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Kupas bisnis eo


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Kupas bisnis eo

  1. 1. Prospek Bisnis Event Organizer (EO) Kresnayana Yahya Enciety Business Consult
  2. 2. Middle class needs v Masyarakat kelas menengah makin beragam minat, daya beli dan involvement nya dalam Events v Kebutuhan untuk “terlibat” dan “menjadi bagian dari suatu event” makin meningkat v Lifestyle dan Event style makin jadi pilihan v Sponsor dan organizer makin jeli melihat peluang v Dari pameran, Expo sampai Big Event terjadi di Indonesia
  3. 3. Event management v Sport v Family: wedding, birthday, party v Business : launching, promo, customer gathering v Culture : celebrating royal days v Music : jazz, metallica, classic, pop v Technology : Race, launching v Social media gathering v MICE v Political events v Social and government
  4. 4. Event Management is part of Business Service Management vService Impact Management § Deals with the relationships between Services and IT (dependency and impact) § Service model definition § Service impact § Service availability § Automate and visualize events § Requires sophisticated Event Management vEvent Management § Deals with receiving and manipulating the IT events § Collect and process events § Define and manipulate events § Perform notifications § Requires well-developed Infrastructure and Application Management August 30, 20134
  5. 5. Incident Management and Problem Management § Event Management is comprised of § Incident management § Problem management § The primary objective of incident management is to restore service as soon as possible to minimize any negative effect on business services. § The objective of problem management is to takes a proactive approach in defining preventative measures so that service disruptions do not occur. August 30, 20135
  6. 6. Sports Organizations ? Media Broadcast Sponsors Institutions Federations Events Clubs Franchises Sports goods & Equipments Consulting Agencies Athletes agents
  7. 7. Focus on “Event Concept” In sports context, “event” is everywhere : « National Championships (every week ! : NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, LNF, Top 14, Premier League…) « National and International Competitions (JO, World Cups…) « One shot events (every year) : Roland Garros, Tour de France, ATP, PGA, Superbowl, Formula 1… exhibitions… …
  8. 8. Categorization of events Scale of impacts (attendance, media, profile, infrastructure, costs, benefits) High Low LOCAL MAJOR HALLMARK MEGA-EVENT Category of event
  9. 9. Stakeholders in sport organizations Private sponsors Organisation Public sponsors Sport institutions Media Spectators Athletes Suppliers Event / Club
  10. 10. Main Strategic Approaches (Saias & Métais, 2001) POSITIONING MOVEMENT Competitive Advantage Resource- Based View RBV Permanent Transformation STRATEGIC «FIT » STRATEGIC «INTENT » S.W.O.T 5 Forces Michael Porter & Co Gary Hamel and C. K Prahalad & Co
  11. 11. Resource Based-View : VRIO model (Barney, 1991) Resources & capacities Lead to Sustained Competitive Advantage Value Rareness Inimitability Non- Substitutability Organization
  12. 12. Cascade of assets Stock of resources Relational Resources « Axes » Partnership Resources Reputational Resources Physical resources Learning Organizational Capabilities Dynamic Capabilities « Bricolage »
  13. 13. Benefits for the sponsor : achieve communication objectives SPONSOR Firm, non profit organization, institution… SPONSORED Entity : individual, group, oragnization, event… Area : sports, arts, environment.. Sponsor support : financial or not Media Sponsor target Sponsored Target PUBLIC
  14. 14. Event or Club Partneship Resources Sponsor Event communication (sponoring resources) VRIO Linkage among resources
  15. 15. Understanding the Meaning of Performance ? Event Internal Measure P.A.P.E.R Test Sponsoring Efficiency (Partners) PR Efficiency (Partners) Event Reputation ð Performance Institutional Performance Media Performance Brand Exploitation ? Stakeholders Performance Shareholders performance Athletes Performance
