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  1. 1. MATARIKI Matariki Hunga Nui Matariki of many people (refers to the drawing together of people to work)
  2. 2. What is Matariki? • A group, or cluster, of stars. • Also known as the Pleiades • Or the Seven Sisters • Celebrated by Maori as the beginning of a new year.
  3. 3. When is the Maori New Year? • There are 2 signs. • The pre-dawn rise of Matariki is seen in late May. • At the next new moon, usually in June, the new year begins.
  4. 4. What does Matariki mean? • Matariki has two meanings. • Both refer to a tiny constellation of stars • “Mata Riki” means ‘tiny eyes’ • “Mata Ariki” means ‘eyes of god’
  5. 5. Why is Matariki important? • Signified the end of an old year • A good time for new harvests • Celebration of our unique home and culture • A time of reflection on the past and the future
  6. 6. How is Matariki celebrated? • Reflecting on the past • Education • Traditional celebrations lasted up to 3 days • Most regions organise special events
  7. 7. Matariki in Otautahi • Concert and whanaungatanga at Te Kura Whakapumau. • Exchange with Tuahiwi School • Workshops at Nga Hau e Wha marae.
  8. 8. Matariki around the World • The Matariki cluster can be seen in many parts of the world. • Matariki - Maori • Subaru - Japanese • Matali’i - Samoan • Mataliki - Tongan • Makalii - Hawaiian • Pleiades - Greek
  9. 9. Proverbs • Matariki atua ka • Matariki taapuapua eke mai i te rangi e • Matariki when water lies roa, e roa, in pools whangainga iho ki • (A synonym for the winter season) te mata o te tau e roa e. • Matariki ahunga nui • Matariki rising in the • Matariki with many heavens, feed those heaped mounds • The time to prepare mounds for below with first fruits kumara planting
  10. 10. Matariki and Kiwiana • “Kiwiana” - items and icons that can be identified as uniquely Kiwi. • Matariki as a cultural celebration of the new year in June is unique to Aotearoa