging,   laboratory,  clinical  and  related  report  data  to  be  easily  permissioned,  accessed,  and   deliberated  upon  by  various  health  care  professionals.      Teaching  and  educa8on.      Current  educa,onal  content  or  teaching  files  are  limited  in  context;  files  are  sta,c  and   don’t  evolve  with  a  pa,ent’s  treatment:  pathology,  diagnos,c  imaging,  in-­‐vitro  diagnos,c   laboratory  results,  PDFs,  and  other  informa,on  is  not  integrated  in  real  ,me,  and   accessibility  and  mul,pla?orm  compa,bility  is  restricted.  NetworksMD  provides  a  single   point  of  access  for  medical  informa,on  that  can  be  aggregated  from  mul,ple  exis,ng   systems,  transforming  disparate  content  into  knowledge.      Coordinate  clinical  research.     Time  series  evalua,ons  of  images  or  laboratory  results  such  as  tumor  markers  from   mul,ple  years  can  be  archived  and  made  available  to  mul,ple  teams  of  researchers  in   NetworksMD  and  used  to  understand  how  disease  progresses  or  responds  to  treatment.         Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  8. 8. The  NetworksMD  Public  Community   8Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  9. 9. The  NetworksMD  Public  Community      NetworksMD  Public  Community  is  a  freely  available  web-­‐based  applica8on  dedicated  to   Healthcare  professionals.     The  Pla?orm  enables  detailed  pa,ent  case  crea,on  as  well  as  discovery  of  related  healthcare   cases  from  a  shared  global  repository,  indexed  by  similar  aQributes  such  as  diagnosis,  modality   and  other  professional    tags  or  keywords  -­‐  not  only  from  your  colleagues,  but  from  a  variety  of   authors,  including  key  opinion  leaders,  collabora,ng  within  a  global  community  of  physicians.    Expand  your  network  of  healthcare  professionals  for  clinical  referral,  research  or  other   educa8onal  purposes.     Physicians  can  discuss  cases  with  one  or  mul,ple  colleagues  or  even  custom  private  groups   enabling  unprecedented  distribu,on  of  an  authored  pa,ent  case  crea,ng  instant   mul,threaded  collabora,ve  communi,es.      Cloud  based  and  accessible  from  any  internet  enabled  device  with  no  plug-­‐ins,  installa8ons,   or  download  necessary.     NetworksMD  delivers  complete  flexibility  in  accessing  case  or  discussion  data  from  anywhere  in   the  world.    Validated  Community.     All  Healthcare  professionals  are  validated  before  being  welcomed  into  the  Community.         9 Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  10. 10. Enhanced  Physician  Produc,vity  BENEFIT – ENHANCED PHYSICIAN PRODUCTIVITY PHYSICIAN/ STUDENT NetworksMD is free to physicians. þ NetworksMD saves time and reduces effort þ Streamlined communication and productivity between all practitioners, resulting in better þ patient care at a reduced cost. Improved access to disparate patient data in a standardized format, providing efficiencies and þ eliminating duplication of effort at the point-of-care. Real-time turnaround of information from point-of-care to the physician including laboratory þ results, diagnostic imaging, and hospital reports. 10 Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  11. 11. Enhanced  Physician  Collabora,on  BENEFIT – ENHANCED PHYSICIAN COLLABORATION PHYSICIAN/ STUDENT Users can create collaborative communities and expand their network of healthcare þ professionals for education or second opinions either within the organization or from anywhere in the world. NetworksMD messaging replaces non-compliant Email as the primary communication tool þ between allied health professionals. Simple, intuitive, and familiar messaging system allows for secure, HIPAA compliant communication. Users can quickly configure who has access to their case files and modify the associated þ settings. Sharing can take place with just one or multiple individuals or groups, allowing greater distribution of an authored case. 11 Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  12. 