2010 Year in Review Sun Life Financial Chair


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This document provides a summary of the 2010 annual year in review presentation conducted by Dr. Stan Kutcher, the Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health, on February 10, 2011

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2010 Year in Review Sun Life Financial Chair

  1. 1. 2010 Year in Review Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health
  2. 2. The TeamDr. Stan Kutcher Katie RadchukChair Research Associate Magda SzumiliasAmy MacKay Research AssociateAdministrative Assistant Yifeng WeiJacquie Potvin-Boucher Research CoordinatorProject Manager & Transitions Coordinator Jessica WishartChristina Carew, ABC Youth Outreach CoordinatorPublic Affairs Advisor  Dr. Iliana Garcia – Ortega Summer InternsResearch CoordinatorDr. David Gardner Asraa Al-MosawieConsultant Research Assistant Holly HuntleyAlan McLuckie Research AssistantResearch Coordinator Mina HashishAndrea Murphy, PharmD Youth Program CoordinatorResearch Associate Courtney HeislerJeff O’Neill Research AssistantProjects and Networks Coordinator Stella Ducklow Artist in Residence
  3. 3. Knowledge Pathway Model
  4. 4. 2010 PrioritiesSchool Mental Health InitiativesPrimary Care Training Programs in MentalHealthBuilding Awareness of programs and projects ofthe SLFC
  5. 5. Build understanding and support forSchool Mental Health initiatives
  6. 6. Mental Health and High School Curriculum October launch in OttawaGuide and resource disk available in French and EnglishPurchase via print-on-demand for interested parties RCT in Ottawa, additional evaluation being conducted in Hamilton, Vancouver and Kingston
  7. 7. Pathways to Care Model • Implement mental health curriculum in Grade 10 classroom • Provide teacher training session • Provide student service providers training session • Provide GPs with intervention strategies • Upgrade knowledge of mental health professionals • Establish consistent and sustainable referral mechanism
  8. 8. Pathways to Care ModelPilot Locations: Forest Heights School (Bridgewater, NS), St. Mary’s BayAcademy and École secondaire de Clare (Digby, NS)
  9. 9. Published Work and Presentations Topic: School Mental Health Kutcher S, Wei Y. (2010). Comprehensive School Mental Health, an Integrated Pathway to Care Model. Presentation at the Sixth World Conference on the Promotion of Mental Health and Prevention of Mental and Behavioral Disorders, Washington DC, USA: 16-20 November. Wei Y. Kutcher S, (2010). Comprehensive School Mental Health: An Integrated Pathway to Care Model. Presentation at the 15th Annual Conference on Advancing School Mental Health, Albuquerque, New Mexico: 7-9 October. Wei, Y., Kutcher, S. (2010). Comprehensive school mental Health: an integrated pathway to care model. Presentation at the 19th World Congress of the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (IACAPAP). June 2-6. Beijing, China. Kutcher, S., Wei, Y. (2010). Mental health and the school environment: secondary schools, promotion and pathway to care. Presentation at the 19th World Congress of the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (IACAPAP). June 2-6. Beijing, China.
  10. 10. Published Work and Presentations Topic: School Mental Health Wei Y, Kutcher S, Szumilas M. Comprehensive school mental health: an integrated pathway to care model for Canadian secondary schools. Under review by McGill Journal of Education, 2010. Szumilas M, Kutcher S, LeBlanc JC, Langille DB. Use of school-based health centers for mental health support in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 55(5):319-328 (2010). Improving Student Mental Health: How do we get there? Presentation at the American Psychiatric Foundation: Advisors Summit “Driving the National Dialogues on Student Mental Health. Washington, DC: October 28, 2010. School Mental Health: Development and Evaluation of a national Secondary School Mental Health Curriculum. Canadian Psychiatric Association 60th Annual Conference. Toronto, ON: September 23, 2010 Integrated Pathway to a School Mental Health Model for Canadian Health Care. Canadian Psychiatric Association 60th Annual Conference. Toronto, ON: September 23, 2010
  11. 11. Building capacity and improving care in Primary Care
  12. 12. Identification, Diagnosis and Treatment of Adolescent DepressionProgram available inEnglish and SpanishWorking with PAHO toimplement Spanish versionEnglish version to belaunched via a mdcme.cawith MainPro andMainCert credits
  13. 13. Adolescent Mental Health TrainingYouth Care WorkerTrainingFrontline Trainingfor Health CareWorkers
  14. 14. Published Work and PresentationsTopic Area: Psychological Debriefing Kutcher, S., Wei, Y., Szumilas, M. (2010). Psychological debriefing in reducing the risk for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in schools: to use or not to use. Presentation at the 19th World Congress of the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (IACAPAP), June 2-6. Beijing, Wei Y, Kutcher S, Szumilas M. Effectiveness on mental health of psychological debriefing for crisis intervention in school settings. Accepted by Educational Psychology Review, 2010. Szumilas S, Wei, Y, Kutcher S. Psychological Briefing in Schools: To Use or Not to Use. , published at www.cmaj.ca on January 4, 2010.
