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  1. 1. -1371600-19050History<br />Aswan is the capital of one the governor ate of Aswan, Egypt the southern gate of Egypt, located on the east bank of the Nile at the first cataract of the Nile.<br />Aswan was known as"so no"in the area of the ancient Egyptians and meaning of the market where the trade center for the caravans coming to and from the heart.<br />Aswan was known also as” the country‘s gold”becouse it was a treasure or large cemetery of the kings of nubia.<br />The city of Aswan and it‘s surroundings,atourist area and archaeological,which increases the number of foreign tourists,and one of the main attraction.<br />Logo Aswan<br />Logo reflect the name of the Aswan component of the gear industry generating tours of electricity power stations,”High Dam” and Aswan reservoir science center ground color golden yellow and floor of the flag is blue because of the waters of"Lake Nasser"<br />Site<br />Aswan is one of the five provinces making up the south next to each level of the governorate of Sohage and RedSea,Qena and Luxor,Luxor is bordered to the north and the RedSea from the east and west province of New Valley,bordered to south of Sudan.<br />Aswan is located at distance of 879Km from the capital Cairo and 485Km long stretch of the investment department, Sharawna north to south on the border with Sudan and the average width of 150Km.<br />According to the presidential degree No.102 ofAD go the border of conservation has spread as for east long itude and 33 33west to long tide 33 32 which is an extension to bring back a desert to the New Valley.<br />Climate<br />Aswan climate is hot in summer and mild winter dominated by continental climate character is tics as it can accommodate differ encase of maximum and minimum temperatures during the twenty four hours, whether in summer or in winter.<br />Temples Aswan<br /><ul><li>Temple Calabash
  2. 2. Temple of the most prestigious temple of nubia is at adistance of 57Km from the “Aswan Dam” and dates back to the early Roman period was built in the period of emperor Augustus ad dedicated to the workship of god monlees addition to osiris and Isis
  3. 3. Nubian Museum
  4. 4. Nubian Museum was opened in November of1997, and participated in the opening ceremony,the heads of number of friendly countries that participated in saving the monuments of Nubian and displays by more than 5,000 artifacts from the effect of Nubian old.
  5. 5. Aga Khan
  6. 6. Tomb of the” Aga khan” and is located on plateau on the west bank of the river nile off the southern part of the garden plant.was built by Mohammad shah Hussein “ Aga Khan” cemetery luxurious stone limiest one and marble,and was buried there in 1959 based on his will and the cemetery in sired design graves Fatimid Egypt.
  7. 7. Temple of Abu simple
  8. 8. The front of the temple by four huge statues of ”King Ramses” seated on his throne wearing the double crown of upper and lower Egypt surrounding agate of the temple was dedicated this temple to worship the God Ra Hor my sister god of sunshine and miracles astronomical enter the sun‘s rays to shine on these statues twice in the first Februray22 on the occasion of sitting on the throne,and October22 to mark the second anniversary of his birth.
  9. 9. Temple of Abu Simple small
  10. 10. And also called the temple of”Hathor”,gadding of love and music and beauty have been built by Ramses2 to by commend orate his beloved wife”Nefertari” and the advantage of the temple the beauty of his drawing and clarity of colors,despite its small size compared to the temple the great and in the form of a cow and a statue of “Ramses Nefertiti second control something that was left of them and in front of the temple.there are 6huge statues of Ramses2 and two statues of “Ramses2 and two statues of “Nefertiti” the temple is a halls.
  11. 11. Philae
  12. 12. Temples that were saved and moved to the island of agelka in1972_1980 with the assistance of “Unesco”and the15_part architect largest temple of‘s most complete Egyptian temples and turned the temple in to a church in the Christian era.
  13. 13. The Old Aswan Dam
  14. 14. Began to create the reservoir in1897 and was completed in 1902 was later enlarged in1912 and then ramp the second1934 to the book of water during the flood where the discharge of water quantities for irrigation during the Al_thariq it is building of stone granite available in the region has been the exploitation of water surging to the work stations for electricity, one station Aswan,the first and the second power station of Aswan.
  15. 15. High Dam
  16. 16. Away the dam site from the heart of the city of Aswan.about17Km, which is a building rock fill consists of granite rock and sand and curtain of the sky from the clay Aswan one of the largest engineering projects in the twentieth century and the adjoining power station generates10billionKm hours a year is the High Dam artificial reservoir for irrigation water storage.but the storage to meet the national need of the country‘s water and energy,a tourist attraction.
  17. 17. Island plant
  18. 18. The park is located on an island in the middle of the Nile in an area of17acres opposite the city of Aswan,on the east of the island of elephantine,which includes museum of Aswan and the west face of the Nile,which topped dome of Abu Al_hawa and tombs of nobies and maximum width of115M of the island as the botanical garden includes a rare collection of tropical plants and subtropical,it is considered one of the most important research centers in Egypt and one of the rarest botanical gardens in the world, therefore are important tourist attraction in Aswan
  19. 19. Scientists Aswan
  20. 20. Out of the Aswan genius of countless scholars and the novel and literature the most important of these scholars.
  21. 21. In The modern era
  22. 22. Abbas Mahmoud AL_akkad:_writer,thinker and philosopher who is proud of its nation.
  23. 23. Mohammed Salah Harb:_the military commander and the fighter great.
  24. 24. Artist Ahmed Osman:_osign of the sculpture and the first dean of fine arts in ALEX.
  25. 25. Ahmed Attia:_he sold in history and psychology.
  26. 26. Sheikh sadiq Arjun:_from Al_azahar scholars.
  27. 27. And many others who enriched the intellecual life literature and in the world.