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Imagine If

  1. 1. Imagine If...
  2. 2. your best friend wasn't really there...
  3. 3. When Jasmine's mother dies, she discovers a coping strategy she has no control over. <ul><li>Our general idea: </li></ul><ul><li>As a way of coping with grief Jasmine gains an imaginary friend, Kate, when her mother dies of cancer. </li></ul><ul><li>We want to show the problems she has as she is growing up as her imaginary friend never leaves her side. </li></ul><ul><li>In a desperate attempt to dismiss Kate out of her head she ignores her again posing more problems. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Research
  5. 5. Trailer Research London to Brighton Trailer Starts with an establishing shot of Piccadilly Circus with single note piano music in the background creating a weary atmosphere. Voice over on top of shots of the characters who are speaking, relevant dialogue explaining small pieces of information about the characters without giving too much away. The trailer creates an initial impression of young teens as runaways that will do anything for some money but then goes on to show innocence. The young girl creates a tough front to fit into the environment she has chosen (the street) but when put into a situation beyond her control and understanding she becomes scared and vulnerable. This is the impression I was given of that particular character after watching the trailer. I don’t think that the producer used strong generic conventions from the typical thriller because rather than forcing the genre on the audience, the conventions are more subtle allowing the audience to concentrate more on the reality of the film rather than the genre, codes and conventions. After watching the trailer the narrative structure seems to follow that of Toderov, Begins with a state of balance and equilibrium which is then disrupted but then reinstated at the end. The tag line for the movie is ‘Innocence has nowhere to hide’ which I think is well portrayed even through the trailer because the trailer shows each section of this narrative structure. London to Brighton was written in four days and shot in three weeks with a budget of £80,000.
  6. 6. Song for the teaser trailer : wanted a classical piece of music with a sad mood but also an optimistic feel. This represents the feeling of the main character Jas and relates to her throughout the film and trailer. Research into Imaginary Friends : Most children have the ability to see beyond physical reality, especially in infancy. It all goes to conscious awareness at different ages and stages of development. It's interesting to watch an infant's eyes as they follow something/someone in the room that is not physically seen by anyone else. Infants often laugh and respond to whatever they are seeing which may be the spirit of the person who guided their soul into physical reality and is familiar. Most children grow out of imaginary friends. But in some cases an imaginary friend can emerge in adulthood, usually in response to trauma, inability to cope with stress and sometimes psychotic illness. Other people believe in angels and guardian angels, and they don't think there's anything out of the ordinary about that. A study suggests children with imaginary friends can readily access fantasy themes and may develop sophisticated information processing skills. But says it could also be that children with imaginary friends are simply more willing to discuss their fantasies than those without.
  7. 7. Character Information Jasmine Kate Friends
  8. 8. Jasmine Jasmine starts as a young 11 year old girl who gains an imaginary friend when her mom dies from cancer. She has a good group of friends but struggles to juggle a social life and the constant reminder that follows her around. Jasmine is from a wealthy well off background and lives in a nice house in Birmingham. She confides in her male friend because he is the character she has the best relationship with. Girls are stereotypically bitchy and judgmental and we want this to be shown through the relationships Jasmine has with her friends. She is quite quirky and has an infectious personality that makes the audience like her and sympathize with her.
  9. 9. Kate Kate is Jasmine’s imaginary friend who appears to her when she is grieving over her mother. Kate stays with her 24/7, wherever Jas goes Kate follows. Sometimes this is what she needs but at other times Jasmine just wants a break. When Jas is with friends Kate feels ignored and throws numerous strops. Kate is from a bad background, she is effectively the opposite of Jas, she has created this imaginary person who is her polar opposite and this is why they are such good friends… Opposites attract.
  10. 10. The Friends Jasmines friends are just a support for her. But at times she feels like she is being judged by them because they don’t understand why she acts strangely. Only the male friend (Sam, Jasmines best friend) knows about the imaginary friend and helps Jas through tough times when people start asking questions. They are all from the same background as they all live close to each other, they spend a lot of time socializing around her house and also drag each other to the shopping centre, The Bull Ring. Her girlfriends have very strong personalities and can often be found judging her when she acts strangely whereas Sam is willing to help.
  11. 11. Target audience <ul><li>We want out film and trailer to have a classification of PG. Although the film explores more complicated psychological issues it is still appropriate for the younger audience because they can relate, sympathize and follow the journey the main character takes if they too have an imaginary friend. </li></ul><ul><li>Along with this the older audience may be able to relate to past events of their own childhood. Imaginary friends are not a recent discovery so many generations may have experienced issues surrounding it. </li></ul><ul><li>Socioeconomic Status: I think the classification for our film would be aimed at ‘Lower Middle’ or C1 and above because Jasmine is from a reasonably well off background so an audience of the same status would be able to relate better than someone in the ‘Upper Middle’ or A classification. We also feel that our film would be appropriate for the ‘Economically Inactive’ classification because Kate doesn’t really have much of a history or background, she is from a poor upbringing and looks up to Jas and her friends. </li></ul><ul><li>If we were to narrow it down we would say that the age boundaries are between 7 and 16 and primarily at the white female audience. </li></ul><ul><li>Theoretical issues we could come across would be the representation of youths when creating the friend characters as we said that the girls would be the more bitchy gender and the less understanding.. This could be questioned as we are aware that it is not always the case. This may cause the audience to have a negative response to the film or a negotiated reading. </li></ul>
  12. 13. Fingerprint Productions Fingerprint Productions is the name of our production company. We chose fingerprint because we felt our film had a lot to do with identity and fingerprints are individual to a person, Just like we are individual to the industry. We photo shopped some text into a picture we found off the internet to create the logo.
  13. 14. Shooting Schedule Dog (Ruby) Bike? Warm clothing. Alex, Becky, Hollie, Aimee Sitting on the bench, not really there. Park Day 5, 6, 8, 9 14th Jan Shopping Bags, Warm winter clothing. Camera, Tripod, Boom Mic. Marshall, Hollie, Lauren, Aimee, Paige Problems with Kate. Jas storms off. Bull Ring Birmingham Day 2, 3, 7 5th Jan Costumes. Camera, Tripod and Boom Mic. Becky, Alex, Hollie, Aimee, Marshall, Lauren, Paige, Ruby. Tea Party and Kate at window. Jas confiding in Sam. Hollie’s House Day 1, 4 20th Dec Props/equipment Characters Synopsis Location Day/Night Shot Date