Wild Hare Meat Snacks 2010


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Wild Hare Meat Snacks 2010

  1. 1. Wild Hare Meat SnacksProduct PresentationPresented ByTerena MeadorBikertogs.com/DistributorJuly 2010<br />
  2. 2. Wild Hare Foods Products & Packaging<br />
  3. 3. Wild Hare Brand<br />Premium Meat Snacks<br />* Beef Jerky (Original, Teriyaki, Hot Cajun)<br />* Beef Snack Sticks (Original, Cajun, Hot Cajun)<br />* Beef & Pork Snack Sticks (Maple, Teriyaki) <br />* Pork Honey Ham Sticks <br />* Beef Summer Sausage (Shelf Stable)<br />* Beef, or Beef & Pork Summer Sausage (Fresh “Special Order”)<br />* Bulk Products (Sticks, Jerky, Summer Sausage Deli Slicer) <br />* Add-on Complimentary Products “Future”<br />* Private Label<br />
  4. 4. Points of Interest<br />* Wild Hare Foods is quickly becoming a leader as the preferred meat snack for consumers looking for high quality and healthier alternatives to the existing meat snack food companies. Our retail pricing is competitive with both Slim Jims® and Jack Links®. Our studies show that retail pricing for these items are from $1.09-$1.49 in most locations. Our product’s suggested retail pricing is within this criteria with a larger gross profit margin and proven repeat sales.<br />* Our fun packaging and bright colors provide excellent contrast to the rest of the saturated line of meat snacks.<br />* We have develop a full line of high quality, great tasting, competitively priced meat snacks and deli products containing No MSG, No Added Fillers, 100% American Beef & Pork.<br />* For consumers reading the nutritional panels, they soon realize we are the healthier choice in most every comparison.<br />* We offer seasonal promotions: “Spiffs” to reduce per case product cost for distributors who we encourage to pass in part along to the retailers. <br />* We are flexible and will consider other point of sale promotions for specific accounts in all geographic areas.<br />
  5. 5. Wild Hare Product Differentiators <br />* Superior Quality & Flavor<br /> Unique Flavors <br /> No MSG<br /> Majority of Products are Gluten Free <br />* Exciting and Visible Packaging<br /> Designed to catch the consumers eye<br />* Unique Company Name “Niche”<br /> Impulse Buy <br />* Customer Satisfaction & Repeat Sales <br />* Extended Shelf Life & Lean Packaging Style<br /> All Meat Snack Products are Shelf Stable (12-18 months no refrigeration required) <br /> Jerky (18 Months), Sticks and Summer Sausage (12 Months) <br />* Shelf Space Friendly <br />We offer Merchandiser Racks (Hanging or Floor Displays) also custom built racks for your locations.<br />* Pocket, Pack, Purse Friendly Packaging<br />
  6. 6. Vision Statement<br />* Our vision is to develop and sell premium quality snack food products including, but not limited to meat snacks sold under the “Wild Hare” brand name and Private Label partnerships. We intend to grow the business through expanded product offerings, superior products, colorful and exciting advertising and marketing, fully engaged distributor networks, customer satisfaction, private label and strategic partnerships. At no time during our growth will we compromise product quality.<br />
  7. 7. Meat Snack Food Observations<br />* The extended shelf life on these products is 12-18 months. We guarantee our products, replace when necessary, offer pricing with excellent profit margin and excellent service to our customers.<br />* The gourmet “Premium” market is a new area that the larger industry leaders are watching closely according to industry talk. Ref. Snack Food Association (SFA)<br />* Convenience is critical, but increasingly critical is type, flavor, quality, meat source and ingredients. Ref. Snack Food Association (SFA) <br />* There is a real interest in the “Next New Product” <br />* The Buy American and US Raw Materials interest is growing at an increasingly faster rate. <br />* There is a growing gap in the available products created by the declining interest in Slim Jim ®, Frito Lay ® dropping of Oberto ® brand, poor customer acceptance of Pioneer Brand ®, Pemmican ® and others. Jack Links ® low cost entry “Matador ®” and partnership will Frito Lay ® will have significant affect on the low cost market but will cause distribution issues resulting in a potential for Wild Hare Foods ® to fill the gap. <br />
  8. 8. Notable Accomplishments<br />* Proven and Award Winning Recipes <br />* Private Label Experience<br />* Co-Brand Experience<br />* Product Development Experience<br />* Marketing Opportunities<br />* Dedication & Enthusiasm<br />* Unique Products with Repeat Sales <br />* Harley Davidson dealerships in over 32 states<br />* Independently owned motorcycle dealerships, biker bars, campgrounds, specialty stores, ski resorts, boating, fishing and other sport related locations<br />* ProGroup -Distributor and Web Sales for Small to Mid Size Home Improvement and Hardware Centers<br />* Orgill - Distributor and Web Sales for large Home Improvement Centers<br />* Sportsman's Guide  - Sporting Goods Web Sales <br />* Menards - Large Home Improvement Retail Center <br />* AJ's -Arizona Based Specialty Foods Chain <br />* Bashas - Large Arizona Grocery Chain<br />* Eby Brown -Large US Distributor <br />* Numerous Regional Distributors thru out the US<br />
  9. 9. The Wild Hare Team<br />* Scott Hare - Owner/President- Prior to establishing his own business, Scott was employed for 28 years by Thermo Electron Corporation a Fortune 500 company. Having a strong passion for quality meat snacks - Wild Hare Foods started as a hobby to address what Scott felt was the unfortunately misunderstood meat snacks commodity. Our goal is to reintroduce unhappy consumers to quality and great tasting products and bring them back into the market as satisfied, repeat sale customers! “Consumers are ready for change  - we hear it everyday thru positive testimonials.”<br />* Lisa Hare – Owner/Operations Mgr.<br />* Phil Hall - National Sales Executive<br />* Bob Wall – Midwest Region Sales Mgr.<br />* Terena Meador - Wild Hare Foods Sales Executive & Owner of Bikertogs.com – Internet Based Distributors – 20 years experienced in financial analysis, credit and collection management, marketing and business consulting.<br />
  10. 10. Management Strengths<br />* Product Knowledge <br />* Extreme dedication to succeed<br />* Supply Chain Management and Business Management<br />* Excellent communication and people skills <br />* Financial Analysis, Contracts and Credit management knowledge<br />* Wild Hare Foods is in the business of providing the absolute highest quality and best tasting snack foods. <br />* As the result of our combined efforts and exceptional products we intend grow incrementally and fully meet the expectations of our investors.<br />* Through our honesty and integrity we intend to be a leader in our community and the markets we serve<br />* We are committed to settle for nothing less. <br />
  11. 11. Contact Information<br />Terena Meador <br />POB 1822, Ridgeland, SC 29936 <br />(843)476-6163<br />teeanddavid123@embarqmail.com<br />“Enjoy the Experience!”<br />