  15. 15. Building Awareness
  16. 16. teenmentalhealth.org
  17. 17. Curriculum Microsite
  18. 18. Evergreen Youth Mental Health Framework Unique bottom-up, expert-linked policy development process Wiki-writing, global first in health policy development To be launched by the MHCC in Spring 2011
  19. 19. Evergreen Publications and PresentationsKutcher, S. & McLuckie, A., for the Child and Youth Advisory Committee, MentalHealth Commission of Canada (2010). Evergreen: A child and youth mental healthframework for Canada. Calgary, AB: Mental Health Commission of CanadaMcLuckie, A. & Kutcher, S. (2010). Evergreen: Towards a Child and Youth MentalHealth Framework for Canada. Outcomes from the 2nd National Invitational Symposiumon Child and Youth Mental Health. Canada’s Children - Child Welfare League of Canada,Spring, 16(4), 15-23.Kutcher, S., McLuckie, A., & Wishart, J. (2010). Towards a child and youth mental healthframework for Canada. Paper presentation for the Sixth World Conference on the promotion ofmental health and prevention of mental and behavioral disorders. Nov. 17-19, Washington, D.C.Kutcher, S., McLuckie, A. & Wishart, J. (2010). The evergreen project: A national andinternational collaboration towards a child and youth mental health framework forCanada. Paper presentation for the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry AnnualMeeting, Oct. 26-31, New York, NY
  20. 20. Evergreen Publications and PresentationsKutcher, S. & McLuckie, A. (2009). Evergreen: Towards a child and youth mentalhealth framework for Canada. Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child and AdolescentPsychiatry, 18(2), 89-91.McLuckie, A., Kutcher, S., Mulvale, G., & Leung, B. (2009). Evergreen: Towards achild & youth mental health framework for Canada. Poster Presentation for theCanadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres Annual Meeting Oct.18-21., Halifax, NS.McLuckie, A. Kutcher, S. & Davidson, S. (2009). Evergreen: Child and YouthFramework for Canada. Into the Light: Transforming Mental Health In Canada. Nov., 29-Dec. 1. Vancouver, BC.Mulvale, G., Kutcher, S., & McLuckie, A. (2009). The Framework for a MentalHealth Strategy for Canada and the Evergreen Framework. 2nd National InvitationalSymposium on Child and Youth Mental Health “Getting in the Right Door at the Right Time”.Nov.19 & 20, Ottawa, ON.
  21. 21. Support After Youth SuicideBooklets onsite in more than 60organizations in NSMedia coverage includes: CTV,Doctors NS, CBC, Haligonia,Chronicle Herald, Metro, News95.7, Breakfast TVCurrently being translated intoFrench, Arabic and Mandarin
  22. 22. Understanding My Medications Series ),%)-%% &#(%()*+, 6-&8+#,(#6)8%% 417)8/,)#"-%/(19 $+1"%),%8#41-%,#%6-&8+#,(#6)8% A%B,*/)5%6,3/."&/05%&+"&%"44,.&%"%-,*50C5% 417)8/,)#"-:%),%)-%&#(%()*+,%,#9 6/037%,6&/05%"03%2,+"?/)*59%D/$,%6"0(% 6,3/."&/057%&+,5,%."0%2,%-8,*4)#9% A%E*,5.*/2,3%&%+,#-%()%4,,#%2,&&,*%"03%% !"#$%&#(%()*+,-. &%2,%"2#,%&%3%&+,%&+/0<5%()%,0F(9% % +/01%/22%)"3#(4/,)#"%/5#,%&#(%61(-#"/2% B6,%,;"6-#,5G% +1/2,+%!16,%6()0/,1%/"7%8#"3)71",)/2. H0&/I"0;/,&(%"03%5#,,-%6,3/."&/05% H0&/3,-*,55"0&5% "71(-,/"7%&#(%,(1/,41",%#6,)#"-.%% :3%5&"2/#/J,*5% !"#$%&%()*%+,"#&+%-*".&/&/0,*1%"2)&%&+,%3/44,*,0&%% B&/6)#"0&5%Developed in &(-,5%4%&*,"&6,0&%&+"&%6"(%+,#-%()7%"5%8,##%"5%"0(% H0&/-5(.+&/.5 -55/2#,%*/5$57%-*2#,65%*%5/3,%,44,.&59%:"$,%5)*,%% ()*%+,"#&+%-*".&/&/0,*%,;-#"/05%&+/0<5%.#,"*#(%5%&+"&% H#&+)<+%&+/5%2*.+)*,%/5%4.)5,3%0%% ()%)03,*5&"039 -5(.+&*-/.%6,3/."&/057%&+,5,%*/<+&5%% "--#(%&%"##%6,3/."&/05%"03%&*,"&6,0&59 /-!%3#(%/%-18#"7%#6)")#".% % =)%5+)#3%0&%2,%6"3,%&%4,,#%)0.64*&"2#,%%partnership with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’S IMPORTANT THAT THE ADULTS IN YOUR LIFE ALSO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND YOUR RIGHTS. ASK QUESTIONS. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR BODY AND YOUR HEALTH. IT’S YOUR RIGHT TO MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS ABOUT MEDICATIONS. !"#$%&()*$+&,&,-.#*(,.+%/0#12(0-+&-*13(./*1#1($.0(-&#*(#$%&(4*$+&,&,-.#*1(%,1&#0(/.0#*(&#("#$%&(5$*#(5-.1#.&(6+&7
  23. 23. Taking It Global: Guide to Action
  24. 24. Youth Advisory Committee End-to-end development of a stigma fighting commercial
  25. 25. Guide to Series with Accompanying AnimationsGuide to Understanding Major Depressive DisorderGuide to Understanding Panic Disorder
  26. 26. High Five: Mental Health Information for Coaches Development of mental health component to national accreditation program for recreational leaders working with youth ages 6-13.
