Creative Industry (Commercial Product, Branding and Image Building)


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Creative Industry (Commercial Product, Branding and Image Building)

  1. 1. L/O/G/OKresnayana YahyaCreative Industry(Commercial Product, Branding and Image Building)
  2. 2. The scope of creativeindustriesIs a vast field dealing with the interplay of various sub-sectors from traditional art crafts to technology-orientedmulti-media servicesCreativeIndustriesVisual ArtsLiterature andPublishingDesignTraditionalknowledge MusicPerforming ArtsAudio-VisualsDigital Animationand Multi-media(UNCTAD)Paintings, sculptures andphotograpyBooks, newspapersand periodicalsArchitecture, interior objects,fashion and jewelleryArt crafts, festivals andcultural activities Concerts, CDs, tapes,digitalized musicTheatre, dance, opera,puppetry, circusBroadcasting, cinema,television, radioSoftware, videogamesand advertisingCreative Problem Solving
  3. 3. Inventif steps•Creative Problem Solving
  4. 4. Daddynurse•Creative Problem Solving
  5. 5. Butter•Creative Problem Solving
  6. 6. Noodles Machine(Des. 363,412)DisainIndustri•Creative Problem Solving
  7. 7. CONTOH-CONTOH PRODUK DESAIN INDUSTRIBentuk & Konfigurasi KursiKomposisi garis & warnaberupa pola pada kainKomposisi garis &warna berupa Gambarpada kotak kemasanBentuk,Konfigurasi danKomposisi garis& warna padajam wekerBentuk, Konfigurasidan Komposisiwarna pada hiasanpatungProduk dengan Elemen DesainIndustri 2D•Creative Problem Solving
  8. 8. •Creative Problem Solving
  9. 9. Contoh souvenir•Creative Problem Solving
  10. 10. Tempat dan Cara pemasaran• Show room : pusat Kerajinan• Internet : pasar Virtual• Sasaran pemasaran : pencari Suvenir danAksesoris• Wisatawan dan penikmat Budaya• Ikuti Gaya Hidup•Creative Problem Solving
  11. 11. •Creative Problem Solving
  12. 12. •Creative Problem Solving
  13. 13. •Creative Problem Solving
  14. 14. •Creative Problem Solving
  15. 15. Orientasipasar•Creative Problem Solving
  16. 16. Urgency, Productivity and EmpathyCreative Problem Solving
  17. 17. © 2008 Prentice Hall, Inc. 1 – 20Investment and Productivity1086420PercentincreaseinproductivityPercentage investment10 15 20 25 30 35
  18. 18. Levels of marketing segmentationMass marketing SegmentmarketingNichemarketingMicromarketingNosegmentationIsolating broadsegments that make upa market and adaptingthe marketing to matchneeds of one ore moresegmentsFocusing onsubsegments orniches wit hdistinctive traitsthat may seek aspecialcombination ofbenefitsCompletesegmentationLocalmarketingIndividualmarketingCreative Problem Solving
  19. 19. Knowledge inpeople and networksCapturedKnowledgeIndividuals& TeamsGoals ResultsUsingKnowledgeUsingKnowledgeLearnduringLearnafterLearnbeforeA knowledge management frameworkCreative Problem Solving
  20. 20. Creative Problem Solving
  21. 21. Creative Problem Solving
  22. 22. Creative Problem SolvingInspirationn Eureka! NOT!n A lot of hard workn Spend appropriate timen Avoid costly mistakesin bad judgment
  23. 23. Pengiklan BESARv Pasar iklan Indonesia 2012 : 87 triliunRp ( growth 20 %)vTV :64 %; Print 33%;magazine 3%vPerusahaan telekomunikasi : 5 triliunvPemerintah plus partai : 4.3 triliunvPerawatan rambut dll : 4.1 triliun
  24. 24. Creative Problem Solving
  25. 25. QualityPartnership+ +InnovationSuccess= =Creative Problem Solving
  26. 26. INTRODUCING THESIX SENSESIn the Conceptual Age, we will need tocomplement our L-Directed reasoning bymastering 6 essential R-Directed aptitudes(65-67).1. Not just function but also DESIGN2. Not just argument but also STORY3. Not just focus but also SYMPHONY4. Not just logic but also EMPATHY5. Not just seriousness but also PLAY6. Not just accumulation but also MEANINGCreative Problem Solving
  27. 27. DESIGN"The wealth of nations and the well-being ofindividuals now depend on having artists inthe room. In a world enriched byabundance but disrupted by the automationand outsourcing of white-collar work,everyone, regardless of profession mustcultivate an artistic sensibility" (69).WE MUST ALL BE DESIGNERS!Creative Problem Solving
