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Wedding Traditions In Sudanese Culture


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Wedding Traditions In Sudanese Culture

  1. 1. U of K Faculty of ArchitectureWedding Traditions in Sudanese Culture Prepared by: Nada Hassan Taha Azza Adil Ahmed Wagar Maher Hanan Ibrahim Suha Tag Alsir Lina Mahmoud
  2. 2. In Sudanese culture weddings are very much intertwined with their traditionalvocations.Wedding traditions and meanings varies cultures, tribal groups and religion. Sudanese Wedding Traditions
  3. 3.  At least a month prior to the wedding, the bride is barricaded in her house or a relatives house. It is not uncommon for the groom to be utterly confused and shocked at the sight of his bride on their wedding day. Almost every day for a whole month, the bride goes through a process called "Dokhan" in which she wraps her entire body in a blanket and sits on a hole in the ground. The Sudanese value their traditions from Dokhan to incense (Bakhour) and making their own perfume (khomra). Bakhour khomra Sudanese Wedding Traditions
  4. 4. El Henna day … Both bride and groom will have their own henna partiesBride and her girlfriends comes to decorate their hands and legs with henna andthey dance and sing and spend a happy day together.That night the groom also has his Henna night with his male friends andwomen relativesThe groom Decorate only his fingertips and bottom of feet. Sudanese Wedding Traditions
  5. 5. The wedding party "Al-Dukhla" …In the morning of the wedding day, the brides family may send the groomsbreakfast.The food accompanied by women ululatingand singing, for the grooms family to feedtheir guests. Sudanese Wedding Traditions
  6. 6. The actual contract [agid] will be done in the mosque.After the contract has been signed someone will fire shots from a rifle to let thewomen know that the contract is signed."Al-Dukhla" takes place in houses, large tents, in the streets or in clubs.. The brides family gets a singer or DJ.Theres a lot of music and dancing and a beautiful dinner is served.The bride wears a white wedding gown and the groom wears a black tuxedo. Sudanese Wedding Traditions
  7. 7. "Al Subhia“… The brides mother invites all the women of the family and the girlfriends of the bride. . The bride dances three or four dances for her audience, changing dresses for each dance.  A woman sings and drums on the "dallooka" songs that all the girls know, and they all sing along, clap and have a great time! Sudanese Wedding Traditions
  8. 8. After she finishes dancing, its time for the finalritual called the "Jirtig". It has special traditions, and a special red andyellow tray with pottery to put the perfumes andbakhoor in.The bride changes into a red tobe and sits with hernew husband on a bed with a beautifully decoratedred and gold sheet called "milayat aljirtig".They ties the red "hareera" and "hilaal" around thegrooms head, and the "sibha" around his neck.The groom gets up and sprays the audience withperfume.Then the woman offers them a cup of milk. Theyboth take a drink and spray some of it over eachother as a sign of love, peace and hope for a clean,pure life together- pure as milk. Sudanese Wedding Traditions
  9. 9. • The wedding ceremony respects the cultural and religious differences.• Each culture among Sudanese Regions South, North, East, West, and Centralhave specific traditions, ceremonies, activities, clothing, food and music butthe majority share some, or all, of the same traditions. Sudanese Wedding Traditions