12. Enhanced  Clinical  and  Educa,onal  Features  BENEFIT – ENHANCED CLINICAL AND EDUCATIONAL FEATURES PHYSICIAN/ STUDENT The patient timeline provides a bird’s-eye chronological view of all patient data in a stratified þ format - including imaging and laboratory information - on a single timeline. Extensive organizational tools such as book-marking to allow for creation of online case sets þ and saved search functionality allows for dynamic queries. NetworksMD automates the anonymization of case data for easy teaching file creation and þdistribution while retaining important patient demographics and report information; resulting in a more contextual teaching file. NetworksMD automatically indexes cases with similar attributes - including diagnosis and þ symptoms - for reference or discovery. This allows greater exposure to a wider variety of cases and related authors. One-click export to PowerPoint creates valuable resources for presentations for conferences þ or teaching. 12 Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  13. 13. Enhanced  Technology  BENEFIT – ENHANCED TECHNOLOGY PHYSICIAN/ STUDENT Users can access NetworksMD using the proprietary iOS or Android applications on their þ smartphones or tablets. The web application is also optimized for mobile traffic. There are no plug-ins, installations, or downloads, and images can be manipulated using any þ standard internet browser. NetworksMD is provided as a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) thereby eliminating hardware þ costs and works with any network infrastructure thus ensuring enhanced ROI from existing investment in systems and infrastructure. NetworksMD is vendor neutral and can be integrated with existing Radiology and Laboratory þ information systems to include results in real time. View patient information that has been aggregated from many different real-time medical sources (HIS, PACS, RIS, LIS, PIN, EMR ) NetworkMD is dynamic, scalable, and designed to grow with users. þ NetworksMD has industry standard HL-7 support for communication with medical informatics þ systems. Network MD eliminates the need for third-party application support. þ 13 Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  14. 14. View daily activity in real time feedsStay on top of new cases and comments from colleagues, members of your specialty,groups in which you participate, as well as the most discussed topics within theentire community Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  15. 15. Create and Manage Patient casesCreate contextually dynamic patient case sets for patient rounds, teaching files,journal clubs, conferences, or clinical research groups Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  16. 16. Case Viewer View all patient data along a single dynamic timeline - including relevant patient history and physical findings, diagnostic imagery from any modality, and associated laboratory results - all in an intuitive, easy to use interface. Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  17. 17. Case ViewerContent such as video clips and images can be uploaded directly from yoursmartphone for immediate discussion Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  18. 18. Add Context   Add  suppor,ng  documents  or  in  a  variety  of   supported  formats  including  PDF  and  .AVI.     Annotate  Annota,ons  can  be  added  to  specific   areas  of  interest  on  images  or  reports  for  precise,   confusion-­‐free  communica,on.     Link  out  to  leading  resources  such  as  PubMed,   Elsevier,  and  UptoDate.   Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  19. 19. Manage Colleagues Easily manage and expand professional networks from the NetworksMD colleagues interface. Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  20. 20. Distribute NetworksMD  can  be  used  to  distribute  informa,on  within  an  organiza,on  between  mul,ple   users  or  communi,es  –  both  clinically  and  for  teaching  purposes.    Users  benefit  from   aggregated  data  from  mul,ple  authors,  controlled  access  and  distribu,on,  and  real-­‐,me   communica,on  and  collabora,on.     