Eating Tactile Book


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This is a tactile book to be printed and completed by a teacher or intervenor and used with students who are blind or Deafblind.

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Eating Tactile Book

  1. 1. What do you do with this? Book Two: Meal/Eating Objects A tactile book to share. By Kate Ahern, M.S.Ed
  2. 2. Instructions <ul><li>Print book on cardstock </li></ul><ul><li>Either laminate pages with extra heavy laminate or put into heavy duty page protectors or both (no need to laminate this page of print on cardstock for that matter) </li></ul><ul><li>Attach an object symbol to each page with plastic cable ties, hot glue or your choice of materials </li></ul><ul><li>Put the pages in a three ring binder, or use a comb binding machine to bind laminated pages. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Before you eat, You must be neat! You want clean hands, or so I hope So turn on the water and scrub with _____.
  4. 4. Your mouth is dry, You wonder why. You want a drink, That’s what you think. So hurry up, Grab your cup.
  5. 5. Now it’s time to eat your food I hope you are in the mood Now don’t be late All your food is on your _______.
  6. 6. Sometimes your food is wet, You need a special plate, I bet. Now that you are on a roll, You eat wet foods from a _______!
  7. 7. Now don’t you grab, For some foods you need to stab. When your eating don’t be a dork. For certain foods you need a ______.
  8. 8. Here’s your food and you know what? All this meat must be cut! Cut it small, on your life, Cut it up with a _____.
  9. 9. When your food throws you a loop, You need a tool to help you scoop. You don’t need to be a loon. For scoop-y foods just use a _____.
  10. 10. Some people like a nice hot drink, Do you like coffee, do you think? A warm drink makes you feel snug, When you sip it from a _____.
  11. 11. Sometimes you need to wipe your face, Especially if food’s all over the place, Whether your name is Smith or Rapkin, Please, remember to use your _______.
  12. 12. When you know your meal is through, You should try to have a clue. Scrub the table, clean up the grunge, You need to use a _______.