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Equipment list


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Equipment list

  1. 1. Equipment ListTIA-REISA APALOO-CLARKE
  2. 2. Video CameraA video camera will be used throughout our project, as it enables us to capture and record moving images to produce for our opening scene .This can be used at different shots and angles.The video camera will also be used to help film our preliminary task.
  3. 3. Tripod A Tripod is used to keep the video camera in a steady position when recording or taking pictures. Using a tripod, has less movement and will help recording look more professional.
  4. 4. Camera A camera can be used to take still images. One of the main ways we will use the camera is when taking pictures for the storyboard. Having pictures for the storyboard will make it easier when filming our production. We will also use it when taking pictures of the cast and Reece pictures. Once all the pictures are taken they will be put on to a slideshow.
  5. 5. Laptops/Macbooks While planning and preparing for our production, we have been using laptops and Macbooks for research. All of our work documents has been saved and published on our blogs through using the internet and the laptops. Using laptops has made the production process faster. As there easily accessible.
  6. 6. Pen, notebook, folders and SD cardPens, notebooks and folders have been used for us towrite down our notes and keep us on track and organisedwith all the work we have to do. Writing down times anddates will help us keep on track for when work needs to bedue.SD memory cards will be used to save all the movingimages we have captured, which will then be put on thecomputer to be edited.
  7. 7. Websites Facebook and Twitter were both made to create a page for our production company Ted Productions. Our final production of our two minute sequence will be posted on our page. Followers and friends will be able to rate and write comments about what they think of our final production. YouTube will be used to post our final production and our preliminary tasks.
  8. 8. Makeup In our production will we be using make up on our main actress. She will need to look vulnerable and in certain scenes, she may be bruised or bloody. Using make up will help emphasise features and help the production look more realistic.
  9. 9. Blogger and HotmailBlogger will be used topost all our work forteachers to view andevaluate. Hotmail can be used when sending each other files and work to post on to the blog. The account can also be used when signing up to use other website e.g. Bubbl
  10. 10. Microsoft: Word and PowerPoint Microsoft word has been used to type up all our pieces of work. There then saved and uploaded to scribd. We’ve also used Microsoft PowerPoint when creating certain pieces of work e.g. narrative theory. Using Microsoft makes our work look neat and presentable.
  11. 11. Final cut pro Once the production is finished being filmed, we will be using Final Cut pro. This will enable us to edit and finalise our production, by adjusting the lighting and adding sound. This will help make it look professional.
  12. 12. Bubble, Slideshare and Scrib All three of these websites wereused to present work. Bubbl. Wasused to create a mind map. It helpedbrainstorm ideas for our production.Slideshare has been used whenuploading PowerPoints to our blog. Scribdwas also used when uploading documentsto our blog.