  16. 16. Reputation = key resource ? REPUTATION => Sustained Competitive Advantage Value Rareness Inimitability Non- Substitutability Organization
  17. 17. Linking Identity, Reputation and Expressive Organization (club or event) Brand
  18. 18. Reputation management (Fombrun, 1996) REPUTATION Visibility Authenticity Consistency Distinctiveness Transparency
  19. 19. Communicates Appropriately with Everyone… Carries out Visible Stakeholder Initiatives… Participates in Worthy Social Initiatives… Is Recognizably Different... Makes a Distinctive Promise… Stands out… Walks the Talk… Is Identifiable in its Communications… Conveys a Consistent Message… States Its Beliefs Openly… Discloses Information in a Timely Fashion… Shows Responsiveness to all Stakeholders… Is Credible and Sincere in Its Communications… Is Honest… Is Appealing to deal with… Visible Distinctive Consistent Transparent Authentic Expressiveness Quotient The expressiveness quotient (Fombrun and Van Riel, 2004)
  20. 20. Reputation management in action ! You have to Create Protect Repair your reputation Indeed bad reputation can affect brand development… (OM)
  21. 21. Reputations are magnets : they help a company attract resources (Fombrun and Van Riel, 2004) REPUTATION Employees Customers Investors Media Journalists Financial Analysts Make jobs more attractive & motivate hard work Encourages repeat purchase & builds market share Lowers capital costs & attracts next investment Generates more favorable Press coverage Affects content of coverage And recommendations
  22. 22. Measure : reputation Quotient (6 dimensions and 20 attributes) (Fombrun and Van Riel, 2004) REPUTATION Social Responsibility Supports Good Causes Environmental Responsibility Community Responsibility Vision & Leadership Market Opportunities Excellent Leadership Clear Vision for the future Financial Performance Record of profitability Low Risk investment Growth Prospects Outperforms Competitors Workplace Environment Good Place to work Good employees Rewards Employees Fairly Products & Services High Quality Innovative Value for money Stands Behind Emotional Appeal Feel good about Admire and Respect Trust 7-pt scale 7 = describes very well 1=oes not describe well
  23. 23. Transfer in the context of sports organizations REPUTATION Social Responsibility Supports Good Causes (Ethic) Environmental Responsibility Community Responsibility (fans) Vision & Leadership Market Opportunities Excellent Leadership Clear Vision for the future CEO celebrity Financial Performance Record of profitability Low Risk investment Growth Prospects Outperforms Competitors Media returns - affluence Stakeholders performance Workplace Environment Good Place to work Good employees Volunteers management Products & Services High Quality of sport show & experience Innovative Value for money (tickets) Hospitality Emotional Appeal Admire and Respect sport & athletes Passion & hedonism Comsumer experience 7-pt scale 7 = describes very well 1=oes not describe well
  24. 24. Mega Event
  25. 25. 5 principles Reputation Management For Roland Garros Be visible Media choice (F2-3) Stadium evolution Be authentic Traditional identity History respect (museum) Etre consistent Sport advantage Sponsors control (colors on the court) Etre distinctive Sport exception : Grand Slam Clay courts Physical impacts Etre transparent Communication (ex players) FFT is an association (now difficulty with Christian Bîmes)
  26. 26. Football --- KLUB SEPAK BOLA TERMAHAL DI DUNIA -- Gareth bale, Pemain dengan bayaran termahal --- KONTRAK SPONSOR DENGAN HARGA FANTASTIS -- Indonesia datangkan Chelsea, Promotor kisruh --- GARUDA INDONESIA MEMILIH SPONSORI LIVERPOOL --- Benefits of sponsorship
  27. 27. Bayern Muenchen klub termahal di dunia Bayern Munchen mengalahkan Borussia Dortmund 2-1 di final Liga Champions 2013. Setelah dengan gemilang menjuarai Liga Champions, Bayern Muenchen sekarang dinobatkan sebagai klub sepak bola paling mahal di dunia dengan nilai mencapai US$ 860 juta. Menurut peringkat yang disusun BrandFinance ini nilai Bayern lebih tinggi dibandingkan Manchester United, yang harus puas berada di posisi dua tahun ini.
