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Data-Driven Marketing and Marketing Technologies in Modern Marketing - Travis Wright #DMS2015


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With over 2000 marketing technologies in over 40 categories, choosing the right technologies for your data-driven marketing technology stack is imperative. Do you buy a "marketing cloud" from the tools acquired and pieced together by established tech giants? Or do you build your own custom "Open Marketing Cloud", which may allow for greater flexibility and openness?

This keynote will explore the pros and cons of each potential solution as well as insights the vendors won't tell you. It will highlight the key data you need to understand and uncover some tools that can impact the build of your perfect custom marketing cloud for you business needs. No one size fits all in the marketing technology space. Join Travis for this unique, entertaining, and action-packed presentation to learn where MarTech is headed and how to roll with the changes.

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Data-Driven Marketing and Marketing Technologies in Modern Marketing - Travis Wright #DMS2015

  1. 1. The Digital Media Summit May 7th, 2015 Data-Driven Marketing Technologies and Their Role in Modern Marketing Travis Wright | Chief Marketing Technologist | CCP Global | @teedubya | @TheCMTO
  2. 2. Who is this Travis Wright dude? @teedubya • Radio Disc Jockey at Age 13. • Stand-up comedian since 1995. • Web developer since 1996. • Helped Roll out in 1997. • SEO & “Geo-Targeting” SMB – Fortune 50’s brands since 1998. • Military Intelligence and Russian Linguist in the US Army. • Former Global Social Media Strategist – Norton / Symantec • Chief Marketing Technologist – CCP Digital • Tech Journalist for,, MarketingLand, Salesforce & Adobe • Tech Tools for Entrepreneurs Columnist - Inc. Magazine. • @teedubya on Twitter #DMS2015
  3. 3. Who is this Travis Wright dude NOT? @teedubya#DMS2015
  4. 4. @teedubya#DMS2015
  5. 5. Who is this Travis Wright dude NOT? @teedubya#DMS2015
  6. 6. @teedubya
  7. 7. Silos and Silos of Data @teedubya#DMS2015
  8. 8. • Ask & Answer the right questions • Integrate marketing strategies • Optimize your marketing mix • Recognize & know your customer • Personalize customer journey • Show next best offer • Create a better user experiences Data-Driven Marketing Making Smarter & More Impactful Decisions @teedubya#DMS2015
  9. 9. Enhance Your Marketing Strategy Deliver Better Results Throughout The Customer Journey
  10. 10. Analytics and Competition “There are only two sources of competitive advantage: 1. The ability to learn more about our customers faster than the competition 2. The ability to turn that learning into action faster than the competition.”
  11. 11. @teedubya#SMSsummit
  12. 12. Gartner 2017 CMO Quote “By 2017 the CMO will Spend More on IT than the CIO.” @teedubya#DMS2015
  13. 13. @teedubya#DMS2015
  14. 14. @teedubya#SMSsummit Source: Experian 2014 Digital Marketer Report
  15. 15. 90% of people use multiple screens sequentially. @teedubya#DMS2015
  16. 16. • Beyond Integrated Marketing • Cross-device, Omni-channel • Real-time 1:1 Personalization • Ownership of all Data • Beyond Optimization • Awesomeization @teedubya#DMS2015
  17. 17. “To stay competitive, enterprises must collect, own and act on their onsite, offsite and offline data.” Josh Manion, Ensighten CEO and Founder
  18. 18. “To stay competitive, enterprises must collect, own and act on their onsite, offsite and offline data.” Josh Manion, Ensighten CEO and Founder
  19. 19. “To stay competitive, enterprises must collect, own and act on their onsite, offsite and offline data.” Josh Manion, Ensighten CEO and Founder
  20. 20. “To stay competitive, enterprises must collect, own and act on their onsite, offsite and offline data.” Josh Manion, Ensighten CEO and Founder
  21. 21. @teedubya#DMS2015
  22. 22. @teedubya#DMS2015
  23. 23. @teedubya#DMS2015
  24. 24. @teedubya#DMS2015
  25. 25. @teedubya#DMS2015
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  27. 27. @teedubya#DMS2015
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  29. 29. @teedubya#DMS2015
  30. 30. @teedubya#DMS2015
  31. 31. @teedubyaSearchSocialSummit
  32. 32. @teedubya#DMS2015
  33. 33. @teedubya#DMS2015
  34. 34. @teedubya#DMS2015
  35. 35. Forrester Calls This Trend….The Age of the Customer “Your company must become customer obsessed. You need to have a deep knowledge of and engagement with your customers.” @teedubya#DMS2015
  36. 36. • Title • Time in the job • Works directly with • Daily tasks • Responsibilities • Likes/dislikes about job • Frustrations • Pressures • Concerns • Needs • Role in buying process • Buying stage • Drivers KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS @teedubya#DMS2015
  37. 37. • Interview Current Customers • A/B Testing • Try Progressive Profiling • Study Your Web Analytics • Leverage Your Competition • Use LinkedIn and other Industry Networks • Go to Events RESEARCH YOUR BUYER PERSONAS @teedubya#DMS2015
  38. 38. @teedubya Up Close and Persona
  39. 39. @teedubya Facebook Graph Search opens up many different opportunities, BRO.