One  or  Mul8ple  Colleagues:  collaborate  and  communicate   with  like-­‐minded    prac,,oners  anywhere  in  the  world.     Groups:  case  data  can  be  shared  with  a  group  of  residents,   specialists,  or  any  other  user  defined  group  of  users.     Organiza8ons:  communicate  case  data  with  relevant   treatment  providers  under  one  roof.    Users  can  also  create   organiza,onal  teaching  files.     Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  21. 21. Sharing is Caring Cases can be shared according to the authors’ preferences with one or multiple colleagues, groups, or published for the entire NetworksMD community. Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  22. 22. Enabled Case DiscussionsDiscuss through effortless sharing, patient case data for immediate review withselected Medical colleagues at your discretion. Here we see a threaded conversationthread around a treatment question. Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  23. 23. Create dedicated private or public groupsTopics or case data can be shared with a group of residents, specialists, or any otheradministrator defined group of users. Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  24. 24. Secure MessagingSecure, intuitive, and web-mail like messaging replace non-compliant e-mailas a means of private messaging between physicians. Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  25. 25. View Dynamic ContentDiscover relevant healthcare cases from a variety of authors collaborating withina global community of Medical professionals who are leaders in their respectivefields. Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  26. 26. Anywhere AccessUsers can access NetworksMD using the proprietary iOS or Android applicationson their smartphones or tablets. The web application is also optimized formobile traffic. Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  27. 27. Integrated  NetworksMD  Ins,tu,onal  and  Enterprise   Solu,ons   27Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  28. 28. Integrated  Ins,tu,onal  and  Enterprise  Solu,ons:  Collabora,on  as  a  Service.       NetworksMD  is  a  collabora,on  layer  that  exists  integrated  on  top  of  exis,ng  and  infrastructure,   systems  within  clinics,  hospitals,  diagnos,c  imaging,  and  laboratory  providers  to  power  case   collabora,on  and  workflow  enhancements.    Enterprises  and  Ins,tu,ons  can  leverage  exis,ng   infrastructure  and  create  cost-­‐effec,ve  purpose  built  medical  communi,es,  instantly  expor,ng   exis,ng  case  informa,on  to  our  pla?orm  and  collabora,ng  in  minutes.       NetworksMD  can  be  integrated  with   leading  equipment  manufacturers   solu,ons  including:       Laboratory  Informa,on  Systems   (LIS)     Radiology  Informa,on  Systems   (RIS)     Hospital  Informa,on  Systems   (HIS)     Health  Informa,on  Exchanges   (HIE)       Electronic  Medical  Records   (EMR)   28 Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  29. 29. Integrated  Ins,tu,onal  and  Enterprise  Solu,ons  –  Clinics,  Hospitals,  Imaging  and  Lab  BENEFIT – CLINICS, HOSPITALS, RADIOLOGY, AND LABORATORY INSTITUTIONPROVIDERS NetworksMD is vendor neutral and can be integrated with existing Radiology and þ Laboratory information systems to include results in real time. Proven integrations with several Picture Archive and Communication Systems þ (PACS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), and Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Proven large-scale architecture built to distribute more than 45 million radiology and þ laboratory cases annually with zero downloads, installs, or maintenance by the physician. Data can be exported from an NetworksMD-powered PACS workstation with one þ click. All of the associated DICOM and patient report data (if available) is instantly available on the NetworksMD platform.Reduce IT and operational costs by integrating disparate sites to create a centralized þ cloud-based PACS and report archive. Real-time turnaround of information from point-of-care to the physician including þ laboratory results, diagnostic imaging, and hospital reports increases treatment velocity and avoids scheduling delays. Facilitate consults easily with patients benefiting from better coordination of care þ between multiple practitioners and health care teams. Improved quality and completeness of records with auditing mechanisms for a þ consistent level of quality and service. 