  28. 28. Club – club sepak bola termahal Rank Klub Price 1 Bayern Munchen US$ 860 juta 2 Manchester United US$ 837 juta 3 Real Madrid US$ 621 juta 4 Barcelona US$ 572 juta 5 Chelsea US$ 418 juta 6 Arsenal US$ 410 juta BrandFinance menyusun daftar ini antara lain berdasarkan beberapa kriteria, di antaranya adalah pendapatan klub, nilai keseluruhan pemain, dan peringkat federasi sepak bola Eropa, UEFA.
  29. 29. Bale, pemain termahal Gareth Bale ditawar Real Madrid dengan harga Rp 1,3 triliun. Media Spanyol menyebut kalau Los Merengues sudah menawarkan dana sebesar 82 juta poundsterling pada Spurs untuk mau melepas pemain asal Wales itu. Jumlah tersebut memang tidak akan sepenuhnya berbentuk uang cash karena melibatkan kepindahan Angel Di Maria dan Fabio Coentrao sebagai bagian dari transaksi tersebut. Namun nilai 82 juta poundsterling akan menjadi rekor pembelian terbaru, mengalahkan catatan sebelumnya yang dibuat Madrid saat memboyong Cristiano Ronaldo dari Manchester United yang senilai 80 juta poundsterling. Beda di Spanyol, beda pula di Inggris. Bos besar The Lillywhites, Daniel Levy, malah disebut ingin dana lebih besar lagi. Jumlahnya sangat luar biasa yakni 143,5 juta euro. Dalam kurs rupiah, itu sama dengan Rp 1,95 triliun.
  30. 30. Kontrak sponsor dengan harga fantastis Beberapa klub elite sepak bola Eropa merampungkan kontrak dengan perusahaan iklan untuk mensponsori perlengkapan dan kostum pemain. Nilai kontrak mencapai ratusan miliar rupiah per tahun. Majalah bisnis Forbes pun merilis lima nilai sponsor terbesar untuk klub sepak bola di Eropa. Klub asal Inggris, Manchester United (MU), berada di peringkat teratas setelah menandatangani kontrak dengan perusahaan otomotif Amerika Serikat, Chevrolet. Tak tanggung-tanggung, kontrak disepakati berlangsung selama tujuh tahun. Nilai kontrak sangat fantastis yaitu US$80 juta atau sekitar Rp777 miliar per tahun. Nilai itu memecahkan rekor kontrak sponsor termahal di dunia sepak bola.
  31. 31. Daftar 5 sponsor dengan nilai fantastis versi Forbes versi Forbes klub sponsor harga Manchester United (MU) Chevrolet (perusahaan otomotif Amerika Serikat) US$80 juta atau sekitar Rp777 miliar per tahun (selama 7 tahun) Barcelona Qatar Airways US$38 juta atau hampir Rp379 miliar per tahun Bayern Munchen perusahaan telekomunikasi Deutsche Telekom US$37 juta atau lebih Rp360 miliar Liverpool Standard Chartered Bank Rp320 miliar per tahun (selama empat tahun) Real Madrid Bwin (perusahaan judi di Eropa) US$29 juta atau sekitar Rp281 miliar per tahun
  32. 32. Alasan Chevrolet memberikan harga paling fantastis Wakil Presiden General Motors North America, perusahaan yang membawahi Chevrolet, Alan Batey, menyatakan rasa bangganya bisa menjalin kerjasama dengan United. United yang namanya sudah mendunia menjadikan alasan Chevrolet untuk bekerja sama secara resmi. Dan Chevrolet tidak sungkan-sungkan untuk memberikan dana besar kepada Setan Merah untuk membangun tim yang dipimpin Sir Alex Ferguson ini.
