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Return on relationship 4.12.12


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HIspanicize Return on Relationship™ presentation.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Return on relationship 4.12.12

  1. 1. Return on Relationship…@TedRubinTedRubin.comChief Social Marketing OfficerCollective TM
  2. 2. Return on Relationship™ TM
  3. 3. Fans, Friends, Followers Audience? Or Asset? Subtitle TM
  4. 4. Norelevance… No loyalty! TM
  5. 5. Connect with Thousands…. Subtitle TM
  6. 6. One by One… Subtitle TM
  7. 7. Social is afacilitator ofrelationships, itis not therelationshipitself! TM
  8. 8. Return on Relationship… JetBlue Gets It! TM
  9. 9. Trust is Built• Based on interaction• Consistency• True to your word, authentic, and genuine TM
  10. 10. Return on Relationship…1. Listen2. Make it be about THEM3. Ask “How can I serve you?”4. Aim for Ongoing Engagement5. Know the People in Your Audience TM
  11. 11. You know what doesn’twork for a social media strategy?NOT BEING SOCIAL. TM
  12. 12. Think REPUTATION, not ranking… CONNECTION, not network… LOYALTY, not celebrity. TM
  13. 13. A “Brand” is what a business does, and a “Reputation” is what people remember. TM
  14. 14. Social Media drives engagement, engagementdrives loyalty, loyalty correlates directly to increased sales. ROR (#RonR) = ROI TM
  15. 15. Relationships ARE the new currency –honor them, invest in them, and start measuring your ROR! TM
  16. 16. Awareness = Revenues Differentiators = Margins Authenticity = LoyaltyAll Measurable AND = Increased Sales/Profits. TM
  17. 17. Return on Relationship…Return on Relationship™ Bookby Ted RubinDue out in August. Sign up herefor advance notice of release… TM