Twitter for business- Indian Cases


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A collection of 4 Indian case studies of using Twitter for business purpose.

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Twitter for business- Indian Cases

  1. 1. SUCCESSFUL INDIAN CAMPAIGNSTejas Deshpande www.tejasdeshpande.comGaurav Sareen www.gauravsareen.comPankaj Kamani www.pankajkamani.comMala Subramanian Subramanian
  2. 2. TwitterTwitter is a free service that allows anyone to say almostanything to anybody in 140 characters or less – it’s the “what areyou doing right now” kind of micro-blogging that permeatesonline social communication. WHY HOW• Engagement with customers • Define your purpose and goals• Great networking tool • Assign the right tweeters –• Refine Branding knowledgeable, good listener and• Customers Feedback trustworthy• A faster way to get the message • Cultivate a voice – identity of out company tweeters & right guidelines• Everyone else is doing it • Follow the right people – remove• News & give away coupon codes spammers, find connectors and and promotions people who regularly tweet on• Twitter is Viral company posts• Spying on competition • Have a sense of humor appropriate• Increase sales to business
  3. 3. UNICEF India – Tweet for a Cause• UNICEF India case shows Celebrities impact on Social Good Projects• Bollywood icons Priyanka Chopra and Shekar Kapur were among others to tweet about thecampaign. BUZZVALVE encouraged their participation by showing them how big of an impact theyhad on the initiative• The thrust of this campaign lay in targeting influential personas and celebrities on Twitter. Aretweet or a mention by them proved crucial for the outreach program and to get word outabout the campaign
  4. 4. UNICEF India – Tweet for a CauseSuccess Metrics: During the three-month campaign, the #AWAAZDO hashtag received 1,525mentions and the @UNICEFIndia Twitter account gained 2,198 followers. The campaign itselfreceived 60,540 impressions on Twitter during the time period, as calculated using Tweetreach.By the end of the campaign, the Awaaz Do website garnered 203,248 signups of peopleinterested in "joining the movement" to help get Indias children back to school.Lesson: Non-profit organizations can increase their celebrity endorsers activity with a campaignby showing them just how impactful their Twitter involvement is. Sharing analytics withcelebrities involved in the campaign can encourage them to share the campaign with theirfollowers more often.
  5. 5. Lipton Ice Tea’s “Chill Out Surprise”Why the idea? Tracked stressed twitteraties :80% people crib on social media, the majority Twitter used as a SEARCH toolbeing on twitterWould love to get a chilled out surprise gift Searched for keywords like stressed, mondayblues, traffic Narrowed the search results to Mumbai and picked onlyAnd thus, etc the negative ones To strengthen its brand positioning ‘Take a chill pill’, Lipton Ice Tea launched a surprise chill-out campaign for 6 days on Twitter. Tracked location of stressed twitteraties The most interesting aspect as all The final confirmation was social prospects were done by calling into their integrated to track the person down – used LInkedIn, Twitter, office and knowing if they Facebook, Blogs etc have entered the office. Surprised stressed twitteraties: The Chill Out Crew would rush over to their office with a customised Chill Out Hamper.
  6. 6. Lipton Ice Tea’s “Chill Out Surprise”In about 6 days, the #Chilloutsurprise managed to create quite a buzz. Below aresome stats about the same : Half a million impressions 10+ And, tweets Countless per Smiles! minute #chilloutsurprise 20% increase in 3000+ follower interactions count Click on the Image for the video 1,50,000+ people reached
  7. 7. Hippo Chips Problem Situation Solution 12 million kirana Cumbersome stores across India. Make the consumers inventory management and tweet about a stock frequent stock outs Nascent distribution out and replenish that system store New product with an Hippo consumer onimmature distribution Twitter system Consumers turned into ‘Hunger-Fighters’
  8. 8. How it unfolded.. Meanwhile Consumers@hellomehip Hippo respond The Twiterrati Consumerspo tweets to restocks the Hunger tweeting back sees this and receive its follower store via Defeated! stock out follows suit hampers base distbn. system locations in 48 hours Results: -Hippo follower base on Twitter increases by 300% to about 4000. -50% of the sales & distribution network is tracked by Twiterrati. At no cost! -Hippo sales shoot up 76%! -Empowered customers and tremendous positive buzz in social media -Awards galore for Parle Agro & Creativeland Asia.
  9. 9. #anything4jetta
  10. 10. Learnings• Twitter is a tool to empower the consumers and not to overpower them.• Twitter effect gets amplified when coupled with traditional media.• Fun, humor, satire, creativity are an essential part of engaging the twitter users.• Celebrities are strong tools to reach out to a wider Twitter base and lend credibility to the campaign.• Following your consumers back, retweeting their posts, replying promptly to their mentions, are hygiene practices and cannot be discounted.
  11. 11. More ways to use Twitter• Organize whom you follow with lists – have people segmented into different groups to have better focus e.g. customer, people in industry, social media teachers, people in professional organizations etc.• Stop following people who don’t tweet• Expand the twitter conversation to blog by embedding a tweet into a blog post
  12. 12. Thank you!