  33. 33. Indonesia datangkan Chelsea, promotor kisruh Seluruh kegiatan tur Asia Chelsea di Indonesia yang menggunakan Stadion Utama Gelora Bung Karno masih menjadi tanda tanya, setelah promotor awal kedatangan klub Liga Primer Inggris tersebut, MyEvents, mengancam akan 'menyegel' stadion. MyEvents merupakan promotor awal yang mendatangkan Chelsea ke Indonesia. Namun BNI sebagai sponsor utama memutus kerja sama itu dengan alasan wanprestasi, dan mengalihkannya ke promotor lain. Hal ini diakui CEO MyEvents Fauzan Zaman. “Pihak kami memang melakukan wanprestasi, karena tidak sanggup menyetorkan dana ke sponsor, dalam hal ini BNI. Ada beberapa ketentuan di kesepakatan awal. Jika kami batal, atau wanprestasi, kewajiban bisa lepas,” ujar Fauzan dalam keterangannya kepada wartawan beberapa saat lalu. Sumber :
  34. 34. Sedangkan CMO MyEvents Niken Ayu mengungkapkan, pihaknya belum mendapatkan kompensasi atas biaya yang sudah dikeluarkan sejak Januari lalu setelah adanya pemutusan kerja sama dengan BNI. “Sejak kami putus kerja sama pada Juni lalu, MyEvents belum mendapatkan legalitas resmi mengenai hal itu. Ini bisnis, ada hukum yang memastikan hal itu. Pengajuan kompensasi kepada BNI belum direspon pihak BNI,” kata Niken. “Kami menunggu niat baik dari pihak BNI. Jika hingga Selasa (23/7) pukul 11.00 WIB belum ada penyelesaian, pengacara kami yang akan bicara. Stadion Utama sudah kami sewa tanggal 23-25 Juli, jadi tak ada pihak lain yang bisa menggunakannya.” Sementara COO MyEvents Tio Nugroho menyatakan, pihaknya sama sekali tidak berniat mengganggu kegiatan Chelsea di Stadion Utama. Hanya saja, mereka merasa kecewa dengan sikap BNI yang tidak memperlihatkan itikad baik. “MyEvents tidak ingin tur Chelsea batal. Saya juga sudah pesan tiket untuk keluarga. Jika ada kesepakatan, maka kita bisa melihat tim terbaik [Chelsea] bermain di Indonesia. Jika tidak, maka kami yang akan bermain bola di sana,” tegas Tio. “Di luar berhembus kabar ada ribut antarpromotor. Itu tidak benar. Kami tidak ada masalah dengan promotor yang ditunjuk BNI itu. Ini ada masalah yang belum terselesaikan, yaitu antara kami dan BNI.”
  35. 35. Garuda Indonesia memilih sponsori liverpool Liverpool memiliki sejarah dan tata nilai yang sama dengan yang tengah dibangun di Garuda Indonesia. Sejarahnya yang panjang dengan rangkaian kemenangan yang stabil adalah poin penting untuk pengambilan keputusan. Sedangkan prestasi tim lainnya sangat tergantung pada siapa yang tengah menjadi pemiliknya. Selain itu, "The Reds", julukan Liverpool, memiliki 580 juta penggemar di seluruh dunia. Jumlah penggemarnya di Asia mencapai 300 juta orang, dan 1,5 juta di antaranya di Indonesia.
  36. 36. Ada 10,2 juta penggemar yang mengakses akun FB klub ini, ditambah 1,1 juta followers dalam akun Twitter-nya. Sebagai klub tertua di Liga Inggris yang didirikan pada 1892, saya tak heran bila Liverpool memiliki pendukung fantastis yang terbesar di dunia. Akhirnya deal pun dicapai, dan ini bagus bagi peningkatan citra Garuda dalam bisnis internasionalnya. Lihatlah iklan baru TVC Garuda Indonesia yang sekarang banyak ditayangkan di media global, juga memakai talent Liverpool.
