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  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Ego started in the year 2004 with the launching of Men’s wear.• Ego is a fashion clothing brand for a woman which was founded in 2006.• This brand deals in Ready -To -Wear dresses for women. • Ego does not believe in following fashion trends, They believe insetting trends rather than following them.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION• The strength of Ego is its originality and innovation.• The biggest challenge for this brand is sustainability and growth. • They are not age specific; all Pakistani women are their target market.• Total outlets across Pakistan are 21 out of which 9 are in Karachi.
  4. 4. AIMS AND OBJECTIVESTarget Audience: • All modern Pakistani women, specially working women’s.COMPETITION: • Prêt is a relatively new genre in Pakistan, keeping that in mind all other brands in business are tools for expansion of theIndustry which is beneficial for their business.
  5. 5. EGO INSPIRATION • They inspired things around them. Like old movies, animated films, local architecture etc. Ego Team• They are consisting of five designers related to textile and fashion designing. Ego Social network: • Ego reaches 454K + fans on facebook.
  6. 6. EGO PRODUCTS1. Kurtaa.2. Western tunics.3. Scarf’s.4. Churidar pajamas.5. Culottes.6. Capri’s.7. Fitted straights paints.
  7. 7. PRICE RANGEPrice Range:Casual wear:Black Tab- Smart causal Rs. 3550 to Rs. 4950Mango Tab Rs. 2850 to Rs. 3950Evening wear: Rs. 7000 to Rs. 14000Casual Tunics: Rs. 1850 to Rs. 2650
  8. 8. Ego new arrivals and innovation 2012• Ego new arrivals 2012 are all brightly colored and quite suitable for your new fall wardrobe. • Ego new arrivals 2012 will be suitable for modern women who want something stylish for casual wear.• The shirts are embellished with unique printed and embroidered motifs.
  9. 9. Ego Presents Work wear dresses For Ladies • This time Ego has brought its latest Work wear dresses for professional & working ladies. • This makes it simple & comfortable for working ladies tomanage their wardrobe by preparing dresses in a tiny amount of time & on reasonable cost • Ego work wear dresses for ladies have the most soft & comfortable fabric having 100% pure cotton threads
  10. 10. Ego Market Image•Ego is the retailer success story of the decade inPakistan. From a low-key opening in the overcrowdedlanes of ZamZama in Karachi in 2006, the store has hada significant impact on how women shop in just a fewyears.• Today, it has a total of 11 retail spaces in Karachi,Lahore and Islamabad, has done seven exhibitions inthe US and plans to do 60 more across the world fromBombay, Delhi and Colombo to the UK and US.
  11. 11. OUR PERCEPTION ABOUT EGO• In our opinion the brand is quite unique fromother prêt line brands because it looks obvious tothe customer about its product identity.• Ego customers always eager for their offers usingdifferent colors, motives and compatibility for theuser.• Their price ranges are quite reasonable againsttheir products quality and durability.
  12. 12. Questionnaire Results
  13. 13. 1.1: Most of the women according to thesurvey feel that Ego products satisfy theirneeds. 10 9 8 7 6 5 Yes No 4 3 2 1 0 Need satisfaction Analysis
  14. 14. 1.2: Most of the women according to surveyfeels that Ego products affordable. 10 9 8 Cheap 7 6 affordable 5 4 expensive 3 2 1 0 Price Analysis
  15. 15. 1.3: According to quality survey most of theconsumer is convinced from the quality of Egoproducts.109 Average8 Good7 Excellent6543210 Quality analysis
  16. 16. 1.4: According to innovative verities survey most of the consumer is convinced from the innovations of Ego products. 9 8 7 6 5 Yes 4 No 3 2 1 0 Innovative varities Analysis
  17. 17. 1.5: According to suitability for working womensurvey, majority working women are satisfied fromthe product. 10 9 8 7 6 5 Yes 4 No 3 2 1 0 Sutability Survey
  18. 18. 1.6: According to On-line buying accessibilitysurvey, customers are not to much satisfy from theprocess10 9 8 7 6 5 Easy 4 3 Difficult 2 1 Very complicated 0 On-line buying accessibility servey
  19. 19. 1.7: According to Sales outlet reachablesurvey, majority women are satisfied from the locationof sales outlets. 9 8 7 6 Yes 5 4 No 3 2 1 0 Sales out-let reachable survey
  20. 20. 1.8: According to Design image survey, majoritywomen are satisfied from the product designelegancy. 10 9 8 7 6 Unique 5 Copied 4 3 Elegant 2 1 0 Design image survey
  21. 21. 1.9: According to consumption survey, majoritywomen are satisfied from the product life ordurability.10 9 long lasting 8 Short-life 7 average life 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Consumtion Analysis
  22. 22. 1.10: According to product color likenesssurvey, majority women are satisfied from theproduct colors.10 9 8 7 6 their will 5 4 seasonal 3 2 innovative 1 0 Product colors likeness analysis
  23. 23. 1.11: According to After sales service satisfaction survey, majority women are satisfied.109876 Average54 Good32 Excellent10 After sales service satisfaction Analysis
  24. 24. 1.12: According to Stitching QualitySurvey, majority working women are satisfied.10987 Average6 Excellent5 need4 improvement3210 Stitching quality Analysis
  26. 26. ZAMZAMA, The FORUM Mall, PARK TOWER,KARACHI Dolmen Mall Tariq Road, Dolmen Mall Hyderi, KDA Scheme # 2 North Nazimabad, KDA, Tipu Sultan Rd, Dolmen Mall Clifton, Atrium Mall Shop # 5, ground floor, boulevard shopping mall,HYDERABAD autobahn road, Latifabad unit 3 Mall of Lahore, HKB, Y-block , MM Alam Rd, HKBLAHORE Liberty, Main Liberty Gulberg, Studio Meer, EGO Chen One Tower, Chen OneGUJRANWALA towers, Mediacom towerISLAMABAD Beverly Centre, Adamjee Rd. Saddar
  27. 27. PESHAWAR Imperial Store City TowersSIALKOT Shopping Complex Sialkot Cant.
  28. 28. In The End! • EGO was formed to create clothing inspired by the young andindependent women. They are at current modest position in the fashion industry. • This brand gave a new dimension to the fashion industryof Pakistan by introducing ready to dresses that chic, trendy and stylish. • Ego is progressing rapidly due to its reliability, durability, innovation, affordability and after sales services. • No matter if you don’t get time from your work for getting your dresses stitched. Ego has the solution for all your needs.

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