29 Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  30. 30. Integrated  Ins,tu,onal  and  Enterprise  Solu,ons  -­‐  Educa,onal  Ins,tu,ons  BENEFIT – EDUCATIONAL INSITUTIONS INSTITUTIONNetworksMD simplifies the anonymization of case data for easy teaching file creation þ and distribution. Detailed health history, patient demographics, and report information result in a more complete indication. Teaching files can be updated with a patients future progress, resulting in a highly contextual and relevant case. Teaching files can be permissioned for specific users, locations, institutions or þ facilities; increasing access to critical decision support and mitigating costly diagnostic errors. Streamlines workflow by providing practitioners with on-demand access to vast þ clinical knowledge and consult support. Users also have an efficient means to publish and distribute clinical teaching files of their own. Supports improved staff training, conferences, rounds and diagnostic decisions with þ easy access to data. 30 Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  31. 31. Integrated  Ins,tu,onal  and  Enterprise  Solu,ons  -­‐  TeleHealth  BENEFIT – TELE-HEALTH INSITUTIONS INSTITUTION Disparity in the distribution of qualified physicians results in an overutilization of þ urban-based public healthcare facilities while patients in rural areas have limited access to quality healthcare. NetworksMD can connect geographically disperse populations or physical sites with access to qualified health professionals. Significantly reduce costs, patient waiting times, and travel all while increasing the þ timeliness and quality of care for remote populations.Eliminate unnecessary repeat diagnostic procedures and tests while improving early þ diagnostic capabilities, access to specialty services, and emergency triage. Enhance recruitment and retention of healthcare providers in rural or remote areas. þ 31 Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  32. 32. Integrated Institutional and EnterpriseSolutions: Deployment Models Cloud-­‐Based:  collaborate  and  communicate  with  like-­‐ minded    prac,,oners  anywhere  in  the  world.    Users   can  access  their  case  data  from  virtually  any  device,   anywhere  at  any,me.     Hybrid:  a  behind-­‐the-­‐firewall  deployment  to  restrict   certain  classes  of  data,  with  connec,vity  to  the   NetworksMD  cloud  to  allow  collabora,on  and   communica,on  outside  of  the  organiza,on.     Behind-­‐the-­‐Firewall:  a  secure  deployment  restric,ng   all  data  classes  and  sources.    The  NetworksMD   applica,on  servers  can  be  installed  in  any  data  facility   and  configured  to  run  in  a  secure  LAN  environment.     Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  33. 33. Security  and  Privacy   33Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  34. 34. Security  and  Privacy    We  maintain  a  clustered  and  fully  redundant  architecture  that  is  hosted  on    SAS70  Type  II   cer,fied  infrastructure  and  use  128-­‐bit  encryp,on  between  the  browser  and  our  servers.      Authors  have  complete  control  over  how  their  cases  are  used.    There  are  several  different  ways   to  share  or  discuss  cases  and  discussions  can  be  permanently  deleted  once  complete.  This   means  cases  and  discussions  remain  en,rely  in  the  author’s  control.      Because  NetworksMD  is  cloud-­‐based,  we  are  able  to  easily  and  quickly  deploy  the  latest   security  patches  across  our  en,re  pla?orm.  We  have  an  opera,ons  team  that  con,nuously   monitors  the  health  and  security  of  our  applica,on  around  the  clock.          