  40. 40. @teedubya Facebook Graph Search opens up many different opportunities, BRO.
  41. 41. World Series Social Campaign
  42. 42. Social Amplification
  43. 43. Benefits – Social Amplification Facebook • Sessions up 234% YoY • Pageviews up 212% YoY Reddit • Sessions up 1,012% YoY • Pageviews up 1,180% YoY
  44. 44. Benefits – Traffic Website Customer Traffic from campaigns increased by over 100% YoY during 2014 Holidays
  45. 45. Online revenue up 20% in 2014 compared to 2013 +20% in 2014 2014 2013 Revenue Year Revenue by Year
  46. 46. National Reach • Ecommerce expanded reach across the nation • No longer just a Kansas City BBQ legend
  47. 47. Social Recruiting
  48. 48. @teedubya Facebook Graph Search allows for Social HR Recruiting
  49. 49. @teedubya#DMS2015
  50. 50. What are Marketing Clouds? • Acquired, non-integrated solutions • Walled-gardens leave many marketing technologies excluded or unsupported • Assembling a best-of-breed solution demands you build-your-own ‘marketing cloud’ #BYOC @teedubya#DMS2015
  51. 51. The Tech Giants Are Acquiring Marketing Clouds To Compete @teedubya#SMSsummit
  52. 52. To Build, or not to Build: That is the question.
  53. 53. • What is the desired outcome that you’d like a technology to solve for you? • Which category of tools offer solutions? • Who are the competitors in the space? • How can it be best implemented? • Who’s the best person or team to manage it? • What’s the best way to figure out how effective the tool this new marketing technology is? How to Find the Best of Breed
  54. 54. The Marketing Cloud is Getting Foggy @teedubya#DMS2015
  55. 55. @teedubya#DMS2015
  56. 56. @teedubya#DMS2015
  57. 57. @teedubya#DMS2015
  58. 58. #DMS2015
  59. 59. @teedubya#DMS2015
  60. 60. The Marketing Cloud Space is Kinda Stormy @teedubya#DMS2015
  61. 61. @teedubya#DMS2015
  62. 62. @teedubya#SMSsummit
  63. 63. Tag Management System @teedubya To Build: That is the Answer! #DMS2015
  64. 64. Governance playbook is outdated and can't possible prepare teams for every possible scenario ”No time to discuss this as a committee, kid!"
  65. 65. Tag Management Brings Order to Marketing Chaos A/B Testing Ad Networks Affiliate Marketing Email Marketing Lead NurturingMarketing Automation Voice of Customer Analytics Chat Banner Ads Personalization Search Engine Marketing Visitor Remarketing Visitor Retargeting Social Marketing • A/B Testing • Ad Networks • Affiliate Marketing • Email Marketing • Lead Nurturing • Marketing Automation • Analytics • Banner Ads • Chat • Personalization • SEM • Social Marketing • Visitor Remarketing • Visitor Retargeting • Voice of Customer @teedubya Source: Tealium #DMS2015
  66. 66. @teedubya#DMS2015
  67. 67. @teedubya#DMS2015
  68. 68. • Data is the Lifeblood for Digital Marketing • Synchronized Data Definitions • Standardize and control data distribution to partners & vendors • Better visitor attribution and personalized insights What is a Data Layer? @teedubya#DMS2015
  69. 69. Data Chaos  Digital Marketing Agility Retargeting Analytics Before Optimization Ad Serving Media Disjointed data collection Optimization Ad Serving AnalyticsRetargeting Data Layer Media Centralised data collection After @teedubya#DMS2015
  70. 70. Not all data has been yours or was unified Missing data • Ad impressions • Social interactions • Video consumption Disjointed owned data • Website analytics • Mobile tracking • Email data
  71. 71. Improve marketing agility with data ownership • Collect rich online data • Make data first party to you • Switch vendors, keep the data
  72. 72. Unify Your Data at the Source or …You could always get all your vendors on a conference call #DMS2015
  73. 73. Keyword Campaign ID Promo Code URL Parameters Browser Type Operating System Screen Resolution Device Type User Agent/Browser Page Name Site Section Page/Content Type Page DOM/HTML SKU Product Edition Boxshot Category Product/SKU Order price Order quantity Discount Code Total Cart Amount Cart Customer ID Purchase history Campaign history CRM/Offline Data Layer Cookies New/Return Visit Number Time on Site Pathing Offsite/3rd Party Demopgrahics Ad history Social Graph In-Market details Data Layer: Collect & Unify ALL your Digital Data