  37. 37. Keuntungan bagi sponsor klub sepak bola Dengan dicantumkannya logo produk perusahaan tersebut pada jersey atau papan iklan maka diharapkan bisa mendongkrak penjualan produk perusahaan tersebut. Seperti kita ketahui bahwa sepakbola punya "daya magis", pihak sponsor memanfaatkan hal tersebut untuk memasarkan produk-produk mereka. Tapi bisa juga para sponsor tersebut adalah pihak yang menanamkan modalnya pada klub yang bersangkutan.
  38. 38. Dikutip dari official web SeaWolves FC mengatakan bahwa Benefits of Sponsorship WE BELIEVE: Sport offers loyalty, entertainment, passion, and reaches out to all demographics, creating an environment with no boundaries. The creation of a relationship between sport and a corporate brand should be beneficial to both parties. Aligning with an athletic team, such as SeaWolves FC, is an excellent method of increasing brand awareness. Associating a product or service with a sport can reap huge benefits. · A sport offers continuous advertising opportunities · The fan base is a ready database to target · Team fans are keenly loyal and extend that loyalty to the team sponsors · Fans offer an extended network through friends and family · Soccer is an international language, which is now developing an active and bandwagon following here in Washington. It’s a celebration of the best of humanity. · Sponsor companies can also reinforce awareness among target markets by sponsoring additional soccer events and clinics
  39. 39. SOCCER IS REFERRED TO AS “THE WORLD’S GAME.” BUT WITH SPONSORSHIPS, WE MEAN BUSINESS! USL PDL does not see sponsorship as an act of charity – rather as a corporate decision that must provide a positive return on investment. Sponsors enjoy a wide range of benefits, which can: · Raise brand awareness and develop brand preference in the marketplace · Create positive PR and raise awareness of your organization as a whole · Provide attractive context for your products or services · Provide events for promoting your good relations with clients
  40. 40. BRAND QUALITY AND CREDIBILITY: LOCALLY and GLOBALLY At the highest levels, sport involves gold medals, world records, championship cups and global awareness. A leading brand can benefit greatly by associating with such excellence. Sponsoring an international athletic entity of USL PDL caliber adds value to a company’s brand proposition. In nearly all sectors of all markets there is intense competition among companies and brands. Often there is little differential between products in terms of quality, content or price. To make a brand stand out from the crowd a sponsor can use sport to create a unique position in the mind of the consumer.
  41. 41. MEDIA & EXPOSURE Typically sponsors wish to support activities that are enjoyable and memorable for audiences and participants, and provide occasions to build brand value. Top of the list on most sponsor requirements is media coverage. Sporting events such as season openers, sponsored giveaway nights, community interaction, and playoff games, create opportunities for exciting and interesting newspaper photographs and television images showing sponsor logos on shirts or banners. Such exposure creates brand familiarity for consumers. When the logo stands out from competitors, that means increased sales from consumers who are looking to spend money. ____________________________________ Sponsors and their employees want to feel comfortable with a business partnership, expecially one this public. We know you want to feel confident about getting a good return on your investment. PDL Soccer believes that it acts as ambassadors for its sponsors’ brands, saying to the world, “This brand is all about being innovative, dependable, and full of vitality and life.” Join your SeaWolves FC in 2011! We look forward to working with you.
  42. 42. Complexity dan secure planning v Seluruh gagasan EVENT haru di disain secara terintegrasi mulai dari host, sponsor, organizer, agent, stars sampai support dan design with assurance, tested and reliabel v Pengalaman di Indonesia : ada saja yg miss dan memalukan. Sambungan internet teleconference, Loud speaker di istana , protokoler dll v Integrasi semua ini dengan skenario yang jelas , tegas dan open menjadikan pekerjaan event organizer ini sangat menarik dan perlu di bangun untuk membangun REPUTASI v Global events makin banyak di Indonesia, bersiaplah jadi event organizer kelas dunia