The  NetworksMD  management  team  has  extensive  experience  with  cri,cal  infrastructure  and   systems  including;  healthcare,  pharmaceu,cals,  banking  and  online  payments.  Security,   compliance  and  longevity  are  the  building  blocks  of  our  company.     34 Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  35. 35. Key  Team  Member  Profiles   35Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  36. 36. Key  Team  Member  Profile   John Graham: Chairman of the Board   John,  the  Chairman  of  the  Board  of  NetworksMD,  is  the  current  Chief  Execu,ve  Officer  of  Invida   Group.     John  brings  more  than  25  years  of  execu,ve  experience  in  biotech,  pharmaceu,cals,  and  healthcare   consul,ng  to  his  role  as  Chief  Execu,ve  Officer  at  Invida.  He  has  focused  the  companys  business   development  and  marke,ng  efforts,  while  using  his  interna,onal  experience  to  bring  companies  and   products  from  around  the  world  into  the  Asia  Pacific  arena.     John  has  held  senior  management  posi,ons  in  Europe,  the  United  States,  and  La,n  America.  Prior  to   joining  Invida,  he  was  President  of  Paramount  Corporate  Development,  a  biotech  venture  firm  in  New   York.  Earlier  he  was  a  Principal  at  Ernst  &  Young,  where  he  built  the  Life  Sciences  Advisory  Prac,ce   around  business  analy,cs  and  marke,ng  effec,veness.  Prior  to  his  role  at  Ernst  &  Young,  he  was   Managing  Director  of  Genzymes  opera,ons  in  Germany  and  Switzerland,  responsible  for  Genzymes   diversified  business  por?olio  in  those  countries.  John  started  his  career  with  Aven,s,  where  he  spent   18  years  in  global  commercial  leadership  posi,ons  including  regional  responsibili,es  in  La,n  America,   Head  of  Global  Diabetes,  and  VP  of  New  Products.     John  graduated  from  the  Imperial  College  of  Science  and  Technology  in  London  with  a  BSc  (Hons)  in   Biochemistry.   36 Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  37. 37. Key  Team  Member  Profile  Tej Deol, M.D.: Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors   Tej  is  a  Member  of  the  Board  and  the  current  Chief  Execu,ve  Officer  of  NetworksMD.       From  August  2006  -­‐  April  2012,  Tej  was  the  Founder,  CEO,  and  Chairman  of  the  Board  of  Clearstate  Pte.  Ltd.       Clearstate  is  a  market  intelligence  firm  commiQed  to  the  Healthcare  and  Life  Science  domains  specifically  within  the   Asia  Pacific  region.  The  firm  offers  strategic  advisory  and  customized  primary  research  solu,ons  to  help  healthcare   firms  understand  their  current  and  poten,al  markets,  and  implement  pragma,c  and  innova,ve  growth  strategies   within  these  opaque  and  challenging  markets.     Clearstate  was  100%  acquired  in  March  of  2012  by  The  Economist  Group.  The  Economist  Group  is  the  leading   source  of  analysis  on  interna,onal  business  and  world  affairs.  The  publica,ons  and  services  delivered  under  the   Economist  brand  include  The  Economist  magazine,  The  Economist  online,  Economist  Intelligence  Unit  and  others.     In  1995,  Tej  was  a  Founding  angel  investor  and  from  1996-­‐2000  served  as  a  Member  of  the  Board  of  Directors  in  Consultants  Inc.,  a  IT  development  and  consul,ng  firm  with  over  500  consultants  serving  many   mul,na,onal  firms.  was  100%  acquired  in  2000  by  TMP  Worldwide  (a  S&P  500  company  currently   rebranded  Hudson  Highland  Group).     Tej  founded  and  ac,vely  manages  a  blog  site,  Asia  Healthspace  (  facilita,ng  discussions   on  healthcare  issues  in  Asia  Pacific  including  global  trends  among  industry  observers,  trade  personnel  and   researchers.     Tej  holds  a  Medical  Degree  (M.D.)  from  the  University  of  Western  Ontario  (1990)  and  Honors  MBA  from  the   University  of  Chicago  Booth  School  Of  Business  (2005).     Tej,  a  Canadian  na,onal,  now  calls  Singapore  his  home.  