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The Betania Communities


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Betania Communities, Ted Rufo

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The Betania Communities

  1. 1. The Betania Communities Ted Rufo
  2. 2. The Betania Communities After completing his high school education, Theodore Rufo attended Keefe Technical & Vocational School in Framingham, Massachusetts. For several years, he worked as a custodian in various schools in the MetroWest area west of Boston. Today, Ted Rufo serves as the head groundskeeper of a large estate in Rhode Island, responsible for the horses and the grounds. A devout Catholic, Ted Rufo took the vows to join Betania II, a private lay Roman Catholic Marian community.
  3. 3. The Betania Communities In 1974, a devout young woman named Maria Esperanza purchased farmland with her husband in Miranda, Venezuela, following guidance received in a vision of the Virgin Mary. They named the farm Finca Betania (Bethany Farm). In 1976, she witnessed the first of numerous apparitions of the Virgin she would see over the course of her lifetime. In 1984, more than 100 people saw the apparition, which was validated by the Catholic Church in 1987.
  4. 4. The Betania Communities Sister Margaret Catherine Sims, CSJ (Congregation of St. Joseph) established Betania II in Medway, Massachusetts, after long prayer, guidance from Maria Esperanza, and a search for the most appropriate place to establish the community. She acquired the 109-acre parcel in 1997 and spent the next several years developing the spiritual center, which today includes the stations of the cross, the Virgin’s grotto, and the Spiritual Life Center, which houses several meeting rooms, a 600-seat oratory, a complete commercial kitchen, and a large dining room. Betania II is a popular retreat center and hosts numerous other events as well, a complete calendar of which can be viewed at the center’s website at
  5. 5. The Betania Communities After Betania II, no more centers in the series were established until 2008, when five more were founded. Today, there are 16 Betania communities in North and South America, and in Europe.