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Week 2 understanding what i am going thru


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Week 2

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Week 2 understanding what i am going thru

  1. 1. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy GroupUnderstanding what I am Going Through
  2. 2. Homework
  3. 3. Icebreaker
  4. 4. Shame, Guilt and Confusion
  5. 5. The meaning you attachto an event influences theemotional responses youhave
  6. 6. Do you attach meaning tolife events and not evenknow it?Discuss…
  7. 7. ShameIs feeling bad about who I am“I am bad”“I am inadequate”
  8. 8. When I feel shame I….Discuss….
  9. 9. GuiltIs feeling bad about what Ihave done
  10. 10. What do I do when I feel guilty?
  11. 11. Confusion
  12. 12. Fear
  13. 13. Top 10 Fears
  14. 14. What are you afraid of?Public speakingFear of intimacyFear of failureFear of deathFear of rejectionDiscuss any of these youidentify with….
  15. 15. Who do I have Control Of?
  16. 16. You feel the way you think!If you are thinking you are aloserYou are probably feeling like aloser too.
  17. 17. Think = FeelTHOUGHT“she would NEVER say yes if I asked herout”MOOD“Discouraged, sad, rejected OR
  18. 18. THOUGHT“I hope she says yes!”MOODHopeful, nervous and excited
  19. 19. Taking Ownership
  20. 20. Change the way you think…..…. And you can change theway you feel!
  21. 21. 5 Components to Every Problem1. Environmental Change/ LifeSituation2. Thoughts3. Mood4. Physical Sensations5. Behaviours
  22. 22. Environmental Changes/ Life SituationsDivorceMoving schoolsLosing or changing friendsBoyfriend/girlfriend BreakupsDeath of friend or family member
  23. 23. Moods5 Common moods in North Americaare…..
  24. 24. GoodBadAlrightFineOkay
  25. 25. Thoughts