Let’s play with our brand ~ Gamification for Branding


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« Let’s play with our brand
Gamification for Branding »


Innovating Through Brands
ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona

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Let’s play with our brand ~ Gamification for Branding

  1. 1. Let’s playwith our brandGamification for BrandingInnovating Through Brands @ElisavaBCN25/06/2013 @JaumeTeixi
  2. 2. Technology is Evolving Branding90‘s Multimedia00‘s Social Media10’s Gamification
  3. 3. Social MediaThe Cluetrain Manifesto» Markets are Conversations» Markets are Getting Smarterfaster thanMost Companies
  4. 4. Social MediaMark Zuckerberg» A social version of anythingcan almost always be moreengaging and outperforma non-social version
  5. 5. Social MediaMark Prensky» Digital Natives, Digital ImmigrantsMobile» Instant Everything GenerationSocial Graph» Contacts / Friends / Followers
  6. 6. GamificationPastService Marketing » From Productto ServicePresentGamification » From Serviceto Experience
  7. 7. GamificationGame Design Elements forNon-Game ActivitiesGame Design forBranding
  8. 8. Veterants POVIan Bogost» ExplotationwareRichard A. Bartle» Serious Games want a GameJane Mcgonigal» PERMAAmy Jo Kim» Smart Gamification
  9. 9. Entrants POVSimon Wiscombe» Dont Focus on Achievements…Target the Journey, Rather than the GoalSebastian Deterding» From Game Design Elementto Gamefulness
  10. 10. Social GamesBy Applying Game Mechanics to CasualAudiences, Social Games favored theappearance of that Gamification thing.
  11. 11. All Games Are SocialJon Radoff
  12. 12. Social Games Design ElementsTutorial by DefaultPersonalizationSocial GraphUser-to-User CommunicationTrade ElementsLeaderboardsScarcity...
  13. 13. Network EffectsNetwork Effect» Each new user adds a positive (+)or negative (-) effect for the rest(-) Censorship» Streisand Effect(+) Virality» k-Factor
  14. 14. Design for Player TypesJon RadoffevolvedfromR.A. Bartle
  15. 15. Design for ContributionSocial Influence» ReputationSocial Favors» ReciprocitySocial Discovery» EfficacySocial Belonging» Community
  16. 16. Design for Players’ CyclesNovice» Clear GoalsRegular» Fresh ContentEvangelist» Exclusive Elements
  17. 17. Metrics AAA + AARRRE. Ries’ Actionable, Accessible, AuditableDave McClure’s Metrics for Pirates
  18. 18. GamificationThe Defining Elements
  19. 19. Lovell’s 10 Rules of Gamification1. You’re not making a game2. Know what you are trying to achieve3. Be prepared not to gamify4. Games are rubbish at customer acquisition5. Retention is crucial, yet criminally overlooked6. Monetization may sound great, but focus on your corebusiness7. No, games are not just about competition8. Beware unintended consequences9. Make it personal10. Gamification is a process, not a project
  20. 20. Gamification Design ElementsDeloitte
  21. 21. Gamification Design ElementsAesthetics» Graphics, Characters, SoundsMechanics» Engagement, I/E Rewards, ViralityFlow» Objectives, Feedback, ProgressMultiplayer» Connection, Trade, ComparisonMeaning» Audience, Storytelling, Achievements
  22. 22. Gamification’s DeepnessThree depths of Gamification
  23. 23. Casual GamificationGamified trial for Autodesk 3ds Max
  24. 24. Core GamificationSuperbetter » Turn Recovery into a Game
  25. 25. Hardcore GamificationARG for Cisco’s Global Sales Experience
  26. 26. GamificationSo Why ?
  27. 27. Gamification OpportunityNot GamificationContent MarketingAdvergamingSerious GamesNewsgamesEdutainment
  28. 28. Gamification OpportunityThe BeginningLoyalty Cards » SkyPoints, Air MilesThe PresentCustomer ExperienceLoyalty & EngagementCustomized ProductsSpecial OffersCollections & Scarcity...
  29. 29. Gamification OpportunityRespect Organic Virality» Dont SpamPlaying Gives You a Sense of» Urgent Optimism: Dont Give UpAlways Provide» Real Return Value
  30. 30. Gamification OpportunityDrive Fun Experiences» Real Customer LoyaltyDifferentiate» Your Brand
  31. 31. Questions ?Thanks☆ヾ( ■_■)ノ♪@JaumeTeixi