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Richter10.2 Media Groups List of Services.

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Our Services Pdf

  1. 1. Richter10.2 Media Group Social Media Press Kit Personal PR tool to be accessible and available using the most cutting edge communication tools available today. The SMPK is a utility tool to be used to improve relations, communication and accessibility. The tool is to highlight the individual. Web PR Mini-Campaign (Blitz) A mini campaign to promote a specific event or promotional special from a specific start date to end date. The blitz is to quickly make known and get the word out using the most popular and high ranking tools available today. Web PR Campaign A full campaign which includes social media directories, blogs, micro-blogs like Twitter, video, photo sites, press releases, RSS Feeds, social bookmarking, design, branding and aesthetics, all to build the Web PR foundation which creates visibility and creates a presence done to a fully professional standard. The Web PR campaign can then further be used to build a community and build relations with the clientʼs target public audience. Social Media Press Room An interactive page built into the clientʼs website which has all news, current affairs and needed information to research the company such as RSS Feeds built in, press releases with links in scrolling format, Twitter status update in real time, Linkedin buttons to link to all of the company executivesʼ profiles, facebook business page link, company videos to watch promo and personal introduction, BusinessWeek link to view company profile, all company address and contact information, social bookmarking tools with Delicious link to show company bookmarks sites. This is a tool to fully highlight the company.
  2. 2. Web PR Management Full management includes active use of the Web PR campaign to promote the client, make strategic introductions and build relations with their target public audience to attract interest and generate reaches for our client. This is done by using all of the tools within the Web PR campaign to use as a vehicle to attract attention and get reaches that can be routed to our client. All Web PR tools are used in an active manner such as writing blogs, Twitter headlines, strategic connections and introductions, press releases, video posting, pictures posted, RSS feeds, slideshare presentations, events, etc all to create buzz and achieve the product of making our client known to their target public audience, building relations with them and creating reaches for our clientʼs product or service. Website Re-Design with Social Media Applications This is our service to improve existing sites to bring the PR and aesthetic value up to compliment the overall Web PR campaign and to reflect the overall aesthetic image of the campaign. This is a MUST these days to be sure that your site reflects your company image and helps convey your company the way you want it to. In addition, we add Social Media applications such as buttons to “Follow Me on Twitter, Become a Fan on Facebook, Join us on Linkedin, Read our Blog or Subscribe to our RSS Feed, Bookmark this page on Digg, Delicious etc. These are quickly becoming vital aspects of your website and business to improve profitability by keeping your company on the cutting edge and making your company fully accessible to your target public audience. For further information, please contact us: Richter10.2 Media Group 600 Cleveland Street Suite 920 Clearwater Florida 33755 +1 888.362.9998 +1 727 213 6386 Fax www.richter10point2.com info@richter10point2.com Clearwater - Los Angeles - Toronto - Cape Town - Charlotte