He  has  been  living  in  Singapore  with  his  wife  and  two   children  since  2001.   37 Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  38. 38. Key  Team  Member  Profile   Deepak Kaura, M.D.: Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Board of Directors   Deepak  is  a  Member  of  the  Board  and  the  current  Chief  Medical  Officer  of  NetworksMD.     Dr.  Kaura  is  also  currently  the  Chief  of  Diagnos,c  Imaging  at  the  Alberta  Childrens  Hospital,  a  ter,ary  care  hospital,  where  he  teaches  and  par,cipates  in   many  administra,ve  roles.     Deepak  graduated  from  University  of  Manitoba  School  of  Medicine  in  1997  and  completed  a  residency  in  Diagnos,c  Imaging  followed  by  subspecialty   training  in  Pediatric  Radiology  in  2003  at  The  University  of  Calgary.  He  subsequently  joined  the  staff  at  Alberta  Childrens  Hospital.     He  has  been  a  Clinical  Assistant  Professor  lecturing  at  the  University  of  Calgary  School  of  Medicine  since  2003  and  has  been  responsible  for  integra,ng   Diagnos,c  Imaging  into  the  medical  school  curriculum  (a  first  for  Canadian  medical  schools).     Deepak  has  also  been  a  member  of  the  College  of  Physicians  and  Surgeons  Accredita,on  team.  This  team  sets  standards  for  medical  prac,ces  and  then   implements  and  runs  an  extensive  accredita,on  program  which  includes  detailed  on-­‐site  reviews  of  all  the  medical  facili,es  in  Alberta.  He  is  currently  a   founding  member  of  the  Royal  College  of  Physicians  and  Surgeons  Pediatric  subspecialty  commiQee,  which  sets  the  standards  for  Pediatric  sub-­‐ specializa,on  in  Radiology.     In  2003  Deepak  took  over  as  Managing  Director  a  mul,-­‐physician  radiology  prac,ce  (MYK  Imaging)  in  Calgary  and  throughout  the  next  three  years,  he   ins,tuted  several  improvements  including  moderniza,on  of  equipment,  digitaliza,on  of  images,  crea,on  of  a  paperless  workflow,  implementa,on  of   Open  MRI,  and  establishment  of  a  pediatric  outpa,ent  imaging  service.  The  laQer  three  were  a  first  in  Canada.  Revenues  climbed  from  $4  million  in   2003  to  $10  million  in  2006.  MYK  Imaging  was  then  sold  to  CML  Healthcare,  a  large  healthcare  income  trust  specializing  in  laboratory  and  imaging   services.  CML  manages  the  health  of  over  9.5  million  pa,ents  across  Canada  annually.  The  firm  is  the  largest  provider  of  community-­‐based  medical   imaging  services  in  Canada,  and  among  the  three  largest  providers  of  community-­‐based  laboratory  tes,ng  services  in  Ontario.     CML  HealthCare  then  appointed  Dr.  Kaura  as  Medical  Director  of  Imaging  for  their  North  American  opera,ons  from  2007  to  2010,  where  he  was   responsible  for  approximately  130  clinics  in  Canada  and  the  USA  along  with  17  hospital  contracts.     Deepak  is  also  a  successful  entrepreneur,  having  helped  start  mul,ple  healthcare  ini,a,ves  including  four  soqware  companies,  and  an  innova,on   company  that  has  developed  an  MRI  accessory  for  Open  MRI,  which  helped  posi,on  pa,ents  and  caregivers.     Dr.  Kaura  currently  resides  in  Calgary,  Alberta,  Canada  with  his  wife  and  three  children.   Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  39. 39. Key  Team  Member  Profile  Sumeet Sud: Chief Marketing Officer, Board of Directors Sumeet  is  the  current  Chief  Marke,ng  Officer  of  Invida  Group.     Sumeet  brings  over  18  years  of  global  experience  at  leading  pharmaceu,cal  and  biotech  companies,   including  10  years  in  the  Asia  Pacific  Region.  Most  recently,  he  led  the  U.S.  product  management  of  the   flagship  biological  at  Talecris  Biotherapeu,cs  based  in  North  Carolina.     Prior  to  that,  he  was  at  Pfizer,  Inc.  based  in  New  York,  where  he  led  the  pre-­‐launch  ac,vi,es  of  a   diabetes  product  in  parts  of  Europe,  La,n  America,  and  Asia.     