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MCN 2013 Tate mobile guide on the web


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A case study and audience research presented by Martha Henson and Tijana Tasich

Published in: Technology, Education

MCN 2013 Tate mobile guide on the web

  1. 1. Reshaping user experiences for multiple contexts and devices Tate Britain mobile guide on the web Presented by Martha Henson @marthasadie Tijana Tasich @teengily
  2. 2. How can Tate provide a useful and consistent content offering to visitors on different devices in a variety of contexts? How can it be done sustainably, and at a reduced cost?
  3. 3. Seize the opportunity Opening of the new Tate Britain + Lack of traditional in-gallery interpretation + Mobile-optimised website + Increasing no of website visits on mobile devices
  4. 4. Visits to the website - October 2013
  5. 5. London, Dec 2012/Jan 2013 Mobile audience research Imperial War Museums, the National Gallery and Tate Aim of the research: 1. To understand the typical needs and desires of visitors to the museums and galleries 2. To identify ways in which smartphone users interact with museum/gallery content 3. To identify a set of characteristics that are typical of different groups of visitors within the context of museums and galleries
  6. 6. Demographics Majority from the UK 43% over the age of 55
  7. 7. Smartphone use 68% of participants owned a smartphone
  8. 8. Motivations for visiting
  9. 9. Types of visitors
  10. 10. Engaging with content
  11. 11. Before, during and after the visit
  12. 12. Before the visit
  13. 13. During the visit
  14. 14. After the visit
  15. 15. Willingness to use their own device
  16. 16. Reasons not to use their own device
  17. 17. Expectations for content longevity
  18. 18. Expectations for amount of content
  19. 19. Interpretation challenge
  20. 20. Apps as the default
  21. 21. On laptop/desktop
  22. 22. On mobile (iPhone and Android)
  23. 23.
  24. 24.
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Presented by Martha Henson @marthasadie Tijana Tasich @teengily Special thanks to the production team: Emily Fildes, Rich Barrett-Small, Toby Bettridge, Philip Glanville, Alex Pilcher, Alexey Moskvin, Gillian Wilson