What kind of media institution might distribute your


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What kind of media institution might distribute your

  1. 1. What kind of media institution mightdistribute your media product and why? TYRISHA LENDOR-BLACK
  2. 2. What is a production company? What dothey do? A production company is to provide the money for the production through and also set the budgets, scheduling, scripting, organisation, the supply of thecast and resources, distribution and marketing. In somecases they may also make fundraising decisions on what director and what directors can be hired. An independent production company is a professional film production ending in a feature film that is produced mostly for outside of the major film studio. Whilst on the other hand a major film studio is a production and distribution company that releases large scale films annually and regularly demands a significant share of box-office revenues in specific markets.
  3. 3. Why have you chosen your production company logo?This is my production logo, I have chosen touse a clown and a picture of a girl screamingupside down as it relates to my genre this isas clowns are often portrayed as ‘scary’ and ‘terrifying’ so it fits in well. Nevertheless, the picture of the girl screaming is a reflection of peoples expressions when watching horrors. Also, I chose the name ‘cranked productions’ as cranked suggests sickness, weakness, ill and dysfunctional.The reasons for my choices are that both of the images stand out and the text is quite blunt yet snappy therefore it will be memorable. I have added the production company logo to my film so that theaudience knows what production company created the film.
  4. 4. What is the job of a film distributor? A film distributor is a company or individual responsible for the marketing of a film. Once the distributor gets the right to the film, it is then their responsibility to get it shown to the public. From this the distributor may set the release date of the film and the method in which it is going to be released and made available for viewing. However, if it is a smaller movie that does not have the support of major Hollywood studios then the film distributors might also develop marketing and publicity campaigns. A limited distributor may onlydeal in a particular country or market, they may also deal with certain products such as DVDs. The standard release routine is regulated by a business model called “release windows” which was first conceived in the early 80’s.
  5. 5. Which film distributor would you choose for your film andwhy? What other films have they distributed that are similarto yours? The distributor that I would choose for my film would be vertigo films as they are a London based distributor who have also released films in the horror genre. Another films that they have distributed that are similar to mine are the children and the facility.
  6. 6. How would your film be funded? Lottery?Although I would like my film to be funded through self- funding as I would then be able to be in full control of my expenditure through planning budgets the way in which I intend for my film to be funded is through BFI. The British Film Institute was founded in 1933, they are a charity who are governed by a Royal Charter and awards lottery funding to film production, distribution, education, audience development and marketintelligence and research. The reason for choosing BFI is that whilst they provide the funding for you to create your film etcetera they also coincide with you as if you were a partnership by using members of their team to help guide you through the process which means you will be able to make improvements and adjustments to your benefit. Not only this, but they also invest in all genres and types of films whether they be mainstream or experimental. Along with this, they also combinecultural, creative and industrial roles that bring together the BFI archive.
  7. 7. Film Titles I have included titles in my opening as it is a typical conventions of any film opening. Film titles are needed in order for the audience to know who the main characters within the film are, who produced, directed and edited the film and also who was involved in the costumes, music etc of the film. Along with this, titles are also necessary as they help the audience to recognise who the distributor of the film is. The way in which I have presented my titles is by adding them in over my film opening, placing the names of the main characters when they appear on the screen and also adding the other titles in at necessary points.
  8. 8. What films have influenced you from the industry and why?Whilst there are many films in the horrorindustry that I feel have had an influence on the creation of my film opening, themain films that have influenced me most from the industry are the children and orphan. This is as they are both based around the possession of children, andthe idea of a child being the antagonist. I like the idea of this as if defies thestereotypical conventions. I have tried toadapt and intertwine the aspects of both films into my film opening.