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iPad AAC


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iPad AAC

  1. 1. Apps for AACKate Ahern, M.S.Ed.Easter SealsMassachusetts
  2. 2. AAC on an iPad• No user is the same, no AAC solution is the same!• Match child to an AAC system, not the system to the child!• The iPad is a tool… nothing more, nothing less!
  3. 3. How to Find AAC Apps• Jane Farrell’s List neipad-apps-for-aac• AAC App Assistant
  4. 4. How to Choose an AAC App• Use Feature Matching• Use the SETT Protocol: – Student – Environment – Task – Tool
  5. 5. Student• Strengths/Needs • Social skills• Cognition • Vision• Language development • Hearing• Motor skills • Culture• Behavior • _________
  6. 6. Environment• Where does the student • “fitting in”/social go? What are the acceptance needs in each setting • Speed of for: communication• Volume • Literacy• Durability • Flexibility of messages
  7. 7. Task• What does the student • To whom? need to be able to say? – Family – Personal information – Friends – Greet/take leave – Teachers – Comment – Medical staff – Respond – Personal care givers – Question – Community members – Exchange ideas – Emergency personnel – Give direction – ________ ___________
  8. 8. Tool• What potential tools • If, and only if, the iPad meet all needs for meets needs as a student, environment platform, then consider and tasks? apps which also meet needs. Which apps meet needs?
  9. 9. AAC Assessment Process• Use SETT and other • When you need help processes to determine – Family may decide to system to trial utilize medical model such as Children’s• Trial a system and Hospital collect data – School may decide to• Analyze data and decide bring in an AAC next steps Specialist through an agency like Easter Seals
  10. 10. Alternative Communication Apps
  11. 11. Answers Yes/No• $.99• Answers Yes/No• Three voices to choose from• Another yes/no app is available with English or Spanish voices at a higher cost from Smarty Ears 14
  12. 12. Tap Speak/Tap Sequence• Tap Speak Button $14.99• Tap Speak Button Plus• Tap Speak Sequence Standard $29.99• Tap Speak Button turns your iPod or iPad into a Big Mack Switch• Tap Speak Sequencer turns your iPad into an infinite step-by-step switch• Messages can be stored forever• The color of the button can be changed 15
  13. 13. Scene Speak• $17.99• iPad• Uses visual scene displays with messages embedded into the scene• Use included or your own images• Photograph low tech boards and add speech• 5 text to speech voices or recorded speech• Arrange the scenes into a picture album for access 16
  14. 14. Options for Emerging toAdvanced Users of Symbol Based Communication
  15. 15. Tap Speak Choice• $149.99• iPad only• 1-56 messages per “layer”• Dynamic display• 88 Voices• Pixon images or use your own photos• Can be used with one or two switches and iPad switch interface
  16. 16. Go Talk Now• $79.99• 1, 4, 9, 16, 25 buttons per page• Grid or visual scene display• Play videos on buttons• Imagine Symbol Set or your own• Switch Accessible
  17. 17. TouchChat• $149.99 includes app plus 4 vocabulary sets (including those found on the Chat-PC and Alt-Chat), additional $99 for Essence Vocab and $149.99 for WordPower/Picture WordPower• iPod and iPad (but must pay for each)• SymbolStix Symbols• High quality text to speech voices 20
  18. 18. Proloquo2Go• $189.99• Excellent user support• Fantastic tutorials• User community• Use 1 to dozens of symbols per board• Acapela Voices, multiple choices and accents• Customizable• Uses SymbolStix symbols (News-2-You and Unique)• Word Prediction• New version with switch support coming soon 21
  19. 19. 22
  20. 20. SonoFlex by Tobii• $99.99• Combines core and topic based boards• Uses SymbolStix• Five voices including children’s• Same layout and vocabulary available on Tobii Speech Devices• Lite version to try before you buy• Cost of app will be deducted from cost of a Tobii if you choose to upgrade
  21. 21. LAMP for Life• $299.99• Unity Language Based App from PRC• Based on Language Acquisition for Motor Planning• Uses a unique language system• Unity can lead to the fastest rate of communication in AAC
  22. 22. Avaz• $99• Several levels• Symbol Stix• Unique Search Feature• Data collection
  23. 23. PECS Style Apps• Picture Exchange Communication is a regimented instructional program designed to teach those with autism and other communication disorders to use picture symbols to make requests• None of the PECS style apps on the market have any ties to Pyramid Education or the official makers of PECS• Pyramid does offer three apps all around prompting, rewards and praise• May be a nice transition from PECS binders to dynamic display• Keep in mind the need for consistency including symbols/photos used, access design, etc 26
  24. 24. iPacs• $9.99• A Picture Exchange Communication Style Set Up• Six pages to a book with one to six icons per page• Use your own photos or images• Recorded speech output• Icons can be numbered for alternate access 27
  25. 25. PECS Phase III• $5.99• A Picture Exchange Communication Teaching Tool• By Pyramid• 100 Pics for Pecs Symbols 28
  26. 26. My Choice Board• $9.99• Create choice boards of up to six choices• Choose from the small collection of stock photos provided or your own images• Record speech to go with each image 29
  27. 27. Grace App for Autism$25PECS style systemUnique, hand drawn imagesNo speech outputFrom Ireland, thus some picturenames are different, i.e. “Jellies” 30
  28. 28. Text Based AAC Apps 31
  29. 29. PredictAble• $159.99• iPod and iPad• Full word prediction• Customizable background• Store frequently used phrases for fast access• Choice of 9 high quality voices• Adjust voice rate and pitch• Integrates with Facebook, SMS and other social communication apps• Switch accessible 32
  30. 30. Assistive Chat• $24.99• iPod and iPad• Full word prediction• Store recent and favorite phrases for fast access• Choice of 3 voices• Adjust voice rate and pitch• Large buttons 33
  31. 31. $99.00 VerballyiPadText to speechCore word andphrases available forfaster communication 35