  28. 28. Some people say, “why me?”I say why not you?• Now is the time to:– Re-Do– Re-New– Re-Analyze– Re-Energize– Re-Conceptualize– Re-Animate– Re-Educate– Re-Invigorate– Re-CommunicateCreative Problem Solving
  29. 29. why Now?I say, why not Now?Now is the time to RE-BOOTBecause Now is the Time!Creative Problem Solving
  30. 30. Entrepreneurial spiritCreative Problem Solving
  31. 31. Business ExpansionKresnayana YahyaEmail: kresna49@yahoo.comBlog: http://www.kresnayana.comCreative Problem Solving•
  32. 32. Branding conceptsCreative Problem Solving
  33. 33. Wall Branding
  34. 34. Coasters
  35. 35. Danglers
  36. 36. Pillow Branding
  37. 37. Posters
  38. 38. Saucer Tag
  39. 39. Standee
  40. 40. Table Mat
  41. 41. Tent Card
  42. 42. Cup Sleeves
  43. 43. Cup Tags
  44. 44. Drop Box
  45. 45. Floor Sticker
  46. 46. Table Sticker
  47. 47. Tray Mat
  48. 48. Drop Box
  49. 49. Floor Sticker
  50. 50. 54Measuring the Impact on BrandBrand AwarenessMeasures the level of familiarity respondents have with thebrand (aided and unaided)Message AssociationMeasures the extent to which respondents can match themessages and/or concepts in the creative to the brandBrand FavorabilityMeasures the extent to which respondentshave a positive or favorable opinion of thebrandPurchase IntentMeasures the likelihood ofrespondents to purchase the brandin the future
  51. 51. The Power IdeaDescribablein a simpleword orphraseLikely toattract theprospect’sattentionLetsprospectsvividlyexperiencethe goodsRevolvesaround theclinchingbenefitAllows you tobrand theadvertising
  52. 52. Don’t be ridiculous.We tried that before.We’ve never done it before. It costs too much.It isn’t in the budget.That beyond our responsibility.Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.We’ll be the laughing stock.Are our competitors doing it?We don’t have time.You’re two years ahead of your time.It’s too radical a change.Top management will never go for it.Not practical for operating.Let’s form a committee.That’s not out problem.Has anyone else tried it?We’re not ready for that.Attitudes That Kill Creative IdeasCreative Problem Solving
  53. 53. Creative Problem Solving
  54. 54. L/O/G/O
  55. 55. Young’s Creative ProcessGet raw material and data, andimmerse yourself in the problemImmersionTake the information, work it over,wrestle with it in your mindDigestionTurn the information over to thesubconscious to do the workIncubation“Eureka! I have it!” phenomenonIlluminationStudy the idea, evaluate it,reshape it for practical usefulnessVerification
  56. 56. Wallas’ Creative Process ModelIncubationSettingProblemAsidePreparationGatheringInformationVerificationRefiningthe ideaIlluminationSeeing theSolutionTheCreativeProcess
  57. 57. Developing a Creative StrategyTargetaudienceidentityCreative StrategyBasicproblem,issue,opportunityMajorsellingidea orkeybenefitAnysupportiveinformation
  58. 58. Search for a Major Selling IdeaPositioning theBrandUse a UniqueSelling PositionCreate the BrandImagePositioningSeeking theMajor Idea
  59. 59. prospek layanan kesehatan global 63Kresnayana Yahya
  60. 60. Creative activity → helps employers/regionto attract & retaintalentCreative people → regenerate urbanneighbourhoods→ define region’s‘brand’→ create ‘buzz’Creative workers → enhance creativity,innovativenessthroughouteconomyCultural industries → investment, jobs,income,exportsWhat can culture and creativityadd to the region?
  61. 61. MaximizeThroughputBigger PipesMore EfficientData HandlingBetter PipesConnectivityand MobilityMore PipesCore Solutions That Support Increased Data Usage &A Richer Multimedia ExperienceLTECollaborativeCommunicationsCompression &CodingUntappedSpectrumHSPA+LTE-ALocal ContentRoutingFemto /WiFiCognitiveSpectrumManagementServices of The Future65prospek layanan kesehatan globalKresnayana Yahya
  62. 62. StrategicAreasGreenInnovationLifeInnovationAsiaTourism-Oriented Nation& LocalRevitalizationScience andTechnologyIT OrientedNationEmployment& HumanResourcesFinancialSectorNew Growth Strategy 2010 – 2020
  63. 63. END OF SLIDESTHANK YOUKresnayana YahyaEmail: kresna49@yahoo.comBlog: http://www.kresnayana.comKresnayana Yahya prospek layanan kesehatan global 67