Sumeet  began  his  career  at  Merck  &  Co.,  Inc.  (MSD),  where  he  spent  11  years  in  roles  of  increasing   responsibility  based  in  New  Jersey  and  in  Hong  Kong.  He  was  a  part  of  the  aggressive  expansion  of   Mercks  presence  in  the  Asia  Pacific  Region  and  led  several  highly  successful  pharmaceu,cal  and   vaccine  product  launches.     Sumeet  is  a  graduate  of  Duke  University  in  the  U.S.  with  a  Bachelor  of  Science  degree  in  Chemistry.   39 Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  40. 40. Key  Team  Member  Profile  Jeff Natland: Board of Directors Jeff  is  a  serial  entrepreneur,  investor  and  technologist.     Jeff  founded  Arizona  Bay  Technology  Ventures  LLC  in  2008,  where  he  is  a  general  partner  in,  and  is  responsible   for  iden,fying,  evalua,ng,  and  execu,ng  poten,al  investment  opportuni,es  and  managing  rela,onships  with   many  of  ABTVs  por?olio  companies.     Jeff  is  also  the  founder  and  a  partner  at  Arizona  Bay  LLC,  a  management  consul,ng  and  technology  services   firm  based  in  San  Francisco,  CA.  Arizona  Bay  has  funded  the  development  of  many  businesses,  including   Jumpstart  Digital  Marke,ng  which  was  acquired  by  HacheQe  Filipacchi  Media  for  $120mm  USD.  Other  Arizona   Bay  success  stories  include,  Pa,ent  Safety  Technologies,  Innova,ve  Air  Quality  and  Higgins   Purchasing  Group.     Prior  to  his  ac,vi,es  with  Arizona  Bay,  Jeff  was  a  founding  shareholder  and  Chief  Informa,on  Officer  of  Neovia   Financial  PLC  (formerly  Neteller  PLC),  a  leading  independent,  global  provider  of  online  payments.  Started  in   1998  with  $100,000  in  seed  capital,  Neovia  Financial  had  a  market  capitaliza,on  of  over  $2.5bn  USD  when  Jeff   leq  the  company  at  the  end  of  2005.     Jeff  has  been  ac,ve  in  the  healthcare  space  for  many  years,  and  is  very  interested  in  con,nuing  to  develop   products  and  services  which  can  enhance  healthcare  through  the  use  of  advanced  technologies.  In  addi,on  to   personally  building  the  first  prototype  for  the  Safety  Sponge  System  (now  owned  by  Pa,ent  Safety   Technologies),  he  has  a  strong  interest  in  providing  low  cost  innova,ons  to  developing  countries  to  help   improve  the  quality  of  life  of  their  ci,zens.   40 Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  41. 41. Key  Team  Member  Profile   Paul Natland: Chief Operating Officer Paul  is  the  current  Chief  Opera,ng  Officer  at  NetworksMD.     As  Chief  Opera,ng  Officer  Paul  is  responsible  for  the  day-­‐to-­‐day  opera,ons,  long-­‐term  strategic  execu,on,  stakeholder   management,  resource  alloca,on,  project  management,  user  management  and  overall  pla?orm  development.     Formerly  the  Director  of  Strategy  and  Applica,on  for  Brightsquid  Inc.,  Paul  was  charged  with  business  development,   strategic  partnerships  and  deployments,  long-­‐term  growth  strategy,  and  overseeing  the  medical  pla?orm  development.     Prior  to  Pauls  involvement  in  the  Healthcare  technology  industry  he  acted  as  a  financial  analyst  at  ArizonaBay,  where  he   helped  build  and  invest  in  technology  start-­‐ups.     Investments  Paul  has  been  ac,vely  involved  include,,,,,,,  and  Pa,ent  Safety  Technologies.     Paul  has  also  served  as  a  sessional  instructor  at  the  University  of  Alberta’s  School  of  Business  teaching  a  seminar  that   covered  cri,cal  business  topics  including  sta,s,cs,  market  research,  accoun,ng  principals,  finance  analysis,  risk   management,  informa,on  systems,  marke,ng,  opera,ons,  and  strategic  management.     Paul  has  earned  a  Bachelors  of  Commerce  with  a  specializa,on  in  Finance  from  the  University  of  Alberta  and  currently   resides  in  Calgary,  Alberta,  Canada.   41 Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare  
  42. 42. Enabling Collaboration in HealthCare.Enabling  Collabora,on  in  Healthcare