  74. 74. Syndicate Rich User Data to Every Tool at a 1:1 Level Data Layer #DMS2015
  75. 75. #SIC2013 @teedubya
  76. 76. Advanced Techniques Required To Optimize For Omni-Channel Personalization & Attribution
  77. 77. U.S. retailers lose nearly $100 billion each year from poorly executed cross-channel marketing efforts. Source: DataMonitor @teedubya#SMSsummit
  78. 78. #SIC2013
  79. 79. #SIC2013 AGILE
  80. 80. #SIC2013 NOT AGILE
  81. 81. @teedubya
  82. 82. Maxymiser @maxymiser @teedubya#DMS2015
  83. 83. LiveRamp @liveramp @teedubya#DMS2015
  84. 84. Benefits • “Siloed” solutions enhance one another • Collect, Own and Act on your data everywhere • Leverage Best-of-Breed solutions without vendor lock-in • Omni-channel profiles • Single line of code • Data onboarding & syndication • 100% of technologies supported ENSIGHTEN DATA LAYER (EDL) Standardize and control data across all 3rd party clouds, platforms and tools AGILE MARKETING PLATFORM (AMP) Hybrid Client-Server Technology <script src=“//”></script> Privacy Pulse One Data Collection & Activation Apps Market Manage Mobile Inform Attribution Tag Management & Testing Ensighten @ensighten
  85. 85. Ghostery @ghostery @teedubya#SMSsummit
  86. 86. Ghostery @ghostery @teedubya#DMS2015
  87. 87. Ghostery @ghostery @teedubya#SMSsummit
  88. 88. ObservePoint @observepoint @teedubya#DMS2015
  89. 89. NerdyData @nerdydata @teedubya#DMS2015
  90. 90. @teedubya#SMSsummit Zapier @zapier
  91. 91. @teedubya
  92. 92. Advocate Technology Platforms @teedubya#DMS2015
  93. 93. @teedubya TrackMaven @trackmaven
  94. 94. @teedubya RivalIQ @rivaliq
  95. 95.
  96. 96. Get Little Bird @getlittlebird
  97. 97. @teedubya
  98. 98. PLATFORM: Combine Any Solution in an Open Cloud @teedubya • Don't restrict marketing agility by being vendor-locked-in a closed-cloud • There’s a good reason Google & Adobe offer “free” tag manager solutions. • No single closed cloud can solve all your marketing use cases • Unlock all options to find the best fit for your business • Take advantage of the best-in-breed digital marketing solutions in the industry #DMS2015
  99. 99. DATA: Unify Marketing with Data Ownership @teedubya • Assemble your own data layer to unify and enrich all your marketing solutions • Ensure data quality, consistency, and privacy across all vendor solutions • Standardize and share visitor profiles and actionable segments across your cloud • Break down marketing program silos & unify teams with coordinated data #DMS2015
  100. 100. CUSTOMER: Know Your Customer’s Journey @teedubya • Establish a 360 degree view of your customer across all channels and devices • Assess customer value to optimize marketing spend and personalize offer depth • Build relationships by engaging inomni- channel 1:1 conversations with your customers • Business Relationship Optimization. #DMS2015
  101. 101. MARKETING: Take Real-Time Action @teedubya • Batch processing of data inhibits marketing agility and effectiveness • Manage data in real-time to take real-time, intelligent action • Coordinate marketing decisions and interactions across solutions • Improve ROI with relevant offers and content #DMS2015
  102. 102. @teedubya#DMS2015
  103. 103. @teedubya#DMS2015
  104. 104. @teedubya 17 Killer Content Templates: Twitter Chat Master List: Feature your Brand on Tumblr: Complete Guide to Twitter Cards: The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing: AJ Kohn’s Author Rank Resource: Three Very Handy Content Marketing Tools: The Advanced Guide to SEO Neil Patel & Bronson Taylor’s Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking: The Definitive Guide to Microsoft Excel for SEOs: The Complete List of Link Building Tactics The Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization: The Ultimate Guide to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner: Dana Lookadoo’s Structured Social Sharing Formula & Worksheet: | Hubspot's Guide to Creating Buyer Personas: Annie Cushing’s Hundreds of Tools for Marketers: The Web Developer’s SEO Cheatsheet 2.0 Paddy Moogan’s Big Ass List of Link Building Resources:
  105. 105.
  106. 106. @teedubya