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Media planning and buying.


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Milo relaunch

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Media planning and buying.

  1. 1. MILO Angelo Mathews TVC.flv
  2. 2. Introduction to Parent Brand
  3. 3. History
  4. 4. Ad Agency
  5. 5. Competitors
  6. 6. Situational Analysis (existed)
  7. 7. Situational Analysis (new)
  8. 8. Strengths (existed) Strengths (new)It is an international brand . We are coming up with benefits like memory sharpness for children and senior citizens.It was perceived as drink with two strongdeliverables –energy and taste. Milo is made from natural ingredients to provide a source of nutritious energy forIt emerged as no.2 in 3 out of 4 zones instead active bodies.of tough competition. Calcium for healthy bones .Easy to use packaging.Attractive packaging. We will be providing in sachets.Milo was affordable without compromising It contains natural ingredients.on quality. Now it is also for lower middle class, middleIt was also for upper class and middle class as class in rural and urban was available in different packaging atlowered price.
  9. 9. Weakness (existed) Weakness (new)It’s entry was late in Indian market, hence Its serves a complementary drink and notexisting brands dominated Indian market. original as drink.Being an international brand we faced The other competitors have more variantscultural barriers. compared to Milo.It does not have a unique taste. The tastediffers from country to countryAppeal is only made to children not to all agegroup.
  10. 10. Opportunities (existed) Opportunities (new)Being an international brand resources for We will tie up with Milk companies.advertising can be extensive and intensive. We will come up with a fitness club called Gym. Threats (existed) Threats (new)Milo’s brand promised of winning that was Other competitors have built more trustunfortunately perceived only as an then Milo.advertising claim. Market share of the existing competitors isEstablished competitors brands existed at the more.time of Milo launched in India.
  11. 11. STP (existed) STP (new)Target audience – Children, athletes Target audience - Parents, children, seniorsports person and mothers citizen & youthsSegmentation: Segmentation :Geographic - Urban and Metro areas Geographic- Urban and Rural areas.Demographic - Demographic-Age group 6years to 20years Age- 6 yrs and above. Sex- Male and female.Psychographics - Socio-economic class- Middle class, lower1.The mothers who are concerned about their middle class ,upper middle class & upperchildren’s health. class.2.The children who liked tasty drink with milk(chocolate) Psychographics -3.Athletes who believe in remaining energetic 1.People concerned about their and othersthroughout the day. health. 2.People who are quiet busy in their schedule. 3.People who dislike plain milk. 4.Health conscious.
  12. 12. Behavioral BehavioralBenefit : Benefit :The product has vitamins in it which will It not only provides vitamins but alsoprovide a good blend of milk and vitamins nutrition ,minerals and calcium for healthytogether bones. It controls cholesterol level for senior citizens.Usage :Milo user can have everyday in the morning & Usage :evening to keep your day healthy and full of Consumers can have it directly or with milkenergy. or water.The product can be taken with water or milk. Buyer readiness : Nestle is trusted international brand consumed by every age group . Occasion : Milo can be specially consumed during summer season or any sports event.
  13. 13. Positioning PositioningUSP : USP :Chocolaty Energy Drink. Naturally rich in carbohydrates. Tagline :Tagline : “Smart fit family”“Go and go and go with Milo”
  14. 14. Communication objective Communication objective (new) (existed)Category Need : Category Need :The Milo brand was especially for children, Milo is for everyone(children ,parents ,seniorAthletes and sports people. citizen, youth, athletes)Brand Awareness : Brand awareness :The awareness of the brand was done by TV commercials, attractive hoardings, quizsponsoring in various sports events, banners, contest, sponsoring sports events in schoolsTV commercials and hoardings. and colleges, internet marketing like pop ups, websites and rural advertising like wallBrand Attitude : paintings.The brand was for winners and specificallyfor sporty and active people. Brand attitude : The brand stands for family care, smartnessBrand Purchase Intentions : and sharpness.This brand was purchased by the parents whoare more concerned about their children’s Brand purchase intention :health and the people who are interested in Because it is a complete family health drink.sports and want to develop energy in them
  15. 15. Communication model (existed) Communication model (new) AIDA model : AIDA model :Attention : Attention :They created regional ads both print and T.V. Attention of the audience can be grabbedThey created ad that wins mother’s though TV commercials, Banners, events inconfidence and trust emotionally. It showed schools and colleges, Ambient media, ruralchildren winning competition by drinking advertising and internet marketing.Milo. Interest:Interest: Interest for purchasing the product can beTo create interest they lowered the price. created by providing trail Sachets in side theThey gave Milo mugs and bats on purchase of newspapers or magazines. Free packs withMilo . the milk .(Amul, Govardhan and others) Desire: Desire:Their product was packed in boxes instead of The desire can be created by executing it as aglass jars. They kept packaging as such that it family drink and providing fitness tips forcould be easily used by children so that they every one.can prepare their own drink. Action:Action: We will ask the retailers to display theThey provided with free merchandise (Balls, product in the front row.bats etc.)
  16. 16. Advertising objective (existed) Advertising objective (new)To make the target audience aware of the To make people aware about the newnew brand in the market. features of Milo.Persuade them to buy the product : Persuade them to buy the product :By convincing Indian mothers that this is Persuade them to buy product bythe brand that will let your child win all emphasizing it as a family health drinkcompetitions of life in a healthy and with nutritional value.nutritious way through ads.POP (point of purchase) – Displaying maximum of milo product at retail outlets.
  17. 17. Marketing brief (existed) Marketing brief (new)Marketing Objective : Marketing Objective :To capture and dominate the market of 6 to To earn up to maximum profit by targeting13 years old future champions. the consumers of age 6years & above and to reposition it as a family health drink.Scheduling strategy : Scheduling strategy :Flighting- Because they advertised more insports event, Olympics, marathon and world Continuity – Continuously play radio ads andcup and gave gap to TVC while there were no show print ads in newspaper, sports and othersports event going on. magazines ,display hoardings and increase the reach and frequency by TVC so that people don’t forget the brand name.
  18. 18. Media strategy
  19. 19. Do you drink energy drink? (product category information)
  20. 20. Have you heard about Milo? (brand awareness)
  21. 21. Have you seen Milo ads? (brand recall)
  22. 22. If yes then where and which media? (media reach)
  23. 23. Which was more effective? (media effectiveness)
  24. 24. Did you like the ad? (likes/dislikes)
  25. 25. Q-7 If yes, what did you like in the ad? (personal opinion)• Offers• Winning spirit of Children in the ad• Sachin Tendulkar• That it was focused on cricket.
  26. 26. Did you like the packaging? (likes/dislikes)
  27. 27. Do you remember the tagline of Milo? (recall value)
  28. 28. Do you remember the brand ambassador of Milo? Wo? (recall value)
  29. 29. Q - 11 Whom would you like to see as the next brand ambassador for Milo ads? (ad objective)• Vishwanath Anand.• Suresh Raina.• Johnny Lever.• Mahindra Singh Dhoni.• Salman Khan.
  30. 30. Would you like to have flavors in Milo? (market research)
  31. 31. In which packaging would you like to have in Milo? (market research)
  32. 32. Would u like to have Milo withMilk, Water or in Powdered form? (consumer comfort)
  33. 33. AmbientAdvertising
  34. 34. Banners
  35. 35. Posters
  36. 36. Posters
  37. 37. Efforts By :