  27. 27. Media Engagement 2010Featured in: Today’s Parent, National Post, Globe and Mail,Halifax Metro, Chronicle Herald, Chronicle of Neurology andPsychiatry, Dal Medical News, Headlines, Moods Magazine,Canadian Family Magazine,Toronto Star, Parentcentral.ca,Psychology Today, Doctors Nova Scotia, BP Magazine Canada,National Union of Public and General Employees, Branding OutFeatured On: CBC Cross Country Check-up, CBC The Current,News 95.7, CKDU, CBC As It Happens, CIUT, CBC InformationMorning, CTV National News, Breakfast TV, CBC News, CTVLive at Five, Haligonia.ca
  28. 28. Future Endeavors
  29. 29. School Mental HealthAcademy for School MentalHealth (July 2011)Working with Portugal toimplement Pathways to CaremodelWork to adapt Pathways to Caremodel for ChinaIntegration of High School andMental Health program in NovaScotia curriculum
  30. 30. School Mental HealthThematic Classroom withTaking It GlobalSchool Mental HealthFrameworkRevised School MentalHealth Curriculum GuideNS Province wide controlledtrial for Pathways to Care
  31. 31. Primary Health Care Identification, Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders, ADHD, Psychotic Illnesses, Substance Misuse and Abuse and Eating Disorders Offer training programs online in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin and Arabic by the end of 2015
  32. 32. Primary Health Care Frontline training for suicide intervention Clinical tools continue to expand in number of languages available Nurse education on Psychotropic use in treatment of mental disorders
  33. 33. AwarenessGuide to UnderstandingBrain InjuryMy Parent has a MentalIllness seriesNormal Adolescents ProgramArt and the Brain at AGNS(Sept 2011)Transitions Version 2
  34. 34. Our Chair Advisory Board• Judy Beamish• Judy Bell • Kelly Meighen• Barbara Broom • Susan Mercer• Heather Christian • Ann Power• Cheryl Copage • Dr. Herb Orlik• Andy Cox • Linda Smith• Tim Crooks • Aidan Stokes (Chair of the• Dr. Nick Delva Advisory Board)• Roberta Duchesne • Caryll Tawse• Barb Haley • Wanda Thomas Bernard• Kathryn Weldon Foundation • Carol Young• Dr. Pat McGrath• Kelly Meighen
  35. 35. Our Education Advisory Board• Rola AbiHanna, Nova Scotia Department of • Shelley LeBlanc, Ecole Beaubassin Education, Student Services • Lachie MacIntosh, Halifax Regional• Alexis Allen, Nova Scotia Teachers Union School Board• Alexa Bagnell, Maritime Outpatient • Susan Noiles, Nova Scotia Teachers Union Psychiatry, IWK Health Centre • Ann Power, Nova Scortia Department of• Anne Blackwood, Nova Scotia Department Education, Student Services of Education, English Program Services • Dionne Reid• Lance Bullock, Halifax Regional School • Jenn Stevens Board • John Stone• Heather Christian, Nova Scotia Health • Faye Trim, Halifax Regional School Board Promotion and Protection • Morris Green, Nova Scotia Department of• Lisa Doucet, Tri-county Regional School Health Promotion and Protection Board • Terry Bartlett-Visser, Roots of Empathy,• Roberta Duchesne, Captial District Health Halifax Regional Municipality Authority • Tara Moore, Nova Scotia Department of• Michelle Estekantchi Education, Schools Plus• Natalie Flinn, Nova Scotia Department of
  36. 36. Our Youth Advisory Board • Emily Atkinson • John Bermingham • Taylor Crosby • Elizabeth Ewert • Marika Forsythe • Nicole Gabriel • Kathleen Gallant • Mina Hashish • Joel Maxwell • Michael Smith • Karl Yu
  37. 37. Major Funding Partners
  38. 38. Thank you for yourcontinued support