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Web application architecture


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Basics, Components, Design and Development of Web Application and Websites. Especially made for seminars and guest sessions for newbies in Web Development field.

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Web application architecture

  1. 1. Web Application Architecture by Tejaswini Deshpande WebFanzine Media Basics, Components, Design and Development
  2. 2. Web Application  Types of Software  Desktop Applications  Server Softwares  Plugins  Embedded Software  What is a Web Application?  Is Website a Web Application?
  3. 3. Activity Share some Popular Websites that you know
  4. 4. Popular Websites
  5. 5. Activity Share some Popular Web Applications
  6. 6. Popular Web Applications  Facebook – the Social Network  Pixlr – Image Creation, Photo Editing & Effects  Zamzar – Online File Conversion  Gmail – Webmail Clients  – Short URL Services  WolframAlpha – Computational Knowledge Engine
  7. 7. Activity Lets list all probable components of a modern Website
  8. 8. Components of a Website  Logo  Navigation  Search  Content  Images & Multimedia  Gallery &  Blog  Contact Form  Registration form  Members only area  Downloadable files  Shopping cart
  9. 9. Activity Lets list all probable components of a Web App say Facebook
  10. 10. Components of a Web Application  Logo  Sign-up or Log in  Dashboard  Navigation  Notifications  Search features  Activity Log  Statistics  Various Forms  Settings  User Profiles  Reports
  11. 11. In a most simplified language a full fledged Web Applications consist of three basic components Architecture of a Web Application
  12. 12. GUI – Client Side  The user interface is always rendered on a browser  Popular browsers  Programming languages  HTML (renders actual content)  CSS (Beautifies the content)  Javascript (Add effects, interaction, alter content)
  13. 13. Web Server  Web servers are computers that deliver Web pages.  Web server has an IP address and most of the times a domain name  Eg.  Any computer can be turned into Web Server
  14. 14. Web Server  Programming languages  PHP  ASP.NET  JAVA  PERL  Python  Ruby on rails
  15. 15. Data Storage  Server side scripting language can communicate with database  Common databases  MySQL  SQL (DB2 & Microsoft)  Microsoft Access  Oracle
  16. 16. Basic Web Application - Requirements  Local Web Server  A browser  Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL  Originality & Licensing ( Never ever copy others code exactly as it is. Respect other developers  )  Online Web Server to deploy the application
  17. 17. Basic Web App – Development  Idea – Decide what is the purpose of your web application  Wireframe – On paper or a rapid prototype  Create a dedicated folder for your app  Create separate folders for css, js, images etc  Create main file – name it index.php
  18. 18. Basic Web App – Development  The index.php file will be similar to HTML (.html) file, difference being you can write PHP code inside that file  Follow basic structure of HTML file  After you write HTML for the content that will be displayed, add CSS to each element as per the design
  19. 19. Basic Web App – Development  All CSS will go in separate file say main.css in CSS folder  Follow PHP syntax to do any kind of computation or server side validation.  In order to fetch or save data to database  Connect to MySQL database  Fetch the data in PHP variables or save the data  Close the connection  You can display the fetched data by populating the HTML elements with PHP variables
  20. 20. Basic Web App – Development  Save this folder (say firstapp) into proper (www) folder of your local web server  You can open your application by opening url like http://localhost/firstapp/ in your browser.  Let us check the actual mini app for the syntax
  21. 21. Questions ?? “One of the very important characteristics of a student is to question, only students have the capability to learn.
  22. 22. Thank You 
  23. 23. Helpful Links - Basic  